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Closing Fantasy XIV Learn how to Play Gunbreaker


May 1, 2022

Ever suppose to your self; knight however with gun?

Hear, none of us can resist the decision of the Gunblade. You both actually love Closing Fantasy VIII or the concept of getting a gun strapped to a sword sounds simply cool. And it’s!

The Gist of Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker has the luxurious of being the latest of the tanks. Which suggests it was designed for the present fight system and would not carry as many legacy quirks round. It is the DPS tank, roughly, and it positively has extra to take care of in its rotation than the opposite tanks. Whereas additionally providing a far little bit of mitigation and celebration utility.

There may be truly not a lot for whine about on Gunbreaker. Appears to be like cool, play cool and might do loads of stuff. Most likely the one factor value complaining about is that Coronary heart of Gentle for some motive solely defends in opposition to magic harm. Effectively, apart from that many of the job’s enjoyable lore is outsourced to the Bozja content material.

Gunbreaker Historical past Lesson

After all we’ll have some lore for you as nicely. Whereas the Gunbreaker did not actually exist as a job previous to Closing Fantasy XIV, its weapon the Gunblade received its fame from Closing Fantasy VIII. Since then it has popped up fairly a bit, both because the weapon of alternative for one or the opposite essential characters. Or as merely an choice to look cool.

However in Closing Fantasy XIV we truly get some context round it. We even get so see some offshoots, as our essential antagonists — the Garlean Empire, actually appears to favor these weapons. However their origins are discovered lengthy earlier than, because the Hrothgar defended their queen in opposition to the Allagan Empire.

The Gunbreaker describes a soldier, specialised in breaking the ranged weapons of Allag, such the Gunbreaker was born. The elite of these Gunbreaker’s kind guard of the Bozjan queen the Blades of Gunhildr. Since then a while has handed, and the artwork of gunbreaking has been modernized, revamped and located its present kind. They’re characterised as glorified bodyguards, however you will study extra about them within the Gunbreaker job quest and the Bozja content material.

Changing into the Gunbreaker

Fortunate for you, all it requires to turn out to be a Gunbreaker is to succeed in stage 60 on any fight job and personal the Shadowbringers growth. After you possibly can decide up the job in Gridania. Right here you will additionally begin the job quest line which is able to reward you with gear and new expertise. Be warned nonetheless, for the reason that job begins out at stage 60, having the fundamentals of tanking down cannot damage. However we’ll get to that within the subsequent part.

Learn how to Tank as Warrior

We have now a basic information to tanking in Closing Fantasy XIV right here. However it will possibly’t damage going over the fundamentals proper? Your most important device is the talent Royal Guard, you will get after reaching stage 10. Each time you might be in group content material it is best to have that activated. You do a pull with a number of enemies by utilizing the talent Demon Slice, an AoE assault that hits a number of enemies. Later you will get Demon Slaughter which is simply your combo capability for that. You wish to use these every time there’s a couple of enemy so that you can assault. Use Lightning Shot, your ranged assault to choose up any enemies you did not get or pull them to you from far-off. You possibly can test your enmity, or aggro, on the enemy checklist. Ideally you wish to be their prime precedence, so these symbols subsequent to the enemy names ought to at all times be pink.

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Multi Goal

After getting your pull, group them up properly so the remainder of the celebration can use their AoE assaults. At all times purpose to face mobs away from the celebration. And, clearly, dodge as many floor concentrating on assaults as doable. Relying on how assured you might be, you possibly can both pull one enemy group on the time or pull wall to wall in dungeons. Wall to wall is normally two to 3 teams of enemies. So it is best to speak that strat together with your healer earlier than you pull. However in case you use your harm mitigation it needs to be fantastic.

Single Goal

Single goal encounters work just a bit in a different way. You simply do your common rotation and attempt to preserve the boss regular in the course of the sector. Going through away from the celebration and ideally dealing with north. After all totally different bosses can require totally different methods however that is what it is best to at all times default to.

Injury Mitigation as Gunbreaker

The Gunbreaker job is a survival artist. Not solely does your common combo heal you, it additionally offers you a protect. As well as, you have got Coronary heart of Stone, which later turns into Coronary heart of Corundum. At first it is only a defensive buff that means that you can apply your protect to another person. However later it turns into an excellent larger defensive buff, plus a fairly large heal as soon as HP of you or the goal falls under 50%. And since its on a 25 second cooldown, there isn’t a motive to not use it every time it comes up. In addition to that, you have got a heal in Aurora which vegetation a robust regen impact on the goal. Fairly helpful to assist your healers out. Then there’s Superbolide, which makes you unkillable for 10 seconds however drops your well being right down to 1. Should you coordinate this together with your healers accurately, its nice to cheese mechanics or get out of a pickle.

Multi Goal

In multi goal conditions, you need as at all times to circle via your cooldowns whereas ensuring to not overlap them. Solely try this if the harm is an excessive amount of for you and your healer to deal with. On pull, you wish to begin out with Arm’s Size to use the gradual impact. Pair that with a Reprisal or Camouflage. Observe that up with Rampart or Nebula and that ought to take care of many of the harm incoming. However remember to make use of Coronary heart of Stone/Coronary heart of Corundum on cooldown whereas sprinkling in some Aurora so your healer can do extra harm.

Single Goal

Whereas we nonetheless wish to use Coronary heart of Stone/Coronary heart of Corundum as usually as we are able to, typically its value it to carry it simply lengthy sufficient until a mechanic hits. And keep away from losing Aurora on your self in case your healer is already conserving you topped off. Whereas its fantastic to make use of one cost, and preserve the opposite as a security measure its at all times greatest to throw it in your co tank or a DPS/healer that’s struggling. We use Rampart and Nebula on mechanics, whereas prioritizing Nebula for extra heavy hitting assaults like tank-busters. Whereas Camouflage would possibly do the job on some mechanics when no different defensive buff is up, its greatest used when you find yourself the primary/off tank and being hit with auto-attacks to get the utmost use out of it. And as at all times, Reprisal goes off earlier than celebration large harm, coordinated with the opposite tank as a result of the impact would not stack. And Coronary heart of Gentle can be for celebration large magical harm. Which is sort of each stack mechanic.

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Dishing Out the Ache as Gunbreaker

As Gunbreaker, you juggle a useful resource which you construct up by ending combos, then spend it whereas additionally managing your cooldowns. On paper not that a lot totally different from the opposite tanks, however with its continuation mechanics there’s a entire lot extra weaving happening right here. Gunbreaker is extensively considered the busy tank. There are a lot of second to second choices to be made the place you both prioritize doing huge harm, or making use of certainly one of your harm over time results and a fast assault earlier than you must transfer away from the boss. That is what makes or breaks the gun.. breaker.

Multi Goal

On pull, you in all probability wish to use Sonic Break on the primary enemy. That method you get that one with a harm over time impact. Now, proceed pulling your Demon Slice + Demon Slaughter combo till you get the pull located. When you’ve got two cartridges by now, weave Bow Shock and No Mercy earlier than utilizing Double Down. Subsequent you weave Bloodfest with Blasting Zone and use three Fated Circles in a row. After that, you wish to proceed utilizing Demon Slice + Demon Slaughter and use Fated Circle every time you have got a cartridge. Should you see that Blasting Zone is about to return off cooldown within the subsequent 10 seconds, save up your cartridges for that as an alternative. Use all of your different expertise as they arrive up, however do not hassle with reapplying Sonic Break Because it solely has some worth on pull when coping with a number of enemies.

Single Goal

Single goal Gunbreaker is all about cramming as many cartridge fueled expertise into your 20 second No Mercy window. So do not rush getting them out if you realize No Mercy is about to return off cooldown. Which means you will wish to Burst Strike and weave its continuation Hypervelocity whereas saving Gnashing Fang and Double Down for No Mercy. Nonetheless, as a result of cooldown timers you will have to finish one Gnashing Fang combo each 30 seconds for it to line up with No Mercy once more.

Lets attempt to speak a rotation then. In most conditions, you wish to get your huge harm expertise out first, in order that they’ll align with celebration buffs initially of a combat. You begin out together with your normal combo, Eager Edge into Brutal Shell into Strong Barrel. Now use No Mercy and begin your Gnashing Fang + continuation combo whereas additionally weaving Bloodfest. Solely that after the primary continuation we use Double Down, weave Blasting Zone and Bow Shock. Then we apply Sonic Break, because it and Double Down will not break our Gnashing Fang combo. Weave one Tough Divide earlier than persevering with the Gnashing Fang combo, right here you would possibly wish to weave in yet another Tough Divide except you wish to reserve it for simply in case. End up the ultimate two expertise of the Gnashing Fang Combo earlier than we end off with Burst Strike and its continuation. Now it is best to have round 15 seconds earlier than Gnashing Fang comes off cooldown once more, sufficient to finish two full Strong Barrel combo’s earlier than you utilize Gnashing Fang’s combo once more. After you begin gathering cartridges once more you need to use them on the upcoming Gnashing Fang and Double Down below No Mercy.

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A handful of GunbladesA handful of Gunblades

Hidden Gunbreaker Issues

Do you know that Aurora’s regen ticks can crit? And that’s some first rate therapeutic that may enable you, or a accomplice out in a jam. As earlier talked about, there is no disgrace in having both Double Down or Gnashing Fang sit for a GDC or two if it would not suit your present state of affairs. It is normally a good suggestion to delay Gnashing Fang by not less than one world cooldown each minute or so to keep away from it drifting out of your buff home windows. The wonderful thing about Gunbreaker is that you would be able to simply discover your groove once more do you have to mess up or die. Simply have a look at your cooldown timers and work out how one can get them again in line. Its once more, most necessary that you simply line up all of your huge expertise with No Mercy. The one ones that you’re going to get a use out of outdoor of No Mercy are solely Gnashing Fang and Blasting Zone. All the pieces else strains up completely below inside its 60 second recharge window.

Wrapping up the Gunbreaker

You in all probability didn’t anticipate a tank to have extra demanding rotation in comparison with the others. That is why we name Gunbreaker the busy tank in spite of everything, there’s at all times a cooldown to press and at all times having to cram in all the pieces you bought into No Mercy. On prime of that you will have to handle your defensive cooldowns, mechanics and being a tank. So ,its not precisely a newbie pleasant job, however that can be why it begins at stage 60 proper?

With a little bit apply on a coaching dummy and a few affected person celebration members, you will not solely have the ability to dish out the ache, but in addition deliver actually nice utility to the remainder of your crew. And all of that comes on prime of trying actually cool whereas ripping and tearing. We advocate blasting the DOOM 2016 + DOOM Everlasting Soundtrack or something from the latter Satan Might Cry video games in case you actually wish to get into it. It is confirmed to extend Gunbreaker efficiency by 0.0023%!

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