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Valorant Viper Information: Talents, Ideas, And Methods


May 26, 2022

ESTNN gives some helpful suggestions for taking part in Viper in your subsequent sport of Valorant.

Viper is a controller who makes use of poison and fuel to regulate the battlefield and her enemies to her benefit. She is superb at denying entry to bombsites on protection. On the identical time, she excels at utilizing her fuel to facilitate pushes on the offense.

Viper was some of the widespread and most potent brokers in Valorant’s 4.08 patch. She additionally didn’t see any nerfs in the newest 4.09 patch, so she might assist you in your climb by means of the ranks. The US-based agent has been getting increasingly professional play consideration these days, particularly on Breeze, Icebox, or Bind. In case you are seeking to incorporate poison queen into your arsenal, you received’t wish to miss this information.

Viper’s Talents

Two of Viper’s skills, her Q and E, use a novel useful resource known as gasoline. If you begin the sport, you’ll have 100% gasoline. After activating these skills, your reserve will start to tick down. If you flip them off, Viper’s gasoline will cease decaying and recharge.

Snake Chunk (C – 200 Credit)

Viper equips a chemical launcher and fires a canister that explodes when it hits the bottom. It creates a toxic zone that slows and damages enemies strolling by means of it. Snake Chunk can bounce off partitions.

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Poison Cloud (Q – 200 Credit, 5 Gas/sec)

Viper equips and throws a fuel emitter that can keep on the bottom for the entire spherical. She will be able to re-use Poison Cloud to create poison fuel utilizing her gasoline.

This skill each obscures the imaginative and prescient of enemies strolling by means of it and in addition offers injury over time.

You possibly can stroll over to the emitter to choose it as much as redeploy, however it’s going to go on a 6-second cooldown. If Viper dies whereas the flexibility is on the bottom, it’s going to keep lively for two extra seconds or till her gasoline runs out.

Poisonous Display (E – Free, 5 Gas/sec)

Viper equips a fuel emitter launcher and deploys a protracted line of fuel emitters. Whereas Poisonous Display is on, it blocks enemies’ imaginative and prescient and offers decaying injury.

Just like Poison Cloud, this skill may be re-used to create a wall from poisonous fuel utilizing gasoline. It will also be turned on and off at will. Nevertheless, in contrast to Poison Cloud, this skill can’t be picked as much as redeploy.

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You possibly can fireplace Poisonous Display far throughout the map, however there may be all the time the specter of getting caught on roofs or different objects it might probably land on.

Viper’s Pit (X – 7 Final Factors)

Viper fires a chemical cloud in all instructions round her. It reduces the imaginative and prescient and most well being of enemies standing within it. And they’re additionally outlined for Viper to see.

Viper’s Pit can final perpetually if she stays inside it or returns to it each 15 seconds.

Ideas and Methods

In case you are seeking to decide up Viper, the very first thing you need to be conscious of is useful resource administration. Each Poison Cloud and Poisonous Display take about 20 seconds to individually earlier than they drain your gasoline. You also needs to be snug with how a lot gasoline they use concurrently. Watch out to not run out of it as a result of Viper may be ineffective with an empty reserve.

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One of many sturdy fits of Viper’s package is space management, which makes her among the finest spike planters you may play. Be sure to are the one carrying the spike, particularly when you might have entry to your final. The realm denial additionally is useful when on protection. Poisonous Display has an in depth vary, and it may be shot throughout the map, making Viper one of many few brokers that may defend each websites without delay.

Viper is especially rewarding for gamers who spend time in observe with completely different skill lineups on completely different maps. You must observe throwing them so you may execute comfortably throughout a fast-paced sport.

Final however not least, do not forget that Viper’s poisonous fuel offers decay injury. This implies enemy brokers will go all the way down to 1 HP however is not going to die, and they’ll begin regening as soon as they’re out of your skills. So it’s important to maintain observe of low-health enemies.

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