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Overwatch Roadhog Information, the One-Man Apocalypse


May 7, 2022

Some tanks in Overwatch are higher than others in conditions the place you’re taking part in alone. Top-of-the-line examples is Roadhog, the hero that’s able to ripping via his enemies with little to no effort. Discover out all the main points in our Overwatch Roadhog Information.

Since this hero has the flexibility to heal himself, he is among the finest choices when you find yourself queuing alone. After all, this doesn’t imply that Roadhog is not nice while you play with associates as a result of the hero excels in lots of conditions. He’s nice for aggressive performs and has an final able to doing insane quantities of injury. What’s much more spectacular is that Roadhog additionally has a talent shot. 

There are a number of essential issues we have to find out about this character, which is why this overview will concentrate on them.


Regardless of not having any shields, Roadhog is well one of many tankiest heroes within the recreation. He has 600 HP, which implies he can tank most of the large ultimates.

Except for his HP, Roadhog is harmful as a result of he has among the most fascinating skills within the recreation. Beginning together with his Scrap Gun, this can be a weapon that has two fireplace modes. The primary one fires short-range blasts of shrapnel which are devastating in close-range fight. This capability’s most harm is 165 per shot, making it probably the greatest within the recreation. Nonetheless, the gun solely has 5 ammo and takes 2 seconds to reload.

Hog’s secondary fireplace mode launches a shrapnel ball that may detonate in a brief distance. This factor additionally does quite a lot of harm and has extra vary. As for the projectile pace, it “flies” at a price of 80 meters per second.

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Apparently, this secondary fireplace mode will explode on the finish of its vary and it’ll deal the identical harm as Roadhog’s major mode. This makes it harmful, so long as you should utilize it to its full potential.


The massive motive why Roadhog is so robust when it comes right down to solo queue is due to his skills. Beginning with Take a Breather, that is a capability that restores 300 HP and offers the hero a 50% harm discount. This capability’s whole casting time is 0.5 seconds, and it has a 1-second length plus an 8s cooldown. For sure, that is what makes him actually highly effective.

Talking of being highly effective, the hero has one other capability known as Chain Hook. This is among the few skillshots within the recreation, and it permits the hero to hurl his chain at a given goal. If he hits an enemy, he’ll convey it into shut vary and deal 30 harm. As for the cooldown, Roadhog can use this capability each 8 seconds.

Entire Hog is the hero’s final capability and his most harmful weapon. Despite the fact that the hero has a -25%  motion pace penalty whereas utilizing this capability, Roadhog fires 128 pallets per second and offers a complete of 4928 harm. This makes Entire Hog probably the most harmful skills within the recreation, however it doesn’t imply you possibly can land all of it as a result of you’ll most likely miss a great deal of your photographs.

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Unsurprisingly, the hero can’t use any skills throughout his final, which lasts for five.5 seconds. You will need to know that this capability has a 0.5s casting time, so it’s worthwhile to watch out when utilizing it.

As soon as Roadhog hits somebody together with his ult, the unit shall be knocked again.

Roadhog is a DPS within the physique of a tank

One of many issues we’ve talked about earlier is that Roadhog is a unique form of tank. The truth that he doesn’t have shields means he’s very inclined to break. For sure, he isn’t one of the best when defending, which implies individuals who wish to play with him must have a unique strategy.

Roadhog’s strongest weapon is the flexibility to create house for his group. After explaining his skills, it’s not tough to see why he is among the finest harm sellers within the recreation. He’s extraordinarily lethal at shut vary, which implies that his opponents will attempt to run away from him. 

For sure, you need to use this to your benefit and create house in your group by pushing. It will give heroes like Bastion and Widow loads of alternatives to attain kills as a result of the opponents ought to be busy with Roadhog.

The “One-shot” combo

Since this tank depends on his harm to be efficient, it most likely doesn’t come as a shock he has a one-shot combo. Despite the fact that it doesn’t work in opposition to tanks and items with extra HP, this technique ought to be sufficient to kill most DPS and lower-HP items.

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With a purpose to land your combo, it’s worthwhile to use your hook, adopted by your major fireplace mode and a melee assault. Relying on what number of pellets you land, you’ll deal as much as 165 harm along with your assault alone. 

Talking of one-shotting, virtually each Roadhog participant skilled a scenario the place a hooked goal escapes on tremendous low HP. One of many issues you may do to stop that’s to make use of your major fireplace mode, hook, and fireplace once more. It will shorten your fireplace animation, and it’ll seem to be you get an additional assault. After all, this isn’t the case, however you may deal simply sufficient further harm to kill your goal straight away.


Roadhog is among the tanks that you would be able to’t depend on to soak harm and keep close to you all the recreation. As a substitute, this hero excels when he will get the possibility to deal harm and bully his opponents. He’s able to killing virtually any hero within the recreation and might create sufficient house for his teammates to make use of their full potential.

Regardless of his strengths, Roadhog additionally has quite a lot of weaknesses as a result of he struggles loads in opposition to a number of setups. For instance, Reaper is among the heroes that may completely crush him, so try to be cautious whether or not he’s within the recreation. He’s additionally not that nice in opposition to the likes of Symmetra as a result of she will be able to gradual him down and make him a straightforward goal.

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