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Overwatch Greatest Combos to Dominate


May 19, 2022

Overwatch might look straightforward on paper, however the sport is complicated and requires loads of talent as a way to play competitively. Though being good on the sport is a should, you additionally must give you distinctive combos. Each meta has its personal “go-to” possibility, on this Overwatch Greatest Combos information, we’ll have a look at a few of them. 

Some choices proven beneath will work in each talent bracket. Nonetheless, others are solely value it if you happen to play towards people who find themselves not good on the sport. Evidently, gamers who know what they’re doing can counter most of them.

D.Va and Winston

There are lots of combos in Overwatch, and certainly one of them entails two tanks. D.Va and Winston are among the many hottest choices in some talent brackets. The 2 heroes deal vital injury for a tank, and they’re fairly hardy. Nonetheless, the factor that makes them particular is their mobility.

These two heroes can rip by the opposing workforce as a result of they will play aggressively. Moreover killing the weak DPS and helps, D.Va and Winston can use their mobility to flee when wanted. 

In fact, we additionally need to do not forget that these two heroes have robust ultimates. Though they don’t sync that properly, Winston can use his to push enemies into the open, the place D.Va can kill them.

Brigitte and Reinhardt

If there’s something extra annoying than dealing with Brigitte, it must be enjoying towards her and Reinhardt. Unsurprisingly, the 2 heroes work exceptionally properly collectively as a result of each have shields. 

Rein is without doubt one of the tanks that may play offensively when required. In fact, this comes at a price as a result of he received’t be capable to use his protect. That is the place Brigitte’s talents come to play. She may help Rein by giving him armor and utilizing her CC talents to avoid wasting Rein from the pesky flankers.

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Evidently, the Earthshatter and Rally combo can also be one thing that may have devastating penalties when used appropriately. Moreover utilizing it offensively, these two talents can flip round nearly any workforce combat. 

Zarya and Doomfist

Zarya’s final is without doubt one of the most potent talents within the sport as a result of it may be used with tons of different talents. That’s the rationale you may usually see Zarya with heroes like Hanzo, Genji, Roadhog, and so forth.

Talking of heroes, Zarya additionally works properly with Doomfirst. Moreover the combo with their ultimates, the tank’s bubbles are wonderful for heroes like Doomfirst. The latter must play aggressively and depends on his burst injury to land kills. Nonetheless, this makes him susceptible to all kinds of injury. That is the place Zarya’s bubbles come to play.

In terms of utilizing the 2 heroes’ ults, they’re often greater than sufficient to land at the very least a few kills. In any case, Doomfist’s Meteor Strike can deal as much as 300 injury if his opponents are within the “Internal Ring”.

Mercy and Pharah

One of the crucial common and efficient combos we have now to say on this checklist is the notorious Mercy and Pharah combo. Though Mercy can work extremely properly with nearly any DPS, she excels with Pharah.

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These two heroes could be your ticket to achieve Gold and even the ranks after that. A superb Pharah participant who is aware of what he’s doing can deal insane injury. Positive, there are various counters to this combo, akin to Widow and Hanzo, but when performed appropriately, Mercy and Pharah can take care of just about something.

Sadly, this combo has its drawbacks, and they’re associated to Mercy’s deal with one hero. Since this hero is a assist, it wants to assist others by offering injury or therapeutic. Sadly, this hardly ever occurs as a result of Mercy wants to stick with Pharah to ensure she stays alive.

Ana and Reinhardt

Except for the lethal Brigitte and Reinhardt combo, the most effective tanks in Overwatch may also do wonders when paired with Ana. The latter is without doubt one of the go-to assist heroes within the sport as a result of she offers good injury and therapeutic.

With that being mentioned, the factor that makes Ana good with Rein is her skill to place a given goal to sleep. If she makes use of it on somebody who’s arduous to kill, Rein can simply use his cost and kill the hero in seconds.

One more reason why Ana and Rein work properly collectively is due to  Ana’s grenades. As a consequence of the truth that Rein often positions himself near his opponents, Ana can heal her tank and do injury to her enemies concurrently.

Mei and Cassidy

Mei is without doubt one of the DPS heroes that isn’t that common amongst decrease MMR video games. For the reason that hero doesn’t do loads of injury and has a excessive talent cap, most gamers keep away from it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply Mei isn’t value it as a result of the hero could be exceptionally robust.

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The principle purpose why Mei works properly with DPS like Cassidy or Reaper is due to her skill to freeze her opponents. Relying on how she makes use of her ult, Mei’s opponents can get frozen for a few seconds. Usually, that is greater than sufficient for Cassidy to make use of his final and kill all of them.

Wrecking Ball and Widow

The final mixture that we’d like to point out you on this article appears unusual on paper. Wrecking Ball and Widow don’t have anything in widespread aside from the truth that they’re part of Overwatch. Nonetheless, when you begin enjoying, you will note that this isn’t at all times the case.

Hammond offers a decent quantity of injury, however what makes him good alongside Widow is the hero’s skill to toss heroes within the air. He does that due to certainly one of his talents known as Slam.

As soon as that occurs and the enemies are within the air, Widow ought to be capable to land a transparent shot on at the very least one goal. In fact, the one approach to make the most of this combo to its full potential is that if the Widow participant is nice and is aware of methods to land his slots.


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