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Ultimate Fantasy XIV The right way to play Astrologian


Jun 3, 2022

Summon the ability of the celebrities and playing cards! Right here you will discover ways to be high Astrologian very quickly.

To start with, congratulations. By simply studying this information you have taken one essential step to change into the Astrologian you have all the time meant to be. Whereas different healers solely get to heal and do harm, you get to deal blackjack card on high of these to assist your celebration. That additionally means Astrologian shouldn’t be solely the busiest healer, but additionally one of many busiest jobs in Ultimate Fantasy XIV. So in case you like having to press many button’s on the velocity of sunshine that is the job for you.

Astrologian for Rookies


In comparison with the opposite pure healer White Mage, Astrologian appears to lack some choices. At the least by way of fast therapeutic choices. However it appears lots worse than it really is, extra so than White Mage, you’ll be able to’t simply depend on reactionary therapeutic. Figuring out the best way to apply your equipment actually makes this job. With this information you must be capable of heal effortlessly something the sport throws your method. And change into a high choose to for clear and development events due to your wonderful assist talents.

What’s an Astrologian and The place do they Come From?

This model of the Astrologian is somewhat odd in comparison with different installments of the franchise. First exhibiting up in Ultimate Fantasy Ways because the Astrologer. This model nonetheless is extra like a number of of Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s jobs being rolled up into one. Right here you will discover parts of the Geomancer, Gambler, Time Mage, Ultimate Fantasy XI’s Scholar and a few others.

Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s model of the Astrologian originates within the nation of Sharlayan. The land of students and the discovered. A few of these lofty minds mastered the energies of the celebrities. It’s a comparatively new form of magic, which you will see evolve all through the roles questline. However gazing into the celebrities is simply a part of it, one other is studying them. There are six main star calculations, that are on the playing cards you draw and dish out. Relate to the twelve, the gods generally worshiped in Eorzea. (Simply know that the Sharlayan’s are usually not too blissful that their distinctive magic is shared with the remainder of the world.)

Astrologian and The right way to Get There

To change into an Astrologian, you have no conditions. Its a part of the free trial for the critically acclaimed MMORPG. The one necessities are that you have reached degree 50 and entered Ishgard within the Heavensward growth. However take note, though the search must to be degree 50, your Astrologian profession will begin at degree 30. So if you wish to proceed your Heavensward journey, you will must atone for ranges.

Enjoying your Playing cards

Whereas therapeutic is your primary precedence as a inexperienced DPS, Astrologians set themselves aside from different healers with their Arcana mechanic. In very broad phrases, throughout fight it’s a must to deal out playing cards to your celebration. You get six main arcanas relying on who you deal them to, they get both a 3% or a 6% bonus to their whole harm. Enjoying them will grant you one in all three seals, which then feed into one in all your talents. After which there are the 2 minor arcana you will additionally get to play. However don’t fret, it’d sound like lots however its fairly intuitive when you get the dangle of it.

Main Arcana

These Main Arcana additionally occur to be a significant mechanic! Ha.. please chortle. However there are six of them, break up into two teams whereas sharing seals with one card of the other group. I guarantee you, this appears at first heaps extra sophisticated than it’s. The Steadiness, Arrow and Spear go on melee DPS and tanks. And the Bole, Ewer and Spire go on an job with ranged assaults, so casters, healers and ranged DPS. So you utilize the power Draw to attract a card, and goal a celebration member and use the power Play to place the buff into impact. Do you have to not like the cardboard you have drawn for any cause. You need to use Redraw one per draw, to attract a brand new card. That is thought of you signature capacity, and one of many predominant methods you get better MP. So be certain that to make use of your playing cards on a regular basis!
Contemplating this, you must get the cardboard priorities down since some jobs do extra harm individually than others. DPS lessons will in fact all the time have precedence, until they have already got a card buff or are lifeless. Then you’ll be able to slap them on one in all your tanks or healers. However as somewhat cheat sheet, ought to you may have a number of jobs of a kind in your celebration here’s a record of priorities for DPS:

For Steadiness, Arrow and Spear: Samurai > Ninja > Monk > Dragoon > Reaper
For Bole, Ever and Spire: Black Mage > Summoner > Crimson Mage > Machinist > Bard > Dancer

Do needless to say that is simply very basic, you must in fact all the time prioritize those that carry out the perfect in your celebration. So keep watch over their quantity within the enmity record.


That is one other, smaller mechanic that goes in tandem together with your Main Arcana. Each card drawn, will include one in all three seals. As soon as you have collected three seals, you’ll be able to solid Astrodyne to get better MP and increase your casting velocity, harm and therapeutic. That is tied to what number of totally different seals you have collected. Needless to say seals are solely collected as soon as you might be thought of in fight. So solid no less than one damaging spell earlier than you begin. You get one Redraw per Draw capacity, and when you can and may use this to get all of the seals. Do not make it your primary precedence. Do not maintain your seals till you may have the proper set of three to get the utmost out of your buff. You get to make use of Astrodyne virtually each 90 seconds, so its not price being on the mercy of the RNG gods.

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Minor Arcanas

These are secondary playing cards you get to play in addition to your main arcana. They solely are available in two varieties, Girl of Crowns for therapeutic and Lords of Crowns for harm. They’re comparatively highly effective talents you get to make use of each 60 seconds. Whilst you can and may use the Lord of Crowns virtually instantly, since its not often price holding, the Girl of Crowns you must preserve and use throughout the 60 second cooldown window.

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Therapeutic 101 as Astrologian

Whereas the playing cards might be fairly a handful on high of fight, therapeutic as an Astrologian is relatively fairly straight ahead. We have lined the fundamentals of therapeutic already right here. Now we’ll clarify to you all of your Astrologian talents and offer you some recommendations on when to make use of them.

Benefic & Benefic II

These are your bread and butter therapeutic talents. However right here we’ve the same state of affairs to the Treatment and Treatment II dilemma that faces the White Mage. Benefic does price much less MP and heals for 500 efficiency and has an opportunity to prog a free Benefic II. It is a entice. Why solid Benefic in case you can wait somewhat to solid Benefic II as an alternative? The one cause to ever use Benefic over Benefic II, is you’ll want to heal up your tank just a bit. Which is most probably by no means the case. And whereas the larger heal would possibly look scary by way of MP prices, don’t fret. You are an Astrologian, it’s actually, actually laborious so that you can run out of MP, until it’s a must to increase like 5 folks in a row.

Aspected Benefic

One other of your mainstay talents. This may grant a heal over time impact on anybody you will solid it on. The power will normally go on the primary tank or anybody who solely requires a full HP in a number of seconds. Therapeutic for a complete efficiency of 1500 with the possibility of the over time impact to land critically on any of the 5 ticks. That makes Aspected Benefic some of the helpful talents in your equipment, so be certain that to stick with it in your tank.


You employ this spell to boost downed celebration members. I do know, a remedy to loss of life appears unlikely, however right here it’s. It is generally utilized in mixture with the power Swiftcast. Since a tough increase normally takes about 7.5 seconds and isn’t price being hit by mechanics over. Simply look forward to Swiftcast to come back again up or until you may have some respiration room. It goes with out saying however the elevating precedence is as follows: Make sure that no less than one Tank is alive and properly, increase your co healer in the event that they went for a nap. Then the remaining. Until you may have a Crimson Mage previous degree 64 in your celebration. Elevate them first. Crimson Mages can, if they’ve MP, increase a complete celebration inside seconds and normally get better MP fairly quick.

Important Dignity

Contemplate this one your your predominant talents with regards to therapeutic. An on the spot, off world cooldown (oGDC) capacity that may heal for greater than your Benefic II. You simply should be courageous and study the timing for it. In case your focused celebration member is under 30% of their whole well being, you’ll be able to heal for a efficiency of 900 as an alternative of the common 400. That is particularly rewarded by you realizing fights and your capacity to foresee incoming harm. (It’ll additionally make your tank poop their pants if they do not belief you.) If you realize the following capacity will not kill them, wait it out until they’re slightly below that 30% well being mark to maximise your therapeutic worth. Its additionally fairly nice to refresh freshly raised celebration members with only one press. Since you will get a cost each 40 seconds, there isn’t a cause to carry on to it both. However in case you’re not assured sufficient, preserve no less than one cost on you for emergencies. Simply be sure to all the time have that cooldown rolling.


That is your primary group heal, it is going to heal each celebration member inside vary for a efficiency of 400. Which is sort of as a lot as a easy Benefic solid for less than double the MP. Simply just remember to’re therapeutic no less than 2 or extra folks with it to keep away from losing any MP within the first place. You will wish to use it to simply clean up your celebration or add to different talents you would possibly’ve used earlier than. This spell is often used proper after common partywide harm goes off.

Helios II

With a regen impact that can heal over time (HoT) for your entire group. A Helios II solid will heal for a complete efficiency of 1000. Do needless to say any 150 efficiency heal over time ticks can land a essential hit and double its impact. In case your group simply obtained harm. Or goes to obtain much more harm proper after, that is the very first thing you solid. Paired with one other healers group heal, this could normally be sufficient to heal via most incoming harm proper after large partywide harm or a stack mechanic.

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Collective Unconscious

Certainly one of Astrologian’s signature talents is that this neat little dome that can take up 10% of the harm taken from everybody that is inside its attain. And for 15 seconds after it’s used, it is going to apply a small heal over time impact that can whole out at 500 efficiency. You normally wish to use this capacity earlier than a stack mechanic for a number of celebration members is incoming. However do needless to say as soon as you progress, the harm mitigation impact will drop. So solely begin shifting or casting once more after harm has registered. Most Astrologians, relying on the harm will decide to solid Helios II proper after utilizing this ability. When you’ve got a number of hits on a stack mechanic incoming. Solid Helios II earlier than, and use this. Your therapeutic associate ought to then be capable of mitigate the remaining in most conditions.

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Celestial Opposition

A weaker, however oGDC model of Helios II that you’re going to get to solid each 60 seconds. You will usually wish to use this over or earlier than every other groupwide therapeutic spell. Particularly within the warmth of battle, it is easy to weave in earlier than or proper after that Helios II or Helios solid. However all of that can rely in your present state of affairs and your healer associate. However do not be grasping whereas utilizing it both. Celestial Opposition comes off cooldown each 60 seconds, so do not maintain on for it for too lengthy.

Earthly Star

This a really highly effective capacity that won’t solely heal lots inside its big goal radius. It will additionally deal deal some harm on high of it. If you happen to use the power, and instantly use it once more it is going to heal and do some harm. However to get full use out of Earthly Star, you will should let it sit for no less than 10 seconds till the Large Dominance buff prompts. Now your heals and your harm shall be considerably bigger. This additionally signifies that Earthly Star rewards gamers for follow some quantity of planning and foresight, which performs into the roles identification of a fortune teller. So in case you see a boss begin an enormous and scary solid bar. Place Earthly Star and use it proper after the boss’ capacity goes off and Large Dominance turns into out there. That method you will all the time get probably the most of it. And because it’s on a comparatively brief cooldown, do not maintain on to it for too lengthy.

Celestial Intersection

Being on a comparatively brief cooldown, there’s completely no cause to slap this in your tank proper after there was bother. Holding two expenses, this capacity will heal for a flat efficiency of 200 and grant that double as a defend. Why after you ask? Properly the 200 efficiency heal shouldn’t be wasted, as an alternative use defend as a buffer proper after somebody took harm to heal them again up.

Different Helpful Astrologian Skills

Now that we have mentioned therapeutic, there are many different, distinctive talents so that you can take into account. Some play into the beforehand mentioned therapeutic and mitigation, others supply extra buffs.

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Now solely does this capacity supply us motion choices, since it is going to allow you to ignore most solid instances for 15 seconds. It’ll additionally permit you the power to double weave. Which is essential as soon as we get into optimization methods in a while. For now you solely should know that this ability provides you with motion choices each 90 seconds in case you do not plan to optimize round it. It is also fairly helpful when issues go south. And also you additionally should get out as many oGDC heals as potential.


This capacity lets you heal two folks without delay! You bind your self to a different celebration member, and in case you solid a single goal heal somebody the sure celebration member will obtain 40% of that heal themselves. It is a good way to heal your off tank after a tank swap whereas conserving the opposite tank alive. Or refreshing a crew mate when you go about your different therapeutic duties. Simply needless to say this solely works with Benefic, Benefic II, Important Dignity and the preliminary heal of Aspected Benefic.


One of many nice utility instruments and the primary cause folks need an Astrologian of their celebration. Moreover the cardboard buffs in fact. Divination will grant your complete celebration, inside vary in fact, a 6% harm buff ever 120 seconds. You normally wish to apply it to cooldown to line it up with different partywide buff’s and different gamers burst home windows. Simply remember to be positioned beneficial, as a result of its vary all the time appears somewhat small.


Consider Horoscope as an augmentation of your common Helios. Whereas it may be used to comparatively rapidly heal everybody in vary for 200 efficiency. If you happen to solid Helios inside the 10 second window, you’ll be able to simply double that therapeutic efficiency. You will simply have to make use of the Horoscope ability once more proper after.

Impartial Sect

Utilizing this capacity, will additional side your Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios. It will add an extra defend impact to each of them, whereas nonetheless conserving their heal over time impact. Particularly helpful if you’ll want to shield your tank and or your celebration on fast discover. Or want a buffer till you and your therapeutic associate can get these large heals out. The shields can even land a essential hit, doubling that defend. Beware nonetheless that defend results typically do not stack. So you will not be capable of mitigate mechanics that method.


Being on a comparatively brief cooldown, there’s little to no cause to not use this one. Not solely will it grant 10% harm mitigation for the goal. After the impact runs out after 8 seconds, it is going to heal for a efficiency of 500. That makes this ability an incredible care package deal for any celebration member that’s about to take harm for a mechanic. Its particularly really helpful for tank busters.

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Whereas wanting like a harm capacity on paper, Macrocosmos is a straightforward, but efficient harm mitigation instrument. That may even take a number of the strain that comes from therapeutic off you. It is harm will certainly make up for the missed Malefic solid you will sacrifice for it. However we use it for its bonuses. After casting the spell, half of the harm complied throughout the 15 seconds of the impact, shall be refunded to all gamers effected by the buff. As well as you will get a pleasant 200 efficiency heal on high. As a result of it’s on a 180 second cooldown, we’ll save this capacity for sure instances. Particularly large steady harm our celebration receives, that we’ll should out heal within the second it is occurring. However we cannot have to fret about freshening everyone up after. It additionally appears fairly.

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Astronomical Injury

I do know, I do know, taking part in playing cards on high of getting to juggle each therapeutic and buffs looks as if a number of work already. However there’s additionally your major goal, killing the baddies. Astrologian fortunately encompasses a very straight ahead equipment with regards to dealing harm.

Single Goal

That is as straightforward because it’ll get on Astrologian. Hold the various variations of Combust you will collect all through your journey all the time up on single goal. And spam the opposite model of Malefic you will get throughout that window. And remember to heal both. The true problem of taking part in Astro right here is to line up your Divination buff with the cardboard buffs and your individual Astrodyne buff. That is the difficult a part of the job, and can all the time depart numerous room for optimization. However right here is the brief model if you wish to attempt it out. Divination runs on a 120 second timer, whereas an Astrodyne buff ought to be out there each 90 seconds. That is a entice!

You’ll be able to draw a card and maintain it, by that you may delay the Astrodyne buff by one other 30 seconds. Optimally, you wish to dump all of your playing cards in that 15 seconds of the Divination buff in your celebration. And through the use of the power Lightspeed, you must be capable of comfortably play and draw in-between Malefic casts. You will discover a extra detailed timeline on that here courtesy of the Balance discord. Simply do not make the error of fussing an excessive amount of about optimization in case you’re nonetheless leaning the job. That is simply what you must strife for, not what you must 100% execute on a regular basis.

Multi Goal

Whereas nonetheless conserving the stuff with buffing from above in thoughts, a number of targets on Astrologian are fairly straight ahead as properly. However you get cool spell which has in all probability additionally the best sound impact in your entire sport. Gravity. It is a achieve on two. Since Malefic will find yourself with a efficiency of 250, we have to do some math and work out when casting Gravity is price it. Gravity II has at degree 90 a efficiency of 130, that on two enemies is a complete efficiency of 260. So we use Gravity II every time there are two or extra enemies for us to beat up. Gravity comes with fairly the vary, however a comparatively small influence zone, so be certain that to focus on enemies within the centre to hit the whole lot. And remember to continuously use Earthly Star to its full impact. Not solely will it make therapeutic simpler, its harm must also be thought of.

Sneaky Astrologian Ideas n’ Ticks

Whereas I want I had extra for you right here at journey’s finish. You would possibly’ve realized that a lot of the legwork comes kind optimizing round these buffs. However a frequent bother most Astrologian’s run into is what playing cards go on whom. And taking part in reminiscence with a set of six playing cards might be fairly daunting, however fortunately the builders left a cheatcode inside the sport. If you happen to draw a card for melee DPS and tanks, there’s a blue + on each side of the playing cards as an indicator. If the cardboard is meant to go on on a ranged, caster or healer, there’s a purple circle subsequent to it. It is nonetheless not really helpful to make use of macros for any of the Astrologian’s expertise. Your enter window is already tight sufficient as it’s, and the macro delay will solely make it worse. With out them you’ll be able to no less than queue up motion’s when you’re nonetheless casting. If you happen to’re taking part in on mouse and keyboard, make a behavior out of rapidly deciding on these on the receiving finish of your card on the celebration record. Then queue up the power Play so you’ll be able to return to casting.

For all of the Astro’s out There

This looks as if lots.. as a result of it’s. I do not assume anybody would argue that Astrologian is not a busy job. It takes a number of effort to study and optimize, however the achieve is normally substantial. The place the White Mage shines in uncooked therapeutic capacity, Astrologian makes up for within the sheer quantity of utility it presents. And mastering the job is certainly a reward price reaping for. But when this appears nonetheless an excessive amount of for you, director and producer Naoki Yoshida has just lately said that they take into account Astrologian in its present installment very busy. So do not act too shocked, or possibly maintain off on it, until we get a slight overhaul an trimming to the talents by the point 6.2 or 6.3 roll round. However I think most of these changes will make the presently very tight enter home windows extra forgiving.

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