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Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker spoilers introduce Spawn key phrase for Illaoi


May 16, 2022

Scaling one-drop Tentacles that Spawn are coming to Legends of Runeterra inside the new Worldwalker growth through the Bilgewater area, supporting Illaoi as a champion.

The Might 16 LoR Worldwalkers spoilers launched a Spawn bundle inside the Bilgewater area at the moment for the upcoming Illaoi champion reveal. The shell of the construct is a one-drop Tentacle with 1/1 baseline stats. While you Spawn, it summons a Tentacle. And if there’s already a Tentacle on the battlefield, it grants the Tentacle +1/+1 for every Spawn. As confirmed by sport designer Rubin Zoo in Kuvira’s discord and posted on Twitter by Silverfuse, just one Tentacle scales in energy with a Spawn. 

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Give in LoR solely lasts for one spherical, whereas grant is a everlasting buff. The Twitter post showcasing the key phrase Spawn stated “give” in it, however as confirmed by Rubin Zoo, it’s really a grant and never a give. If in case you have two Tentacle items on the battlefield, solely one among them will scale in energy with a Spawn. 

Buhru Chief

Buhru Chief is a three-drop 3/2 that begins a free assault when performed through a one-cost ally. If that one-cost is a Tentacle, you may Spawn previous to enjoying Buhru Chief and doubtlessly have that free assault lead to you taking out a key unit in your opponent’s board. 

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Models that Spawn embrace Watchful Idol, an Motionless 0/5 unit that at spherical begin offers two injury to itself and Spawns one. There may be additionally the Buhru Lookout, a five-drop 4/3 that Spawns three upon getting summoned, and The Sea’s Voice Spawns one upon attacking whereas giving your strongest Tentacle Overwhelm throughout that spherical. 

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer is the Spawn assist spell, a two-drop Sluggish pace spell that Spawns two. You can too select to spend 5 mana on the spell and Spawn 4 as a substitute. 

Gamers can check out Illaoi, Tentacles, and the Spawn mechanic when the LoR Worldwalker growth is launched on Might 25. 

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