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MSI 2022 Day 5, Group C Recap


May 14, 2022

MSI 2022 Day 5 is right here, and it is time to see a full day of EU v NA (and Aus) clashes.

With Group C solely that includes three sides, a full day of Group C motion has added spice. Sadly, with G2 and EG all however by way of already, it was actually only a battle of EU v NA. With out a win going into the day, Order have been outsiders, they usually’d must win all their video games in opposition to EG to actually have a probability of creating it to the Rumble Stage.

MSI – G2  v EG Recreation 1

EG drafted consolation choose Jinx for hypercarry Danny, hoping to take their first win from the so far undefeated G2. First Blood went to G2. Jankos’ Diana getting the kill on EG. Vulcan’s TahmKench within the backside lane round 4 and a half minutes. Heavy early sport combating passed off throughout all lanes. EG who’ve been scuffling with their backside lane this event managed to keep up a reasonably robust bot, with Danny’s Jinx changing into fairly highly effective by the 15-minute mark. Gold was pretty even till a battle at Dragon round 21 minutes price EG Affect and Impressed. G2 moved then to Baron, with the three remaining gamers of EG trying to contest, which ended disastrously leading to a 4k gold benefit for G2.

G2 saved the strain on, pushing out lanes and utilizing their robust combating comp to their benefit.EG baited and gained a battle at Baron, managing to lock down Jankos and take Baron on the 32-minute mark, which closed the gold hole between the 2 groups. It was all for naught, nevertheless, as EG. Danny fell to the G2 wombo combo of Diana/Yasuo/Vlad ult ensuing within the lack of 4 gamers. G2 pushed for the win and took the Nexus at 39 minutes for his or her seventeenth win in a row prompting the query: Simply who has what it takes to deliver down this European juggernaut?

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: G2 – EG
  • Time: 39:00
  • Kills: 22-12
  • Turrets: 7-5
  • Inhibitors: 1-0
  • Gold: 71.3k – 69.3k
  • Dragons: 4-1
  • Barons:1-1

MSI – EG v ORDER Recreation 1

ORDER vs EG Draft Groups Day 5 MSI 2022

Australian crew ORDER went in hoping to alter their fortunes after a string of losses on this event. The early sport proved disastrous for them, nevertheless, with a sequence of deaths in fast succession. First Blood went to EG. Jojopyun’s LeBlanc, killing off OR.Kiser’s Lissandra 3 minutes in, with OR dropping Kevy and Puma shortly after, leaving EG 2k gold up on the 5-minute mark. EG. Impressed’s Graves remained robust and energetic on the map, with fixed rotations leaving no room for ORDER to get better. With prio in each lane permitting for fixed mobility, by 14 minutes EG had a 9k gold lead and full map management.

Regardless of their greatest efforts, ORDER was unable to assert any of the bounties obtainable from EG, resulting in a one-sided sport and a speedy loss for the Australians on the 22-minute mark.

Fast Stats:


  • Groups: EG – OR
  • Time: 22:00
  • Kills: 24-5
  • Turrets: 11-0
  • Inhibitors: 3-0
  • Gold: 54.4k – 34.5k
  • Dragons: 3-0
  • Barons:1-0

MSI – G2 v Order Recreation 1

G2 vs OR Draft MSI 2022 Group Day 5

First Blood went to G2 at 2 minutes, with Targamas’ Pyke taking down Corporal’s Karma. ORDER tried a 3-man gank mid at 3:30 however Jankos’ Nidalee turned as much as take a double kill for a 2k gold result in G2 at 4 minutes. G2 set their play up round Nidalee rotations, claiming 14 of 15 Plates with ORDER unable to search out a gap in opposition to the undefeated Europeans. A 3-for-three commerce within the backside lane urged a glimmer of hope, nevertheless it was quickly snuffed out, the 12k gold lead on G2 proving too nice regardless of Puma’s cheeky engagements on Ezrael.

ORDER made a final stand at Baron, with Kevy leaping in for the steal, nevertheless it was a pricey play with the crew unable to disengage and dropping three regardless of the energy of Baron buff. At minute 26 G2 rolled by way of to Ace the Australian crew and declare their 18th straight win of the event.

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: G2 – OR
  • Time: 26:00
  • Kills: 28-10
  • Turrets: 10-0
  • Inhibitors: 2-0
  • Gold: 60.4K -42.1K
  • Dragons: 1-2
  • Barons:0-1

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MSI – G2 v EG Recreation 2

G2 v EG Day 5 MSI

G2 picks up the primary blood, on this fourth, and remaining, EU v NA conflict. After the primary blood, EG managed to safe a 1k lead as they took higher management of the Rift. Regardless of that, G2 continued to win crew fights as they neutralized the gold. As the sport approached the mid-game, the fights began breaking out. Whereas G2 saved successful skirmishes, EG remained in a gold lead. An enormous swing got here as Jojo tried to 1v1 caPs beneath his tower, nevertheless, caPs was in a position to delay the battle lengthy sufficient to win a 1v1. The tempo of the sequence accelerates as G2 continues to select up kills throughout the Rift, regardless of EG having a gold lead as a consequence of towers. G2 sneak a Baron away as they begin to construct in the direction of a game-ending play. G2 claimed a mid-lane inhibitor however misplaced three members in return.

A 5v5 on the Drake is how the sport got here to an finish, with G2 simply too good within the battle as EG fell to G2 in all 4 of their matches.

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: G2 – EG
  • Time: 34:41
  • Kills: 23-11
  • Turrets: 7-5
  • Gold: 65.4k – 62.6k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons: 1-0


MSI – ORDER v Evil Geniuses Recreation 2

ORG EG 2 Day 5 MSI

First blood secured by RG, as ORD’s hopes of successful a sport take a success. EG continued to speed up their lead as they moved to 3k forward earlier than the 10-minute mark. 5 minutes later and the EG lead was nearly 9k as they regarded to finish as quickly as attainable. EG refused to take their foot off the accelerator as they smashed by way of the ORD base close to the 20-minute mark. ORD tried their greatest to resist the strain however EG was too far forward. EG took down ORD in simply 23-minutes, as they transfer on to arrange for the Rumble Stage.


Fast Stats:

  • Groups: ORD – EG
  • Time: 23:01
  • Kills: 2-18
  • Turrets: 0-9
  • Gold: 34k – 48.4k 
  • Dragons: 0-2
  • Barons:0-1


MSI – ORDER v G2 Esports Recreation 2

g2 ord 3 Day 5 MSI

First blood over to G2, as they regarded to maintain their unbeaten run going. G2 continued to select up kills, nevertheless, ORD managed to assert a kill within the bot lane 2v2. By the 15-minute mark, G2 had a 3k lead, with ORD a lot nearer than in earlier matches between the 2. Moments later, ORD regarded for a choose onto G2, nevertheless it’s they who’re picked off. G2 started to snowball the lead with Baron about to spawn on the map. Baron is secured by G2, as the sport regarded over for ORD. With Baron, G2 pushes into the ORD base however opted for the Drake over pushing into the ORD base. With the Drake secured, G2 head again to the ORD base as they ace them and safe the victory. G2 go 8-0 at MSI and transfer their general unbeaten file to 20-0.


Fast Stats:

  • Groups: ORD – G2
  • Time:24:04
  • Kills: 4-15
  • Turrets: 3-5
  • Gold: 37k – 50.5k
  • Dragons: 2-1
  • Barons: 0-1


MSI RNG Group Stage video games rematches

Listed here are a sequence of fast recaps for the rematched video games that includes RNG


MSI – IW v RNG – Rematch

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: IW – RNG
  • Time: 25:14
  • Kills: 9-22
  • Turrets: 1-11
  • Gold: 40.5k – 53.9k
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 0-1

MSI – RNG v PSG – Rematch


Fast Stats:

  • Groups: RNG – PSG
  • Time: 23:32
  • Kills: 26-8
  • Turrets: 9-0
  • Gold: 51.3k – 36.8k
  • Dragons: 2-1
  • Barons: 1-0

MSI – RNG v RED – Rematch

Fast Stats:

  • Groups: RNG – RED
  • Time: 29:30
  • Kills: 30-10
  • Turrets: 10-2
  • Gold: 64.8k – 48.3k
  • Dragons: 2-2
  • Barons: 1-0

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