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Ultimate Fantasy XIV The way to play White Mage


Jun 1, 2022

Study all the pieces there may be to know concerning the Glare Manufacturing facility with a facet of therapeutic!

On paper, White Mage is the clear lower, no gimmicks healer. You kiss the ouchies goodbye and convey the ache to those who induced it.

Enter the White Mage

In principle. In apply each White Mage is a sleeping monster. You might be being healed solely to additional their evil deeds. They’re often spamming Glare or blinding everybody with Holy. And in the event you beg them to heal, you may often get a comment like ‘Assize remains to be on cooldown’ or ‘wait until I get one other lily’. As a result of why would you waste one valuable international on a measly Treatment II? You may go for that candy 100% Aero/Dia uptime as an alternative?

Sure, we have now all been bamboozled. Welcome to Glare Mage, one of many 4 inexperienced DPS. You most likely thought that White Mage is considered one of Ultimate Fantasy’s basic therapeutic jobs. However due to intentional sport design, you might be additionally anticipated to dish out the ache. As comfort, you get the most effective AoE spell within the sport.

White Mage Historical past Lesson

The White Mage is without doubt one of the signature Ultimate Fantasy jobs. Launched all the best way again within the first title on the NES. It is signature capacity, in addition to therapeutic and elemental harm. Was casting Increase on undead enemies to immediately kill them. And whereas that’s sadly not a function in XIV, its nonetheless a neat piece of trivia.

In Ultimate Fantasy XIV, the artwork of white magic is definitely forbidden. An period in the past, the faculties of white and black magic clashed in what’s now referred to as the Struggle of the Magi. In addition to being a intelligent reference to Ultimate Fantasy VI, each colleges of magic introduced solely devastation. Inflicting an awesome flood, now referred to as the sixth umbral calamity. Now, over a millennia faraway from that catastrophic occasion. We see a resurgence of white magic within the type of the Conjurers of Gridania. However solely the Padjal, non secular leaders of Gridania, know all its secrets and techniques. Prepared to move them all the way down to solely choose few of their most embellished college students.

Conjurer turned White Mage

If you wish to take up the mantle of White Mage, you must research first. Should you’re starting your journey, you get to choose the category Conjurer and begin out in Gridania. However fear not, you may later choose up the category anyhow when you get there by merely progressing via the principle story situation. Simply do the category quests and be yelled at by an adolescent who’s truly over 200 years previous. So no surprise he is so grumpy on a regular basis. After studying the fundamentals, you get to advance into the White Mage job at degree 30. You will solely have to fulfill the extent requirement and full the Conjurer class quests. Now you are able to study some superior therapeutic.

The way to Heal with White Magic 101

Therapeutic in Ultimate Fantasy XIV appears usually rather a lot scarier than it truly is. When you may have a look at half empty well being bars and begin to panic. I would like you to recollect that you’re a White Mage, the pure healer. Your heals are so large, and so sturdy that you just hardly ever have to fret about something. Until stuff goes utterly south, (then pray that there’s a Pink Mage in your celebration.) We have lined the overall fundamentals of therapeutic right here. However we’re gonna undergo your package and clarify what your expertise do and when to greatest slot them. Most significantly although is that you just begin growing a sense for therapeutic, one thing you may solely actually acquire via apply. However by merely leveling via the dungeons, you ought to be in form very quickly. You have simply received to study to belief your intestine.


A single goal heal that heals for an honest efficiency. That is your early degree heal, however its additionally an evil trick by the builders. On paper the smaller MP value and likelihood of a free Treatment II may appear like its price it. However when contemplating that we additionally need to do harm and that international cooldown (GDC) heals are one thing we need to keep away from. You greatest knock it off your hotbar when you get Treatment II.

Treatment II

That is your chunkier single goal heal. You often need to use this every time your off international cooldowns (oGDC’s) or a Regen will not do. Akin to fixing up a staff mate that received hit by a mechanic however there aren’t any Lily’s so that you can use and a Regen will not repair them up in time. That being mentioned, keep away from spamming this one. It can shortly drain your MP.

Treatment III

And right here is your chunky AoE heal. Whereas Treatment III has much less vary than Medica, it nonetheless heals for extra if three or extra individuals are inside vary. You will see most White Mages ignore it, since its use case could be very particular. You will use it to heal the celebration after a stack mechanic, both in a lightweight celebration or a full celebration situation. Do remember the fact that that is focused, so you need to use it to heal a small group after they resolve a mechanic. It actually shines every time the celebration is confronted with a number of hits like an Akh Morn. Finest method to resolve it’s precast a Medica II for the Regen impact, then use Treatment III to out heal the incoming harm.

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You employ this spell to lift downed celebration members. I do know, a remedy to dying appears unlikely, however right here it’s. It is generally utilized in mixture with the flexibility Swiftcast. Since a tough elevate often takes about 7.5 seconds and isn’t price being hit by mechanics over. Simply watch for Swiftcast to return again up or until you may have some respiratory room. It goes with out saying however the elevating precedence is as follows: Be sure that a minimum of one Tank is alive and effectively, elevate your co-healer in the event that they went for a nap. Then the remainder. Until you may have a Pink Mage previous degree 64 in your celebration. Increase them first. Pink Mages can, if they’ve MP, elevate a complete celebration inside seconds and often get better MP fairly quick.


Its considered one of your bread and butter expertise. In principle, you all the time need to have this on the principle tank. Use it as quickly because the tank pulls to mitigate auto assaults and what not. In most conditions this ought to be sufficient, combined together with your co-healers skills to maintain the tank alive. Until there are any mechanics occurring. Use it additionally on staff mates who simply received hit by a mechanic, however should not anticipated to get hit once more within the close to future. Since its a heal over time (HoT) impact, it is going to tick for 250 efficiency each 3 seconds. And with a complete efficiency of 1500 inside 18 seconds, its considered one of your strongest instruments. And these ticks can even crit and heal double by the best way. And it stacks with different Regen skills like Astrologian’s Aspected Benefic.

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That is your GDC group heal. It has fairly the vary and ought to be used after any party-wide mechanic goes off. Particularly in full celebration settings, if each healers use this sort of heal it’s best to be capable to mitigate most party-wide assaults. You can even use this to recent everyone up doing downtime.

Medica II

For the low low worth of simply 100 extra MP, you get this improve for Medica. It immediately heals rather less, however applies a HoT that heals for 150 efficiency over 15 seconds with the possibility to crit. Totaling out at a therapeutic efficiency of 1000. In case you are assured in your timing, you may forged this only a second after party-wide harm goes off to not waste it. Should you forged it a little bit to early, it is going to nonetheless heal for a efficiency of 750. Which mixed together with your co healers skills ought to simply mitigate most incoming harm. Alternatively its additionally nice to recent everybody up throughout a transition part.

Afflatus Solace, Afflatus Rapture & Afflatus Distress

You may’ve observed that every one the beforehand listed expertise are on the worldwide cooldown, that implies that they share actual property together with your harm expertise. Which is essential since therapeutic is extra your side-hustle alongside doing harm. In addition to refreshing Regen on the tank, you do not need to press any of the beforehand listed expertise except you run out of oGDC’s. Optimizing round this is without doubt one of the core parts of the White Mage job and healers as an entire. So that you may discover that Treatment II and Medica have their counterparts in Afflatus Solace and Afflatus Rapture respectively. They will additionally dissipate one GDC and Lilies, a useful resource you may get each 30 seconds as soon as an encounter begins. However not like their counterparts, you may get that GDC you can’ve spend doing harm refunded within the type of Afflatus Distress. That ability’s harm makes up for 4 missed casts of Glare III. Now you should not go and fish for Afflatus Distress both, so do not spend the Lilies except you must. However all the time prioritize utilizing them over your regularly-casted heals.


That is your panic button. Whereas it isn’t really useful to make use of it cooldown, because it takes three minutes to return again up. You need to use it for different functions with some correct communication. Stack mechanic for each tanks? Have them use their invulnerability ability if they’re a Warrior, Darkish Knight or Gunbreaker and convey them again to hurry with only one button. Benediction could be very highly effective because it heals any celebration member to max well being. However it’s best to usually solely use it if the tank is in hassle or somebody was simply raised and you may want them at full well being for a mechanic. In any other case simply deal with it just like the emergency button it’s.


Its very highly effective and also you often wanna maintain off on utilizing it till some form of mechanic is going on. In a dungeon, you may simply use it every time it comes off cooldown. In raids and trials you do not need to waste it. That does not imply you must watch for the right second to make use of it, however possibly it’s best to maintain off on it till the following mechanic goes off. Particularly when’s a celebration extensive, for the reason that +10% on therapeutic and the regen impact can actually save your butt in some conditions.

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This oGDC ability is in a little bit little bit of a bizarre spot. Whereas it’s a therapeutic and harm dealing capacity, most White Mages will use it main for the latter. Since its on a really quick cooldown, there isn’t a motive to not use it as quickly because it comes up. However you may delay it for a little bit to attend for partywide harm to return in, to get a little bit help with therapeutic. Take into account that you can be working on a harm loss in the event you do that. So solely maintain off on it, if you realize you may want it within the subsequent 10 seconds or so. One other incentive to make use of it frequently is that refunds you some MP. Which can actually come into play if a battle drags out a bit longer than anticipated.

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Just about a free Treatment II that you just get to make use of each 60 seconds in-between spamming harm casts. Use it every time you may and want it. Its first on the listing of heals to make use of everytime you want one. Until you might be full on Lilies then it’s best to spend them on Afflatus Solace as an alternative.

Divine Benison

In case you are used to taking part in a regen healer, shields may come off as a little bit complicated compared. When you often need to apply a regen impact after the harm is available in for optimum effectivity, shields are the alternative. You need to use them earlier than harm goes off to spare you the difficulty later. Divine Benison grants a defend for 15 seconds that makes up a 500 heal efficiency. Since you may have two expenses and get a brand new one each 45 seconds, you need to use it as a lot as you need. However you need to particularly apply it to a tank who’s about to face a mechanic. Or your self, since healers are additionally usually focused. So in the event you’d reasonably be extra secure than sorry, maintain one cost for emergencies and use the second on the tank every time you may.


It is a quick mitigation ability much like these tanks use. However not like tank ones you may put it on just about everybody and it comes off cooldown in an affordable timeframe. You will most likely need to apply it to somebody who’s about to take loads of harm over the following 8 seconds. Or most certainly the tank who’s about to take a giant assault to the face like a tank buster. Like all the time, any form of mitigation is sweet mitigation. The much less you must heal, the higher.

Liturgy of the Bell

You’ll be able to consider White Mage’s new capstone capacity like an auto Medica/Afflatus Rapture. Coming with a giant cooldown of 180 seconds, makes its utilization very situational. There should not many cases the place you must crank out a lot of heals over 15 seconds. Nevertheless there are a lot of cases the place you need to heal whereas additionally dealing harm. However the bell will get its most utilization with mechanics like Akh Morn when the celebration will get hit a number of instances in a short while body. And whereas you do not have to get full use out of the bell. Take into account that after the timer ends, it is going to solely heal half of its efficiency instances the as much as 5 stacks left.

The Different Helpful Stuff

Here’s a quick break down of the opposite expertise you may have at your disposal that do not actually fall below the class therapeutic or harm.

Presence of Thoughts

That is merely a pace buff. You’ll be able to undoubtedly overlook that 20% discount on auto-attack delay. As a result of non of the casters will actively make use of it. However the 20% discount on spell forged time and recast time is fairly good, particularly to crank out some additional harm. Or to shortly heal up earlier than going again to dealing mentioned harm. And except you realize there’s a tough scenario arising which may require quick therapeutic or plenty of harm. There isn’t any motive to carry off on it, use Presence of Thoughts simply every time it comes off cooldown. Its free therapeutic and free uptime.

Skinny Air

Being on a comparatively quick cooldown, you’d suppose you’re going to get alot extra utilization out of Skinny Air. However like a superb variety of expertise in your package, its very situational. Usually, you need to use it earlier than having to lift somebody. As a result of dumping 1 / 4 of your MP is all the time a giant tax to pay. And there are another circumstances, shall we say you must throw out a number of extra large heals than anticipated. So use Skinny Air on Treatment II and Treatment III or Medica and Medica II if wanted. But when you do not have to throw out any Raises and make good use of Lucid Dreaming it’s best to by no means have to make use of this.

Plenary Indulgence

That is an injection to your party-wide heals. It can slap an additional 200 efficiency on these large heals, which have an opportunity to land a crucial individually. Its most likely greatest used when you must get your celebration as much as full well being actually quick. And for these 10 seconds its up, everybody who’s below the impact will get a pleasant additional therapeutic efficiency. Bear in mind that different White Mages can even make use of this one. So coordinate for even chunkier heals.


Not solely will you develop wings, they’re going to additionally jack you up fairly a bit. Including 20% therapeutic efficiency whereas giving everybody in vary a neat defensive buff for 20 seconds. This ability just about begs for use earlier than you place a Liturgy of the Bell as soon as you realize harm is incoming. It will make your life manner simpler. And whereas you shouldn’t use it every time it comes off cooldown, it solely taking 120 seconds to recharge. You need to try to get probably the most out of it throughout an encounter. Extra defensive buffing and stronger heals, simply means you must heal much less and you’ll deal with spamming Stone/Glare as an alternative.

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Harm as White Mage

You will have been tricked into being a healer on paper, however considered one of your priorities is meting out the ache. Once you’re not busy fixing everybody’s errors. Fortunately for you, White Mage design means that you can simply do your one button rotation with some therapeutic on the facet. However listed below are the methods of the commerce simply to make certain.

Single Goal

On single goal, that is comparatively easy. Your primary precedence in addition to your therapeutic duties is to maintain your harm over time impact up. Aero which can later flip into Dia. So every time Aero/Dia is gonna run out inside the subsequent 3 seconds, reapply it. Between making use of Aero and the occasional heal, you employ Stone which can later flip into Glare. That is your major supply of injury and every time you do not have to heal or apply a DoT simply use it. Make a behavior out of checking your celebration’s well being and so long as you are positive nobody’s dying inside the subsequent 2 seconds, forged Stone/Glare. One other one is Assize which could idiot you into pondering its for therapeutic, which is just partially true. Because it comes up pretty frequently with that 45 second quiet down, there isn’t a motive to not use it. Particularly for the MP restoration and free therapeutic that comes on prime of the harm. You must also use Presence of Thoughts pretty literately to get out a number of extra harm dealing casts. As a White Mage, your heals are reasonably chunky, so do not fret an excessive amount of over utilizing it for harm.

Multi Goal

Initially, congratulations, you now get to make use of arguably the most effective spells within the sport. Holy and its upgrades all the best way to Holy III. However first we have to perceive math, to make use of Holy correct. Whereas the stun impact is reasonably helpful, you may solely acquire harm with Holy if there are greater than three enemies so that you can hit. At degree 90, Glare III will deal a harm efficiency of 310. Holy III alternatively solely 150 per enemy. So since two enemies would solely be a efficiency of 300 and the occasional stun, three enemies will already exceed this by a mile for 450 efficiency. And it will get even higher ⁠— for Holy you do not even want to focus on an enemy. So, you may maintain the tank focused and heal them whereas spamming Holy as a lot as attainable. Usually, particularly in dungeon pulls you may stun lock most mobs anyhow. And it ought to be sufficient to slap a Regen in your tank to maintain them alive. It is usually really useful to Swiftcast Holy as soon as the tank has the mob group gathered. That manner you may stop loads of harm early. Oh and maintain utilizing Assize because it comes up.

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White Mage Professional Gaming

Because the one and solely Glare manufacturing unit, there may be not a lot loopy tech that I can train you right here. I’ll nevertheless advise you to make a macro for each Asylum and Liturgy of the Bell to avoid wasting your self from having to position them. Since each of them have fairly the vary, both putting them heading in the right direction or your self ought to do. So listed below are some handy macros for it. Utilizing these will place the impact both heading in the right direction or if none is chosen will probably be positioned on your self as an alternative. Different cool tech that Yoshida does not need you to learn about is that you may queue up expertise. Particularly with the tight window casters often need to cope with. Urgent an off international cooldown throughout the forged of a spell will forged it instantly after; so you may weave with out utilizing that valuable uptime. And on the subject of weaving, utilizing Swiftcast will enable your to double weave. Like utilizing Assize and Asylum imminently after a Glare or Treatment forged. And on that matter, make good use of the very fact each Afflatus Solace and Afflatus Rapture have an immediate forged time. Permitting for much more double weaving!

However What Makes a White Mage?

Maining or just taking part in White Mage is realizing how good life is. Whereas different healers need to cope with pesky gimmicks, you simply have very chunky heals and first rate harm. And sure, you’re a little plain in comparison with them. However who cares? Can they heal a tank from 1 to max HP with one button? Have they got a magical bell that does the therapeutic for them? Is their AoE Holy? No? Nicely too dangerous for them. Should you get pleasure from a simple, carefree life and quick queue instances, play White Mage. And every time somebody accuses you of not therapeutic, act prefer it was not your fault and passive aggressively begin therapeutic them solely when their HP is beneath 10%.


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