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What is Dota 2?

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What is Dota 2?

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DOTA is an acronym for Defense Of The Ancients and DOTA 2 is a highly sought after the game that was launched following the footsteps of League of Legends both of which are examples of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games also known as MOBA in which two teams, each having 5 players, compete against each other to destroy the opponents.

Game Release & Development

DOTA 2 was launched for Microsoft Windows on 19 July 2013 and is a part of the DOTA series. The game has been developed and published by Valve whereas it has been designed by IceFrog.

Visuals & Graphics

The engine used for the production of the game is Source 2 and the overall visuals and graphics of the game are highly attractive which makes the overall gameplay very fascinating for players.

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This addictive experience has attracted millions of global players and DOTA 2  therefore now ranks as one of the best MOBA games of the world. The graphic content featured by the gameplay is very detailed and descriptive and the attention to detail carried by the game is exemplary which is evident from the image shown below which has been provided to give the readers a better idea of the experience that can be expected from the game.

Gameplay Format

The format of the gameplay is highly unique in which two teams consisting of five players each try to defend a large structure known as the ANCIENT while trying to destroy the same structure of the enemy base. The team that can destroy this structure before the opponents turn out as the winner.

The In-game Characters & Features

The game is highly attractive as a three-dimensional isometric perspective on a single map is presented to players in which all the 10 players are provided an opportunity to control one of the 119 characters of the game. Players are provided the opportunity to choose their character which is known as the Hero in the game. All Heroes have their strengths, weaknesses, and designs and they are primarily divided into two roles which are known as the support and the core. Some Heroes are shown in the image for reference purposes

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Format Of Gameplay

The format of the gameplay is in a way that the Core role is vulnerable and weak in the beginning but as the game progresses further the player can become more powerful.

On the other hand, Heroes that fall under the Support category generally cannot cause significant damage to the opponents rather they are only able to assist their Core players such as healing and other buffs.