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Crew Zemie Defeats Crew Tfue in Twitch Rivals Zero Construct Showdown II


May 4, 2022

Crew Zemie held off Crew Tfue within the thrilling Twitch Rivals Zero Construct Showdown II.

Fortnite’s scorching scorching Zero Construct mode returned to Twitch Rivals for one more go-around with $100K USD on the road as soon as once more. The success of the inaugural Zero Construct competitors prompted Twitch to leap again into motion. Final outing, Crew Tfue, consisting of Crew Liquid participant Scoped and basic duo teammates Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore claimed first place by a large margin 

Regardless of shedding Cloakzy, the Fortnite legend appeared to win their second consecutive Zero Construct occasion with Scoped and Battle Royale veteran DougIsRaw. The trio would have overcome a number of different icons concerned all through six matches. Names like SypherPK, NickEh30, Replays and different Zero Construct aficionados deliberate to thwart Tfue’s back-to-back try. 

Finally, Tfue remained in rivalry till the bitter finish, when Crew Zemie did simply sufficient to warrant a victory. 

Crew Zemie Drops 21 Elims in Sport One

Two groups emerge from the lot of 33 to place themselves in prime placing place forward of recreation six. Crew Zemie, consisting of content material creators Zemie and Prospering {and professional} Fortnite participant Edgey, had a tall process. Tfue has appeared unimaginable in each Zero Construct match up to now. 

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Naturally, these two duos battled for leaderboard positioning your entire time. Crew Zemi opened the competitors with a swift Victory Royale and 21 whole eliminations. It was an impressive efficiency—one we don’t see fairly often in these tournaments. Zemie, Edgey and Prospering put themselves into a chief place whereas each different workforce had to enhance their floor. 

Crew Zemie Hangs on in Sport Six

Crew Zemie saved their consistency getting in video games two, three and 4, incomes 17, 22 and 16, respectively. In the meantime, Crew Tfue gained floor over that stretch with 81 factors. With one recreation left, Crew Zemie sat in first with 104 factors whereas Tfue and firm had 91. The defending champs wanted a robust end in recreation six however fell quick. 

Regardless of Crew Zemie falling sooner than anticipated, Crew Tfue discovered itself in a difficult in-game state of affairs with no mobility and groups bearing down on them. Crew Zemie rightfully earned the Twitch Rivals Zero Construct Showdown and $21K USD to separate. Crew Acorn rounded out the highest three behind Crew Tfue with 91 factors. 

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Closing Leaderboard

  • 1st: Crew Zemie — $21,000 ($7,000 every)
  • 2nd: Crew Tfue — $15,000 ($5,000 every)
  • third: Crew Acorn — $10,500 ($3,500 every)
  • 4th: Crew HeadShotChick — $8,250 ($2,750 every)
  • fifth: Crew BfoTV — $6,750 ($2,250 every)
  • sixth: Crew SypherPK — $3,000 ($1,000 every)
  • seventh: Crew Replays — $3,000 ($1,000 every)
  • eighth: Crew EyePixie — $3,000 ($1,000 every)
  • ninth: Crew AlexRamieGaming — $3,000 ($1,000 every)
  • tenth: Crew BankTeller — $3,000 ($1,000 every)
  • eleventh: Crew NickEh30 — $1,500 ($500 every)
  • twelfth: Crew Swearin — $1,500 ($500 every)
  • thirteenth: Crew zvch — $1,500 ($500 every)
  • 14th: Crew GrenaderJake — $1,500 ($500 every)
  • fifteenth: Crew Chap — $1,500 ($500 every)
  • sixteenth: Crew MackWood — $1,200 ($400 every)
  • seventeenth: Crew Ranger — $1,200 ($400 every)
  • 18th: Crew Maddynf — $1,200 ($400 every)
  • nineteenth: Crew Vanessuh — $1,200 ($400 every)
  • twentieth: Crew iiTzTimmy — $1,200 ($400 every)
  • twenty first: Crew Sommerset — $900 ($300 every)
  • twenty second: Crew Conanized — $900 ($300 every)
  • twenty third: Crew Advyth — $900 ($300 every)
  • twenty fourth: Crew Col1azo — $900 ($300 every)
  • twenty fifth: Crew BonsaiBroz — $900 ($300 every)
  • twenty sixth: Crew Viancyy — $600 ($200 every)
  • twenty seventh: Crew ChrispyGameplay — $600 ($200 every)
  • twenty eighth: Crew p90princess — $600 ($200 every)
  • twenty ninth: Crew MissDoitBIG — $600 ($200 every)
  • thirtieth: Crew Greninja — $600 ($200 every)
  • thirty first: Crew KurtBenkert — $600 ($200 every)
  • thirty second: Crew chrismelberger — $600 ($200 every)
  • thirty third: Crew PayMoneyWubby — $600 ($200 every)
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Tfue Wins Second Most-Elimination Award

Tfue Most Elims

Zero Construct and Tfue go collectively like peanut butter and jelly. For the second straight occasion, the Fortnite legend earned probably the most eliminations of any competitor. Most of the different individuals are skilled gamers, exhibiting how polished Tfue’s abilities stay in any case these years. He’ll host his personal Twitch Rivals Creator Collection occasion this week—a match he hopes to dominate. 

EMEA & LATAM Outcomes

The Latin American competitors noticed Crew loud_leo win convincingly with 148 factors. Crew POW3Rtv claimed the primary spot over Crew SolaryFortnite by just one level in Europe. 

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