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Overwatch: Sigma the Astrophysicist


May 6, 2022

A improbable ability set and superior injury, we break down every little thing you could know to play Sigma.

One other tank in Overwatch that we’re going to have a look at right this moment is Sigma. That is the newest tank within the recreation, however he shortly grew to become one of many fan favorites. As a result of his unimaginable ability set, Sigma can simply slot in many combos and is without doubt one of the finest heroes to spice up your ranking with.

Regardless of not having any mobility, Sigma makes up for it by providing a great deal of injury. The truth is, it’s secure to say that this is without doubt one of the highest damage-dealing tanks within the recreation. He can kill most enemies out of place, and his protect permits him to play extra aggressively than typical.


Beginning along with his Hypersheres, Sigma has two gravitic fees that he can fireplace at enemies. Each offers 55 direct injury, which implies he can shortly kill weak helps and DPS heroes. What’s much more spectacular about his common assault is that it has no ammo. In different phrases, he can spam it as a lot as he desires to. Apart from the direct injury, the Hypersheres additionally deal splash injury.

Sigma’s second capability is his protect which known as Experimental Barrier. This barrier has 700 HP and has 5 seconds whether it is destroyed. Not like different tanks within the recreation, Sigma has the choice to recall his barrier when he desires to. If the barrier will get down for two seconds, it would regenerate 80 HP per second.

Up subsequent, we have now Kinetic Grasp, a capability that permits him to freeze incoming injury. When used, the hero “absorbs” 60% of the incoming injury and converts it into shields with a most of 400 injury. This capability has 12 seconds cooldown and lasts for two seconds. Just like D.Va’s capability, this one can negate incoming projectiles from the entrance and sides, in addition to some ultimates.

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Accretion is Sigma’s burst capability that may deal as much as 70 injury. The draw back of utilizing this factor is that the hero has a 75% motion velocity penalty. Then again, the power has 10 seconds cooldown, a 0.65s casting time, and a 2.5 meters AoE. Moreover, it would knock down the enemies affected by it.

The Final

Sigma’s final known as Gravitic Flux, and it’s able to doing tons of harm, relying on the targets he hits. When used, the hero flies within the air, lifts his enemies and offers 50 injury + 50% of their most HP after slamming them to the bottom. This capability’s length is as much as 5 seconds, it has a most vary of 35 minutes, and it prices 1960 factors to forged.

Whereas the enemy models are within the air, they will’t use any motion talents, apart from Reaper’s Wraith Type and Moira’s Fade. If somebody interrupts the last word earlier than Sigma slams his targets, the heroes within the air gained’t take any injury.

Models affected by the slam could have a slower motion velocity for the subsequent 0.6 seconds. 


Sigma is without doubt one of the heroes that may work in a few conditions. Nevertheless, he’s not as versatile as different tanks within the recreation, which implies your teammates have to know what they’re doing.

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Since Sigma offers lots of injury, he’s stable when enjoying aggressively. The actual fact he can transfer his protect makes him a superb choice for pushing. Moreover, it permits his allies to get higher positions and deal extra injury.

Talking of the satan, Sigma’s final is without doubt one of the finest within the recreation for clearing sure areas of the map. It may well do wonders in lots of instances, particularly versus enemies like Rein and Bastion, who can typically keep in a single place and stop opponents from pushing. 

Suggestions and Tips

The hero’s spectacular talents permit gamers to make numerous attention-grabbing strikes whereas enjoying. One of the vital widespread “performs” that may make an actual distinction is utilizing Sigma’s shields between the goal you wish to kill and his healer. Regardless that touchdown this combo just isn’t that simple, when you grasp it, you’ll permit your staff to kill a given hero in seconds.

One other factor that individuals typically overlook is that the Hyperspheres can bounce off totally different objects and deal AoE injury. Studying tips on how to management these bounces and reap the benefits of them will certainly take time. Nevertheless, it’s value it as a result of you possibly can power your opponents to alter their positions and use it to your benefit.

Sigma’s protect is exclusive in Overwatch as a result of it may be utilized in numerous conditions. Nevertheless, if you wish to benefit from it, you could discover ways to block particular talents. We are able to’t stress how essential it’s to undergo to do this as a result of it could actually make an enormous distinction throughout staff fights.

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The Matchups

Relying on if you’re studying this, there’s a good likelihood that you just’ll face lots of Orisa-based combos. The latter is legendary for being sturdy from a distance and for the truth that they will maintain their floor. With that being mentioned, Sigma’s draft can simply outmaneuver them and make Orisa really feel powerless.

One of many setups the place Sigma may have issues is when he has to go up towards aggressive lineups. Though he has a protect, it isn’t highly effective sufficient to face up to the strain from heroes like Reinhardt, who can shortly destroy it.

Sigma can be not good towards the tanks with excessive mobility as a result of they will catch him off guard. The 2 finest examples listed here are Winston and Wrecking Ball. The latter might be his largest counter as a result of this hero can go wherever on the map and mess up Sigma’s plans.

Talking of counters, one other hero that may make his life depressing is Symmetra. This DPC can simply farm Sigma’s protect, which implies he needs to be actually cautious when utilizing it. 

If we have now to summarize every little thing, Sigma is a improbable tank that may make an actual distinction for his staff. He has one of many highest injury output out of any tanks, which is why some folks typically name him “Junkrat with a protect”.

Sadly, Sigma is without doubt one of the most intricate heroes in Overwatch to grasp. This implies you could play rather a lot earlier than you discover ways to make the most of the hero’s potential.

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