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The strongest Pokémon of every sort, ranked


May 5, 2022

The Pokémon franchise has been continuously increasing since its inception in 1996 with the unique Pokémon Pink and Pokémon Inexperienced. Since then, the sequence has solely skyrocketed in reputation over time, resulting in a whole lot of mainline video games and spin-offs as properly.

With each mainline sequence recreation got here new additions to the Pokémon roster for the reason that unique 150 have been launched in Era one. As of 2022, the checklist of Pokémon has expanded to a whopping 898. However not all the Pokémon included in that checklist are as sturdy as one another, a few of them do are inclined to outperform the others. As such, we’ve got curated a listing of all the greatest Pokémon of every of the 18 varieties within the recreation.

This checklist will embody all Mega Evolutions, Legendary Pokémon and Extremely Beasts, simply to be utterly thorough. These entries can be based mostly on every Pokémon’s stat complete.

With out additional ado, listed below are the most effective Pokémon of every sort:

Bug-type: Genesect – Stat complete 600

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This Legendary Pokémon was launched in Era 5’s video games: Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. Genesect is a Bug/Metal-type Pokémon with a base stat complete of 600. Whereas this may occasionally appear low in comparison with all the different entries on this checklist, its sturdy typing greater than makes up for it in battle.

Genesect additionally shares this stat complete with Mega Pinsir, Mega Scizor, and Mega Heracross, all of that are lethal in the proper arms.

Darkish-type: Mega Tyranitar – Stat complete 700

This Pokémon counts as a pseudo-Legendary Pokémon because of its excessive base stat complete of 600. Its Mega Evolution simply takes it up a notch, boosting all of it the way in which as much as 700. This overtakes even Yveltal, and later Hoopa Unbound, who beforehand held this place.

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Being a Darkish/Rock-type Pokémon, Mega Tyranitar additionally comes with heavy defenses which are laborious to take down basically, so long as he’s stored at a distance from Combating-type Pokémon.

Dragon-type: Mega Rayquaza – Stat complete 780

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The undisputed king of all the Dragon-type Pokémon, Rayquaza was a pressure to reckon with in its regular type since its introduction in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. With the introduction of its Mega Evolution in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, its already overpowered stats shot up even additional to 780.

This Pokémon is so overwhelming that it carved out a brand new class for itself within the aggressive scene. If that isn’t sufficient to cement its supremacy, nothing else will.

Electrical-type: Zekrom – Stat complete 680

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One of many two cowl Legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, Zekrom has a robust typing of Electrical/Dragon-type with a stat complete of 680, evenly unfold out throughout all main stats besides Velocity, which is the reason being simply falls shy of that magic 700.

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Electrical-type Pokémon are typically sturdy in their very own proper, however Zekrom stands head and shoulders above the remainder, owing a whole lot of it to his Legendary standing and Dragon typing as properly.

Fairy-type: Zacian (Topped Sword type) – Stat complete 720

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The most recent sort of Pokémon launched to the franchise within the Era six releases of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, Fairy-type Pokémon was the reply to all the anguished trainers’ cries for assist towards the rampaging Dragon-type Pokémon all through the earlier 5 generations, with the appearance of Hydreigon being the ultimate nail within the coffin.

Zacian, nonetheless, is the quilt Pokémon of the Era eight video games of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Protect. Its Topped Sword type makes it a robust Metal/Fairy-type, able to tackling nearly any goal that trainers all through the franchise can throw at it, particularly with it having the best Velocity and Assault stats of any Fairy-type Pokémon.

Combating-type: Mega Mewtwo X – Stat complete 780

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Mewtwo has been a family identify within the Pokémon sequence, often called the strongest Pokémon within the unique video games. With the appearance of Mega Evolutions, Mewtwo’s energy solely bought much more monstrous with Mega Mewtwo X being the strongest Combating-type Pokémon whereas its Y counterpart shares the title for the strongest Psychic-type Pokémon.

If that was not sufficient, this beast additionally holds one of the vital highly effective typings within the recreation being a Combating/Psychic-type Pokémon. Taking down considered one of these nearly ensures a world of ache.

Hearth-type: Primal Groudon – Stat complete 770

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One of many two Legendary Pokémon of Era three, the creator of all landmasses, Groudon holds the highest spot for each Hearth-type and Floor-type Pokémon. Primal Groudon takes it a step additional when it comes to energy. With a stat complete of 770 and its Desolate Land potential that basically evaporates its Water-type weak point, there are extraordinarily few Pokémon able to taking down this behemoth.

Flying-type: Mega Rayquaza – Stat complete 780

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Look who flew again into the rankings. If it wasn’t sufficient for Mega Rayquaza being the strongest Dragon-type, it is usually the strongest Flying-type by a big margin. Going from its signature Air Lock ability to the extra highly effective Delta Stream ability eliminates the remainder of its Flying-type weaknesses as properly, making Electrical-type, Rock-type and Ice-type assaults solely deal regular injury to, as an alternative of being tremendous efficient towards, all Flying-type Pokémon within the subject.

Ghost-type: Giratina – Stat complete 680

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The creator of the parallel Distortion World, Giratina shoots as much as the highest of the Ghost-type Pokémon checklist. Being the counterpart to his Time and Area creator siblings, this world-ending beast is as scary as he’s lethal. With the dreaded Ghost/Dragon-type mixture together with its signature Shadow Drive transfer, combating Giratina is an equally terrifying prospect in each his Origin and Altered formes.

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Giratina shares this stat complete with Lunala, Daybreak Wings Necrozma, and Shadow Rider Calyrex as properly, which results in a five-way tie if we rank them purely by stat complete.

Grass-type: Mega Sceptile – Stat complete 630

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Starter Pokémon are typically picked as such on account of their typing and equitable stat distribution. As such, they’re all fairly highly effective by themselves, however a few of them have a tendency to face out from the remainder.

Enter Sceptile, a Pokémon that was fairly widespread again within the day, however with the introduction of different Grass-type starters like Torterra, its utilization within the aggressive scene began decreasing as properly. That modified when Mega Sceptile was launched. Including the Dragon-type made Mega Sceptile extremely highly effective, even overshadowing Mega Venusaur and claiming the highest spot for itself.

Floor-type: Primal Groudon – Stat complete 770

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The champion of each of his typings, Primal Groudon makes his return to high the Floor-type Pokémon charts as properly. This landmass fanatic ensures he’s stronger than all the different Floor-type Pokémon on this checklist, with Desolate Land eliminating his main weaknesses. Legendary Pokémon are highly effective in their very own proper, however including a Mega Evolution-ish potential with Primal Reversion simply makes them extremely unfair to struggle towards.

Ice-type: Kyurem (Black and White) – Stat complete 700

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The Ice Dragon from Unova is a monster by itself, however it doesn’t fairly make the highest of this checklist by itself. As soon as it fuses with both Reshiram or Zekrom, this amalgamation of the 2 quick tracks this Pokémon to the highest of the checklist of Ice-type Pokémon.

Though each variations of Kyurem are sturdy individually, there’s fairly an influence discrepancy in aggressive battling with Kyurem Black being a staple within the meta even as we speak whereas Kyurem White doesn’t fairly make the checklist. Evidently, every of them is a harmful pressure of nature that can’t be ignored.

Regular-type: Arceus – Stat complete 720

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Going from kings to Gods, the God of all Pokémon, Arceus, holds the highest spot for the Regular-type rankings. With its extremely excessive stat complete and its team-wiping Judgment ability (which was made even stronger in Pokémon: Legends Arceus), Arceus is tough to cease by regular means.

If that wasn’t sufficient, Arceus can even morph into any sort of its selecting for the event, relying on what Plate is supplied. This makes Arceus extremely unpredictable and a wild card to have in any lineup.

Poison-type: Eternatus – Stat complete 690

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A comparatively new entry to the franchise, Eternatus blows away every other Poison-type Pokémon out of the water in relation to sheer energy. Being a Poison/Dragon-type additional cements its spot on the highest of the Poison rankings.

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It has a Dynamax type as properly, aptly named Eternamax, which has the best stat complete within the recreation at an astounding 1125. This way, nonetheless, isn’t obtainable in-game by any means. Nintendo might make it potential to seize one in a future occasion, however for now, Eternatus in its base type is right here to remain.

Psychic-type: Mega Mewtwo Y – Stat complete 780

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The opposite Mega Evolution to Mewtwo, each Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y maintain the highest spot for strongest Psychic-type Pokémon. Whereas Mega Mewtwo X can also be the strongest Combating-type Pokémon, Mega Mewtwo Y is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon and leads this rating towards any who would dare problem its supremacy.

Rock-type: Mega Diancie – Stat complete 700

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As soon as upon a time, this Fairy Pokémon was on the high of the rankings till Zacian got here alongside. At present, Mega Diancie takes the highest spot for strongest Rock Pokémon as an alternative. This Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon has fairly an fascinating typing with a excessive stat complete that’s fairly evenly unfold out however, as is with any Rock-type Pokémon, it focuses extra on its excessive defenses. Coming in with a really respectable 164, Diancie shouldn’t be simple to take down.

Metal-type: Zacian (Topped Sword), Zamazenta (Topped Protect) – Stat complete 720

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The mascot Legendary Pokémon of Era eight’s Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Protect, Zacian and Zamazenta of their Topped varieties high the checklist of all the Metal-type Pokémon.

Each of them high the charts for his or her Metal-typing, however they fluctuate when it comes to their secondary typing. Whereas Zacian is a Metal/Fairy-type, Zamazenta is a Metal/Combating-type Pokémon. Whereas each of them maintain their very own properly in any sort of lineup, they’re solely made extra formidable by their signature Topped Sword type and Topped Protect type.

Water-type: Primal Kyogre – Stat complete 770

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The opposite half of the creator Legendary Pokémon from Era three, Kyogre is the creator of the ocean in Pokémon lore. Perpetually locked in an everlasting warfare with Groudon, after their Primal Reversion, each of them change into even higher threats.

With a stat complete of 770 and a game-breaking potential in Primordial Sea which makes all Hearth-type strikes fizzle out, this Pokémon tops the rankings for the Water-type and can also be all the time up there in aggressive battling, main Water-type rain lineups.

Whereas most of those Pokémon depended strictly on stat complete within the making of this checklist, a few of them that high the charts with comparable stats to others are purely opinion-based. All the time keep in mind that irrespective of how highly effective the Pokémon is, everybody has a weak point.


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