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MTG Enviornment New Capenna Alchemy enlargement and Draft occasion drop in June


May 26, 2022

The month of June will warmth up MTG Enviornment gameplay choices with the discharge of an Alchemy: New Capenna enlargement and a limited-time Alchemy Draft occasion. 

Scheduled to happen on June 2 by way of an MTG Enviornment replace, a complete of 30 new playing cards are getting added to the Alchemy format by way of the New Capenna enlargement. Along with the brand new playing cards, gamers can have the choice to take part in two Alchemy occasions: The New Capenna Alchemy Draft occasion and the Into the Future occasion, revealed at present by WotC throughout the MTG Enviornment bulletins. 

The limited-time Premier Draft of Alchemy: New Capenna will run from June 2 to six. The charges for the occasion are the identical as Premium Draft for Normal-legal units: 1,500 gems or 10,000 gold. Gamers may even Draft from three SNC booster packs, nevertheless, the one Frequent rarity card in every pack will get changed with a card from the Alchemy: New Capenna enlargement. And that added card can have any type of rarity, with Uncommon playing cards showing twice as usually as Mythic Uncommon playing cards. 

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Right here is the breakdown of rarity drops for that changed card inside an SNC booster pack on the Alchemy: New Capenna Draft occasion, in keeping with WotC. 

  • 58 p.c of the SNC booster packs include an Unusual rarity card
  • 38.57 p.c of the SNC booster packs include a Uncommon rarity card
  • 6.43 p.c of SNC booster packs include a Mythic Uncommon rarity card 

Payouts for the Alchemy: New Capenna Draft occasion are the identical because the Normal-legal Premium Draft. All Alchemy format occasions inside MTG Enviornment can have Alchemy: New Capenna booster packs as rewards. 

Gamers wanting to check out the brand new Alchemy: New Capenna playing cards throughout the enlargement can accomplish that without spending a dime by way of the MTG Enviornment Into the Future occasion. Scheduled to run from June 2 to 4, the occasion is free to play and accommodates preconstructed decks that spotlight new playing cards and synergies. Competing within the occasion will reward MTG Enviornment gamers with Alchemy: New Capenna booster packs, 1,000 gold, and Mastery XP.

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