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LCS Week 3 Day 2 Summer time Cut up 2022 Recap


Jul 4, 2022

LCS is completed with its Week 3 so let’s check out the Day 2 video games.

When you’d prefer to learn extra in regards to the groups within the league you’ll be able to learn our LCS Energy Rankings, which will get up to date weekly.

Dignitas vs TSM


TSM began out the sport very aggressively round targets. They received the primary drake and in addition contested the primary Herald. Though they received a 2-for-2 commerce, the Herald went to Dig. TSM had a 1.5k lead and simply took the second drake when determined to invade the enemy jungle, however they misplaced the struggle and on the similar time Gamsu received a solo kill prime lane, pushing Dig to a 1k lead. Groups then traded some turrets, Dig principally having a bonus of tempo. Utilizing this benefit, they began the Baron and received a kill on a teleporting Huni. Regardless of the 4v5, TSM chased them by way of the enemy jungle and received punished for it, getting aced and giving the Baron.

Dig tried to finish as that they had Baron and a 4k gold lead and Huni was cut up pushing, however TSM managed to carry on on the first try. However only a minute later TSM tried to struggle as they had been on soul level, however the struggle didn’t go properly they usually received aced a second time which was sufficient for Dig to finish.

  • Groups: Dig – TSM
  • Time: 29:21
  • Kills: 21 – 8
  • Turrets: 10 – 3
  • Gold: 59k – 52.1k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians


We received probably the most attention-grabbing drafts of the Cut up in our second recreation of the day with a number of flex champions. The primary blood additionally got here in early befitting to the sport, when Impressed ganked prime at stage two, however the bot strain gave GG a five-minute drake. Regardless of a solo kill from Ablazeolive and the primary Herald going to GG, EG had a 1.5k gold lead at 9 minutes. EG was forward 3.5k gold earlier than the third drake, however Jojo received caught in a foul place which result in 4 kills and a drake for GG, night the gold distinction. However because of a fed Impressed Kayn, EG received a great struggle to received tie the drakes and received again to a 2k lead round 23 minutes.

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EG then received a choose on Olleh, which allowed them to get the primary Baron of the sport. GG determined to have interaction on a sieging EG as they had been on a giant energy spike. However with the Baron buff, a 7.5k gold lead and a really fed Impressed/Influence duo, the Geniuses turned the struggle in a short time and ended the sport.

  • Groups: EG – GG
  • Time: 28:45
  • Kills: 16 – 8
  • Turrets: 7 – 2
  • Gold: 56.8k – 47.7k
  • Dragons: 2 – 2
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest


What’s that, two Yasuo video games in a row?

We began with an all-in on the bot lane, an early stage two from FLY meant they received the primary blood for Johnsun. Only a minute later, one other kill for FLY at bot, and though C9 received a kill again at mid, FLY had an early 1k gold lead. And due to bot strain, FLY received the primary drake. Additionally they received the primary Herald after a mid kill, which was Aphromoo’s third one. Whereas many of the FLY’s 2k gold lead was on Johnsun, it was sufficient for them to get a 17-minute Hextech Soul level uncontested. C9 needed to struggle for the soul, however Blaber received caught by a attraction in order that they needed to give it up, however FLY lead was nonetheless round 2.5k regardless of the soul.

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C9 tried to search out picks across the map, however FLY’s rotations had been good in order that they managed to maintain their leads. FLY then pressured the Baron by way of a C9 contest, growing their result in 4.5k, simply earlier than the Elder spawned. Which they received after an important Jose kick. C9 had one final interact, however two buffs and an 8k gold lead had been too large to beat as FLY ended the sport.

  • Groups: C9 – FLY
  • Time: 31:05
  • Kills: 2 – 15
  • Turrets: 2 – 9
  • Gold: 50k – 61.6k
  • Dragons: 0 – 5
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Counter Logic Gaming vs Workforce Liquid


It was anticipated this recreation for the second place to begin quick and CLG delivered with an important stage one invade to place Contractz forward. Regardless of their jungler behind forward and getting the primary blood on the bot lane, CLG overextended and gave a kill and first drake to TL. However they received the primary Herald so gold was even at ten. TL fought for the second drake that CLG began, they stole it and received a kill, and identical to that Contractz’s early lead was gone. CLG appeared very uncoordinated earlier than targets and gave TL the Mountain Soul level.

As soon as once more, earlier than the soul drake, Contractz received caught and CLG nonetheless determined to drag TL to the Baron. Sadly for them, they had been behind 5k gold in order that they received aced and gave up each the soul and Baron, extending TL result in over 7k. Simply earlier than the buff ended CLG engaged on TL as they had been 5v4, however even that wasn’t sufficient they usually misplaced the sport.

  • Groups: CLG – TL
  • Time: 27:15
  • Kills: 4 – 17
  • Turrets: 3 – 9
  • Gold: 43.7k – 52.8k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1
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Immortals vs 100 Thieves


There wasn’t a lot early motion in our final recreation of the week, aside from some buying and selling on the prime lane it was principally junglers doing full clears. Groups traded first targets with out contesting one another, Herald for IMT and drake for 100T. The primary struggle occurred after 100T took the second drake. First blood plus one other kill had been claimed by Ssumday, who had a 30 cs lead and he put his workforce forward 2k gold. The sport was fairly sluggish, the one actions being round drakes. 100T additionally received the third one to get to soul level, thanks to a different double kill from Ssumday.

The in-game custom continued on the twenty sixth minute as we received one other workforce struggle victory and the Infernal Soul for 100T after a 3rd double kill from Ssumday’s Akali. IMT then received a choose on Nearer, however 100T turned the struggle round as that they had a 5k gold lead. They received 4 kills again and secured the Baron. Their 10k lead at this level was sufficient for them to siege the IMT base and present Ssumday a birthday victory.

  • Groups: IMT – 100T
  • Time: 30:51
  • Kills: 3 – 15
  • Turrets: 2 – 9
  • Gold: 47.3k – 59.9k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1

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