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Wukong, Olaf, Taliyah, Swain, and extra to be slammed with nerf hammer in League’s Patch 12.11


Jun 1, 2022

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead sport stability designer for League of Legends, has launched a list of changes coming to the sport within the subsequent patch, and lots of well-liked champions which have been performing nicely in solo queue are receiving nerfs.

General, 13 champions can be getting nerfed in Patch 12.11. However seeing as how most of them boast an uncharacteristically excessive win charge in solo queue, this doesn’t come as a lot of a shock. If you take a look at the highest lane nerfs, Lillia, Olaf, and Swain are within the high 5 in terms of win charge, with 53.69, 52.90, and 52.22 p.c, respectively, in response to League stat site U.GG.

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As for the jungle place, Wukong is at the moment among the finest champions to choose in solo queue since he has a 53.13 percent win rate. To forestall him from immediately being banned or picked, Riot is nerfing him as nicely. A couple of of the strongest mid-lane champions within the meta, together with Veigar, Swain, and Model, are additionally going to get hit with the nerf hammer.

The fewest nerfs can be made to the bot late within the subsequent patch, with simply Kog’Maw and Senna being focused. They at the moment have a 53.20 and 53.07 p.c win charge within the AD carry and assist positions, respectively.

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A couple of different notable champions didn’t make it to the ultimate nerf listing. Singed, who has a 53.22 p.c win charge within the high lane and a 56.27 p.c win charge within the mid lane, is one in every of them. That being mentioned, Riot has defined that champions like this can be impacted by different adjustments made within the patch.

Patch 12.11 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8.

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