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Mordekaiser participant finds the final word counter to Nasus


May 27, 2022

There are particular champions in League of Legends which can be extremely annoying to play in opposition to. With champions like Nasus, as an example, video games can flip from being enjoyable to being a ache within the neck in a matter of minutes.

With the scaling on his Siphoning Strike (Q), going into the late recreation in opposition to Nasus may be insufferable. Each time the Curator of the Sands slays an enemy with it, its harm will enhance. When Siphoning Strike is stacked up, it may possibly get rid of squishy targets in two hits, whereas additionally destroying impartial goals in a span of seconds. There are, nonetheless, counters to each champion, and a Mordekaiser participant appears to have discovered the proper answer to Nasus.

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The Iron Revenant is thought for his final, which permits him to pull an enemy goal into the Loss of life Realm, the place Mordekaiser and the focused opponent combat one another. Different champions, or monsters, can’t interrupt this duel for a few seconds.

In a clip posted on League’s subreddit by Lobsterbuffet100, the Mordekaiser participant makes use of his Realm of Loss of life (R) in a really ingenious means. At any time when an enormous wave was about to crash underneath the turret the place Nasus was prepared and ready to gather his farm and stack his Siphoning Strike, Mordekaiser used his ult on him. Subsequently, Nasus couldn’t get rid of minions and gather these candy stacks on his Q.

Nonetheless, whereas it seems to be sensible, it’s in all probability not one of the simplest ways to make use of Mordekaiser’s final, which is a lot better utilized in teamfights. The Iron Revenant stays among the best prime laners in League in the mean time, with a 52.04 % win ratio, according to u.gg. Nasus, alternatively, sits at a 50.25 % win charge.

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