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MSI 2022 Knockout Stage Recap


May 28, 2022

The primary collection of the MSI 2022 Knockout Stage is over, and our first finalist of the match is revealed.

The primary Semi-Finals collection is finished and dusted, and the reigning MSI champions Royal By no means Give Up would be the first group to get a Finals spot. Evil Geniuses got here into the collection as heavy underdogs, and most followers and analysts have been anticipating a 3-0 rating. Though the expectation was met, EG handle to impress the viewers, particularly with their performances within the final two video games of the collection.

Sadly, the battle they put up wasn’t sufficient to beat the powerhouse that’s RNG. The underperformance of Affect and Danny definitely didn’t assist both. However Impressed and Jojopyun put up an amazing displaying.

On the RNG aspect, Xiaohu was undoubtedly the difference-maker, significantly on his Lissandra flanks. With this victory, RNG can have an opportunity to repeat their success from final yr and grow to be the second group to win a back-to-back MSI title after SKT1. They’ll face the winner of the T1-G2 collection within the Finals, which can happen on Sunday, Might 29, 10:00 AM CET.

MSI 2022 Knockout Stage RNG – EG Recreation 1

As anticipated for RNG, they bought a powerful high aspect draft with Gwen-Jarvan, and drafted a roaming champion for Xiaohu. EG answered with Nocturne and Gankplank which have been snug for Impressed and Affect. One other basic bot lane matchup of Kaisa/Xayah and Nautilus/Leona was selected. RNG began this necessary first sport with a 5-man top-side invade that just about caught Affect off guard, however he managed to flash out in time. Nonetheless, RNG punished completely with a level-3 dive and Wei bought the primary blood. There have been a number of high dives and ganks within the first 10 minutes, particularly after getting the primary Rift Herald, which resulted in three kills and a herald crash. EG may solely reply with one dragon.

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The sport was very one-sided, with RNG repeatedly getting picks and breaking the internal mid-tower with the second herald. At this level, there was an nearly 10K gold lead and EG’s comeback hopes have been fizzling. After an attractive group battle, RNG bought a 21-minute baron. With the final ticks of the baron, RNG dove into the mid-inhibitor towers, getting two kills and two inhibitors in consequence. They managed to shut out the sport after one other group battle in EG’s base. EG’s job was arduous from the draft as Corki choose for Jojopyun wasn’t aggressive sufficient to counter Jarvan/Galio duo. Possibly for the subsequent sport, the younger star ought to take into account a champion that may match Xiaohu’s fixed roams, so he will help high aspect dives extra shortly.

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: RNG – EG 
  • Time: 27:40
  • Kills: 22-1
  • Turrets: 11-0
  • Gold: 58.5K-40.6K
  • Dragons: 3-1
  • Barons: 1-0

MSI 2022 Knockout Stage RNG – EG Recreation 2


EG began the second sport on the blue aspect this time and banned Kai’Sa, Galio and Gwen. They managed to get Ahri/Ornn/Jinx which was large for them within the LCS Playoffs. RNG answered with a Lissandra counter, Xiaohu’s first time enjoying the champion within the MSI 2022. The sport began high-paced, RNG bought an early first blood on the 3-minute mark within the bot lane, killing Danny equally. Affect died a minute later to a Wei gank however Impressed and Jojo answered by punishing an aggressive Xiaohu flash. EG’s dive within the high lane resulted in a 1v1 commerce however Impressed’s loss of life gave RNG the primary herald. RNG went and bought the primary drake however they have been punished by EG’s contest, freely giving three kills.

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Groups saved combating as neither was prepared to again down, there have been 18 kills in 18 minutes. RNG bought to the dragon soul level after Xiaohu caught out Impressed earlier than the target. EG determined to go for the baron however Wei stole it. Nonetheless, the Geniuses gained the battle afterward, as Jojopyun hit a number of charms on RNG carries. Selecting up a comfort Drake for his or her hassle. RNG pushed with their solely Baron buff on Ming and will get a kill on Danny which then results in an inhibitor take. After they opened the inhibitor, EG bought caught a few instances in their very own jungle, finally freely giving 4 kills to a completely scaled RNG which managed to shut out the sport. It was a better sport, however RNG nonetheless managed to regulate it for essentially the most of it.

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: EG – RNG 
  • Time: 35:32
  • Kills: 15-19
  • Turrets: 4-9
  • Gold: 60.7K-70.5K
  • Dragons: 1-4
  • Barons: 0-1

MSI 2022 Knockout Stage RNG – EG Recreation 3


The sport 3 draft was the identical for the highest sides of the map. The one distinction was within the bot lane, Braum for Ming, and with Tahm Kench banned EG, went for a Miss Fortune/Nautilus bot duo. EG began aggressively within the bot lane with Vulcan flashing on GALA however RNG turned it towards them getting a 2v1 commerce. EG tried to dive bot after shedding the primary herald, however flash for Bin and a teleport from the spellbook assist resulted within the loss of life of EG’s solo lanes. A bot lane roam to the mid lane resulted in a 2v1 commerce for EG and Impressed went for the second herald. Nonetheless, Bin was in a position to rotate sooner than Affect and managed to steal the target.

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Xiaohu was extra on high of his roams this sport. And with Jojopyun taking cleanse towards Lissandra meant he couldn’t teleport to cowl these roams. EG caught Ming in his personal jungle however a wonderfully timed stopwatch and a double TP meant RNG bought 4 unanswered kills. Ming bought caught once more resulting in Wei’s loss of life and after Jojopyun landed a essential attraction on GALA, EG bought the baron and aced the RNG. Sadly for them, they didn’t get a lot out of the baron and misplaced a number of group members contesting the soul level. An engagement within the mid-lane from Wei and Xiaohu backfired for RNG as they gave away 4 kills and a second baron to EG. RNG bought three kills within the Elder battle and pushed for the top, nonetheless, Jojopyun and Affect delayed it sufficient so EG may respawn. They bought two kills and the Elder however Impressed dying meant RNG may kill the baron. Within the final moments of the baron, Jojopyun and Impressed bought caught of their jungle, resulting in an ace and an RNG sweep.

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: EG – RNG
  • Time: 43:41
  • Kills: 16-27
  • Turrets: 4-9
  • Gold: 79K-87.5K
  • Dragons: 2-4
  • Barons: 2-1

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