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VALORANT participant finds helpful plant location on A website on Pearl


Jun 24, 2022

A VALORANT participant has discovered a strategy to plant the Spike simply outdoors of A website on Pearl, making a helpful plant spot that may confuse the enemy. 

Selecting the correct spot to plant the Spike in VALORANT is an important alternative. You should be certain that it’s a spot that may be lined with out forcing your group to be uncovered or that it doesn’t give the attackers retaking the location a bonus. Some places are good for post-plant capability line-ups, whereas others are cheeky and hard to counter. 

VALORANT participant Unbiased-You-1789 has already discovered plant spot on Pearl’s A website that permits gamers to plant the Spike simply outdoors the location. Gamers should line themselves up within the nook in direction of A Secret, and if completed appropriately, the Spike shall be planted on the steps main out of the world. 

Gamers can use different talents to cowl the Spike and make it tougher for attackers to defuse it. For instance, Sage’s wall can shield the Spike from the remainder of the location, forcing attackers to wrap by A Secret or destroy the wall. Some gamers may even be confused after they can’t discover the Spike, shopping for valuable time that may make the distinction in a detailed recreation. 

This plant location does require gamers to discover a particular spot, which may be difficult when the timer is ticking or enemies are rotating from B. However mastering the place might help your group get the Spike down in location and supply a bonus.

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