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What is eSports?

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What are eSports?
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If you don’t know much about eSports this is the right page for you. We will introduce you to eSports. eSports is simply the short name of Electronic Sports. Just like basketball, where teams play against each other in esports, teams of eplayers play against each other in popular video games to win a game.


What is eSports?

Esports are video games that can be played competitively by individual players and teams. What about eSports, e-sports or eSports? According to the “Online Gamers Association” (OGA), the first recorded instance of the term was “eSports” in a 1999 press release. It is about working together as a team and playing with / against people around the world. Professional teams are made up of players who compete in international and local tournaments.

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The first Esport event that went on television was even in 2006, when USA Network broadcast the Halo 2 tournament. Now eSports tournaments take place in a huge arena and matches are streamed online on Youtube and Twitch. On average this tournament (like the Overwatch League) has more spectators than a normal NBA game. Classic TV channels like ESPN are increasingly broadcasting major esports events on television.

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Twitch was so successful that Amazon bought it. In 2011 League of Legend (Lol) had its first world championship. The total number of esports viewers is expected to grow from 454 million in 2019 to 646 million in 2023.

77% of Fans want to attend an in-person eSports event

Major esports titles include games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, and the FIFA series. Over the years, numerous championships and tournaments have been established around real-time strategy games, shooter and sports simulations, in which athletes compete against each other nationally and internationally. Events like the League of Legends World Championship, ESL One and The International fill entire stadiums and host prizes worth millions of dollars.

Do eSports players earn money?

Players have become professionals just like NFL stars, they train every day to get better, some players train 12 hours a day to make sure they have extremely fast reflexes and reactions. They also work to improve their teamwork because most of the time teamwork is the key to success. Professional esports players make big money. Like professional sports players, they get sponsorship from brands and the top tier tournament has a very high prize pool. The Dota 2 jackpot in 2019 was $ 34.3 million.

How can I join an esports team?

Becoming a professional esports is difficult but not impossible. You have to find your game and work hard to become very good at it. There are many beginner competitions that you can participate in to show off your skills.

Los Angeles Valiant
Overwatch League’s Los Angeles Valiant joins Team Razer (PRNewsfoto/Razer)

Esports is a developing sector

Despite the substantial figure we discussed earlier eSports is still a growing industry, Newzoo expects esports to reach $ 1.8 billion by 2022. The money will come from media rights, live event ticket sales , merchandise and in-game purchases. Newzoo points out that the majority of revenue (69%) still comes from sponsorships and advertising.

The top 3 markets are Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. More than half (57%) of esports viewers are from APAC, while North America achieved $ 300 million in esports revenue while Europe was around $ 138.