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Ultimate Fantasy XIV play Paladin


May 1, 2022

Right here you will learn to be that knight in shining armour your healer does not have to fret about.

The Paladin or PLD for brief is one among Ultimate Fantasy’s traditional jobs. It massive acclaim to fame isn’t solely being Cecil’s job, the protagonist of Ultimate Fantasy IV, however now its additionally the poster baby of Ultimate Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

However truthfully, who in seven hells performs Paladin? It is like so boring, it is only a dude with a sword and protect! Have you ever seen Warrior or Gunbreaker?

Wait, they will heal themselves and their get together members? Have nice total utility as an off tank and sustainability? Have you ever seen Blade of Religion, Blade of Reality and Blade of Valor go off?! Folks.. I feel I’ve discovered my new important.

So yeah, the Paladin. They fall into that ‘cautious who you name ugly in highschool’ class of jobs and are most likely the closest Ultimate Fantasy XIV has to a standard tank. Your healers will love you, or be jealous due to your massive heals. And when you is likely to be slacking just a bit bit in injury. You’re the Swiss military knife of tanks. Particularly for development its all the time nice to have somebody who choose up the items and forestall a wipe. Right here you will be studying all about what it means to be that Paladin that has their get together wipe in dungeon. Solely to have them watch for five extra minutes when you solo the final boss. Lets go.

What in regards to the Lore although?

Don’t fret, now we have you avid Position-players coated. Paladins are available in two flavours; The free Paladin’s solely certain by responsibility to their creed. They wander about and do knight stuff. You understand, assist the harmless and by no means demand a reward. The clear reduce tremendous heroes of the world of Ultimate Fantasy XIV. However, there are the Sultansworn. Loyal servants to the sultanate of Ul’dah and protectors of the sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. You may get extra aware of their methods when you begin the Paladin Job Quest’s at degree 30. However first on how you can get there.

From Gladiator to Paladin

Fortunate for you, Gladiator is one among Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s beginning courses. That additionally means you will begin your journey in Ul’dah and also you lock your self into being a tank. Don’t fret, you can begin in search of different courses when you unlock after just a few of the category quests. As all the time it’s integral so that you can do these and the later unlocked job quests alongside the primary story situation. These is not going to solely reward you with new gear, but additionally new skills. When you end up your endeavour with the Gladiator guild, you will be supplied to hitch the Paladins. This can reward you the jobstone and much more skills to toy round with.

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Tank as Paladin

We have now a common information to tanking in Ultimate Fantasy XIV right here. However it may’t damage going over the fundamentals proper? Your most important instrument is the ability Iron Will, you will get after reaching degree 10. Every time you’re in group content material it is best to have that activated. You do a pull with a number of enemies by utilizing the ability Complete Eclipse, an AoE assault that hits a number of enemies. Later you will get Prominence which is simply your combo means for that. You need to use these at any time when there’s a couple of enemy so that you can assault. Use Defend Lob, your ranged assault to choose up any enemies you did not get or pull them from distant. You’ll be able to examine your enmity or aggro on the enemy listing. In a perfect case these symbols subsequent to the enemy names ought to all the time be pink. That imply’s that you’re their prime precedence proper now.

Multi Goal

After getting your pull, be certain that to group them up properly so everybody else can hit the pull with their AoE assaults. You must also, all the time face them away from the get together and dodge as many floor focusing on assaults as attainable. Relying on how assured you’re, you may both pull one enemy group on the time or pull wall to wall in dungeons. Which is normally two to 3 teams of enemies. In fact your healer has to maintain up with you on that, however in case you use your injury mitigation it needs to be effective.

Single Goal

Single goal encounters work just a bit in a different way. You simply do your common rotation and attempt to maintain the boss regular in the midst of the world. Going through away from the get together and ideally dealing with north. Now completely different bosses require completely different methods however that is what it is best to all the time default to.

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Harm Mitigation as Paladin

As a Paladin, you may have an array of instruments to maintain injury distant out of your well being bar. Along with your protect after all which is able to do a good quantity of legwork for bodily injury. However do not forget that you just additionally get a robust single goal heal. Use that everytime you discover your get together in a pickle.

Multi Goal

In conditions the place you combat a number of enemies, it is best to circle by Rampart, Sentinel, Reprisal and Divine Veil in any order. Simply be certain that they do not overlap with one another. Use Arm’s Size as quickly as you your pull located, that can apply a gradual standing impact to them for 15 seconds. Throughout all of that, it is best to use Sheltron/Holy Sheltron each time you may to provide your healer respiration room to do injury as a substitute. Use Hallowed Floor solely as a final resort, it would make you invincible in most conditions for 10 seconds.

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Single Goal

In boss fights/raids/trials/ect. it is best to use Rampart or Sentinel on any sort single goal assault geared toward you. Use them literately however do not waste them on a bosses auto-target assaults both. Use Sheltron/Holy Sheltron as typically as you may if you’re the primary tank, or Intervention on the opposite tank. Cowl is nice to assist somebody out in a pinch and take the injury for them. For giant raid-wide injury use Reprisal or Divine Veil. And if there’s a stack mechanic, use Passage of Arms. For that ability, you must stand infront of your get together, and ensure they stand between the ability impact’s wings for injury mitigation. Hallowed Floor is generally utilized in sticky conditions. However with some coordination and confidence, you should utilize to disregard sure tank-buster mechanics.

A Paladin performs an AOE attack with his sword in Final Fantasy XIV

Preventing as Paladin

Multi Goal

Preventing group is as straight ahead because it will get. You merely use Complete Eclipse and Prominence. Then you definitely weave your off world cooldowns like Circle of Scorn and Spirits Inside/Expiacion between these abilities. You must also be certain that to make use of your buff Battle or Flight at any time when it comes off cooldown to maximise your injury. You probably have at the least 5000 MP use Requiescat and solid Holy Circle 4 instances (5 instances in case you aren’t 80 but) then Confiteor. And also you end off along with your Blade of Valor combo. Return to utilizing Complete Eclipse and Prominence till Requiescat comes off cooldown. Since utilizing Holy Circle with out it would simply bleed some efficiency and limit motion.

Single Goal

For single goal encounters you clearly use your single goal combo. Do not forget the all the time be casting mantra both. Until degree 54 you will solely have to fret about your three ability combo: Quick Blade, Riot Blade and Rage of Halone*(*Royal Authority from degree 60 onwards). At degree 54 you will get Goring Blade, a combo ender that may also apply a injury over time impact. You may have about 6 world quiet down abilities which you could now use earlier than you need to reapply it. Which means two full Rage of Halone/Royal Authority combos or one full Atonement combo. That is your bread and butter combo.

In-between that combo you will weave first Circle of Scorn after which Spirits Inside/Expiacion on the weave window. That method you may have some respiration room for weaving. On the opener, you need to weave Battle or Flight after the primary Quick Blade. That method you do not waste any potential injury buffs, after you will weave it at any time when it comes off the cooldown.

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Then now we have the Requiescat, Holy Spirit, Blade of Valor combo. Weave Requiescat (greatest between Royal Authority and Atonement), after your subsequent Goring Blade begin casting Holy Spirit 4 instances (5 instances in case you aren’t 80 but) then Confiteor. Use your Blade of Valor after and it ought to line up completely to exchange the Goring Blade injury over time impact with its personal. Now you may transition again into your bread and butter combo till Requiescat comes again up.

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Different stuff about Paladin

Listed here are a number of the sizzling suggestions YoshiP does not need you to learn about. When you aren’t in melee vary for the boss and have 5000 MP to waste (notice you want 5000 MP) to your Blade of Valor combo; use Holy Spirit to maximise your injury output, it has fairly the vary. And with a solid time of just one.5 seconds its very beneficiant for slide casting! (You’ll find some data on that scrolling down right here) Solely after, use Defend Lob to avoid wasting sources for uptime. Outdoors of Requiescat, you are able to do your complete Holy Spirit + Blade of Valor combo at vary. And since there is no such thing as a solid time below Requiescat you’re open to motion.

In case your healer will get busy, you may weave in Clemency in your Requiescat + 4 Holy Spirit/Circle casts for some therapeutic. Clemency is a really highly effective heal, all issues thought-about however it is best to solely use it when the state of affairs completely calls for it to maintain you or your co tank alive. Simply be certain that it does not mess with having to reapply Goring Blade at any time when it comes up once more.

When you really feel assured about your uptime, weave Intervene for further injury. When you do not feel assured in a combat nevertheless. Make certain to all the time have at the least one cost in retailer to rapidly get again to the boss once more.

And that is the way you play Paladin. A really versatile Job with a lot of utility. The Swiss military knife of tanks that you do not wanna miss out on whereas progressing in a combat or solo content material. Whereas its not as busy as different tanks, its clear reduce and gives a lot of defensive choices. You additionally get to spin your sword round and with the Heroic Spirit Defend glamoured, it seems such as you’re blocking assaults with simply your forearms. And that is fairly cool.

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