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Closing Fantasy XIV’s Final Encounters, Every part You Must Know


May 26, 2022

Right here we’ll educate you all about Closing Fantasy XIV’s Final Encounters second hardest content material.

The Legends inform…

In case you spend any period of time across the Closing Fantasy XIV group, particularly within the raiding scene. You may hear the time period Final being thrown round now and again. Those that clear it are god avid gamers held within the highest regard or are rumored to have purchased a transparent. There’s a specific amount of mysticism round this content material, and even after many watched the world’s first race for the newest one. Many gamers do not appear to grasp what makes an Final so particular, and why it stands individually from different Closing Fantasy XIV content material. So let this be an try to show you, what an Final is. Find out how to put together for it, and most significantly. Find out how to have essentially the most enjoyable with it.

What’s an Final?

In quite simple phrases, Final is presumably the toughest battle content material in Closing Fantasy XIV. Not only for their mechanical depth, however the scale of issues. Whereas your common savage encounter will clock in at round 10 minutes. An final will final you thru as much as 20 whereas going by means of a number of phases with completely different core mechanics. Consider it extra like a hyper condensed model of a whole raid tier on steroids. It’s nonetheless onerous to check the content material with another battle content material in XIV. Final’s have a really quick tempo, with a number of mechanics stacked on prime of one other after which some. They require your entire group to be at 100% of their positioning whereas additionally maintaining the injury. And whereas a Savage can normally be cleared with occasion members dying a number of occasions, restoration is normally most unlikely in Final.

However they’re a lot greater than that, they aren’t only a remix of their namesake content material. If savages are the exams you’re taking all year long. An Final encounter is your finals. They’re going to embrace every kind of mechanics, regardless of the place they originate from and a heap of recent ones. All going off without delay. In a relentless gauntlet that can not often go away a participant uninvolved.

Now, this could absolutely reward the most effective gear Closing Fantasy XIV has to supply proper? Nope. As a substitute, you get a title and a weapon whose stats are finely tuned for the Final you’ve got simply cleared. Oh, and you will get bragging rights.

However how onerous is Final?

Now, this can be a query for the ages. Similar to most battle content material, Final is not really onerous. They’re a substantial time funding, a check of persistence and focus. You do not want any loopy response occasions or the craziest rotation being locked on 100% of the combat. That being stated, studying these fights is a course of. Even with a information, and seven different skilled gamers, it is going to take a substantial period of time to get it executed. A whole lot of it comes all the way down to your earlier raid expertise. In case you’ve raided up and down XIV’s spectacular roster of bosses to combat, you will usually discover components of them in Final. It will aid you to identify mechanics sooner, and possibly provide you with some concept of the way to resolve them. However the tempo of an Final is a unique beast by far.

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All of that being stated, Final’s similar to Savage’s and Excessive’s aren’t ‘onerous’. It is studying an prolonged dance routine that leaves little room for error for all 8 gamers. Everybody must be centered and execute this precision dance for about 20 minutes. What breaks many teams towards this content material, is the wanted consistency that you would be able to solely get by working towards. That is why I will not let you know that Final’s are onerous, I am fairly sure most gamers may clear them. However they’re a substantial time funding. One most gamers are both afraid of or just do not deem worthy of the reward. Even skilled teams take anyplace from 40 to 80 hours of development for among the older fights, even with a information. The content material itself is clearly designed for individuals who wish to check their mettle and it isn’t one thing you are gonna clear after simply two nights of development both.

Find out how to get into Final Content material then?

Technically it solely requires a bunch of 8 that meets the minimal merchandise stage. And we have seen solely tank group clear the primary Final, so I will not say it is not possible with any occasion composition. However for that candy, candy Restrict Break, you will most likely need two tanks, two healers and 4 DPS. In case you wanna get your Restrict Break a bit of bit sooner, you go in with what we name a ‘common occasion composition’. Everybody performs a novel job. With two tanks (PLD/WAR/DRK/GNB), you will additionally want a defend healer (SCH/SGE) and a regen healer (WHM/AST). Two bodily DPS (MNK/NIN/DRG/SAM/RPG), a ranged DPS (BRD/MCH/DNC) and one magical DPS (BLM/SMN/RDM). Whereas there are specific combos that do extra injury than others, all combos can clear the content material. That is the one factor that issues right here. In case you lack injury, it’s best to strive to not die or overview your rotation.

The subsequent massive issue is time and dedication. If you wish to progress by means of these fights it’s best to discover a group that’s dedicated to clearing. As a result of attempting to interchange and educate one other participant mid development will be actually robust on morale. So ensure that, that everybody is on the identical web page that that is gonna take some time. For instance you progress the combat perhaps 8 hours per week. Do not count on to clear till you are a minimum of a month in. And that there will probably be days the place you do not make any progress in any respect.

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Ultima Weapon Praetorium

Then What is the Enjoyable in It?

To fairly a number of of our fellow avid gamers on the market, smacking your head towards a boss-sized wall whereas not making any significant progress for hours… would possibly sound like masochism. Which it’s. Sq. Enix designed this content material particularly to harm you. In truth, there was a time when XIV raiding was thought-about onerous, too onerous that gamers stopped taking part in it. So Sq. Enix caved in and made Savage content material ‘clearable inside an inexpensive timeframe’. This upset some components of the raiding scene till the introduction of Never-ending Coil of Bahamut (Final) with patch 4.1. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida famously warned gamers that they weren’t ready for it.

However some choose Warriors of Gentle take pleasure in throwing themselves at a problem like that. Again and again until some cracks start to look. And Closing Fantasy XIV’s methods make it very easy to have at an encounter over and over and over. Particularly the older Final’s with gear necessities that anybody ought to be capable of meet. And they’re solely locked behind savage encounters which can be shortly cleared with an unsynced merchandise stage. Do take into accout nonetheless that Final’s will all the time sync you all the way down to their respective merchandise stage and job stage.

And if you wish to have a go at it at the moment, I extremely advocate you go in blind and simply determine issues out. You’ll be able to all the time lookup a information for those who get onerous caught someplace. However essentially the most enjoyable you will have in Closing Fantasy, apart from proudly owning a home and making your character look fairly, is progressing by means of a contemporary combat.

FFXIV PUB Patch4 1 48

What Final’s are there?

As of writing, there are presently 4 Final encounters within the sport. With a fifth one to come back every time patch 6.3 releases, which needs to be early subsequent 12 months. Right here you will discover only a common introduction to these encounters and what to anticipate:

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

Generally known as UCoB by the group was launched again in Stormblood with 4.11 and was the primary Final to be launched. It is a robust encounter even at the moment, recounting the occasions of the Coils of Bahamut raids. Count on to see some acquainted faces throughout this nearly 20-minute gauntlet. Do remember the fact that you will must clear this combat at stage 70, however the injury checks shouldn’t pose an issue at the moment. You solely have to fret concerning the mechanics. And a free enjoyable truth, the world first was achieved by a Japanese group, comprised of some former members of Lucrezia who claimed the world first for this exact same encounter all the best way again in ARR.

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The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate)

Additionally known as UWU by the group. Get it.. as a result of Ultima Weapon Ulti- yea I will cease. This encounter was launched with 4.31 and a love letter to A Realm Reborn’s authentic set of bosses. Right here you will combat the three primals Garuda, Ifrit and Titan earlier than dealing with off towards the Ultima Weapon. This encounter features a very tough puzzle, which left many heads spinning again when it was launched in Could 2018. It was first cleared by group Entropy who went on to be the primary to clear the subsequent two savage tiers. You may even have to do that combat at stage 70.

The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate)

Launched with patch 5.11 and generally known as TEA, right here you get to relive the trauma that was raiding Alexander. Beginning off cheeky, by triggering many veterans PTSD with Dwelling Liquid. This Epic is nothing if not difficult. So do not count on the mechanical threats to go flippantly on you. You may must face Alexander and his offspring at stage 80 and in comparison with the sooner two Final’s. This one will probably be mechanically extra intense. The world first clear got here from the NA group Ideas Per Second who’ve been constantly pulling off world firsts and prime ten placements.

Dragonsong Reprise’s (Ultimate)

Because of the pandemic, this combat had been delayed from patch 5.31 all the best way to six.11. This does not imply that the combat is any simpler although. It’s extensively considered the toughest Final so far and really demanding in relation to positioning. Whereas the earlier Final’s had been epic retellings of earlier occasions within the story. Dragonsong’s Reprise proposes extra of a ‘what if’ situation whereas gamers make their approach by means of its gauntlet of bosses. Known as DSR/DRU or my favourite DSU (the jury nonetheless holds out on essentially the most meme-worthy one), it is a retelling of the occasions of the Heavensward expansions primary situation. The combat was first cleared by former members of Entropy and the precursor group of Ideas Per Second that now kind Neverland.

Parting Phrases of Encouragement

Clearing an Final is a journey in and of itself. It would take many hours of sweat, tears and critical self-reflection. It would break you, make you suppose that there isn’t a finish in sight. Until you lastly resolve a mechanic, solely to be caught on the subsequent one. Options like Nvida’s shadowplay or easy recoding software program viva OBS or the PlayStation’s share perform are extremely advisable. Particularly for those who plan to go in blind. Which we do encourage you to do. Solely ever have a look at a information for those who’re actually caught and see no approach ahead.

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