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Closing Fantasy XIV Tips on how to Play Darkish Knight


May 2, 2022

Like large swords and large harm? Welcome to Darkish Knight.

Are you aware that bizarre state of affairs, while you put in all that effort to be one of the best. But when that is really a subject of dialog, folks will solely deliver up your flaws? Like how you must depend on the assistance of others. How your signature transfer, (which is definitely one of the best of its type) continues to be thought of the worst? The way you solely like what you are doing due to that large sword and that you’re sniffing copium? Properly, that is simply par for the course as a Darkish Knight.

About Darkish Knight

On paper, Darkish Knight provides a bunch of utility and large harm. Solely draw back being, because of supposed sport design that you must depend on your healers. So while you hear somebody complain about how dangerous Darkish Knight is, it isn’t a criticism that the job itself will not be properly designed. Simply that in context… all the opposite tanks will not pressure healers to do their secondary job that always, (holding you alive.)

The healer nevertheless having to place in additional work holding you alive, is made up for by the truth that you do chunk extra harm. Welcome to Closing Fantasy sport steadiness dialogue. Simply play what you want, and when you like large swords and Batman. Go for Darkish Knight.

Some Darkish Knight Lore

Time for slightly historical past lesson then. The Darkish Knight was launched all the best way again in Closing Fantasy II with the character of Leon. Who was an enemy turned pal in a while. The job itself might be most identified for its outing in Closing Fantasy IV. Right here protagonist Cecil begins out as a Darkish Knight earlier than altering careers to turn out to be a Paladin.

In Closing Fantasy XIV, the Darkish Knight was launched with its first enlargement, Heavensward. It will later even be the poster baby of the third enlargement, Shadowbringers. In Closing Fantasy XIV’s lore it continues to be a darkish inflection of the Paladin. The job is generally tied to town of Ishgard and its troubles. The job of the Darkish Knight got here to be, when some knights of Ishgard noticed the corruption festering throughout the church. A knight couldn’t deliver nobles and members of the church to justice. However a Darkish Knight might. They’re the heroes of the frequent folks, priding themselves with with the ability to do what is critical. So sure, they’re mainly fantasy Batman.

Changing into a Darkish Knight

Fortunate, or unfortunate for you, Darkish Knight is likely one of the few jobs locked behind the Heavensward enlargement. Whereas it’s included within the free trial, it’s worthwhile to end all of A Realm Reborn and its patch content material. Enter Ishgard and must be on a personality that’s at the least degree 50. There aren’t any further necessities past these. Right here you may discover the Darkish Knight job quest which can begin you out at degree 30 with some fundamental gear. As at all times it’s endorsed to do the job quest as you degree up, because it rewards you gear and new abilities. Plus, it additionally comes with the caveat of being among the finest quest traces in the whole sport.

Tips on how to Tank as Darkish Knight

Now we have a basic information to tanking in Closing Fantasy XIV right here. However it will possibly’t damage going over the fundamentals proper? Your most important instrument is the talent Grit, which you’re going to get from merely unlocking the job. Each time you’re in group content material you need to have that activated. You do a pull with a number of enemies by utilizing the talent Unleash, an AoE assault that hits a number of enemies. Later you may get Stalwart Soul which is your combo potential. You wish to use these each time there may be a couple of enemy so that you can assault. Use Unmend, your ranged assault, to choose up any enemies you did not get or pull them from distant. You’ll be able to verify your enmity or aggro on the enemy listing. In an excellent case these symbols subsequent to the enemy names ought to at all times be purple. That imply’s that you just’re their prime precedence proper now.

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Multi Goal

After getting your pull, group them as much as permit the remainder of your get together use their AoE assaults. Additionally, at all times face them away from the get together and naturally, dodge as many floor focusing on assaults as potential. Relying on how assured you’re, you possibly can both pull one enemy group at a time or pull wall to wall in dungeons. That is often two to a few teams of enemies without delay. After all your healer has to maintain up with you so verify with them, however as a basic rule, use your harm mitigation and you will be positive.

Single Goal

Single goal encounters work just a bit in a different way. Do your common rotation and attempt to hold the boss regular in the course of the world. Face the boss away from the get together and ideally dealing with north. Now completely different bosses can require completely different methods however this can be a secure default.

Injury Mitigation as Darkish Knight

Darkish Knight depends closely on their lifesteal potential of Souleater. On prime of that, it is the one tank that focuses on magical assault protection. Which form of sums up most of Darkish Knight’s specialization. It is a job that rewards combat data; figuring out precisely when to play which potential for max impact. Its signature potential is the extent 70 talent, The Blackest Night time, which is on a really brief 15 second cooldown. It applies a protect that makes up 25% of your whole well being, and may that protect break. You get a free Fringe of Shadow/Flood of Shadow prog out of it. Most of Darkish Knight’s harm optimization comes from figuring out when to selected The Blackest Night time over the harm of these two abilities.

Multi Goal

Identical to the opposite tanks, you need to at all times use Arms Size on pull to present your healers slightly respiratory room. Afterwards you are free to decide on between Reprisal, Oblation, Rampart and Shadow Wall. However we do advocate beginning out with Shadow Wall, since its your strongest defensive buff. And harm might be decreased as enemies skinny out. Via all of that, hold utilizing The Blackest Night time.

Single Goal

On single goal, all of this appears slightly bit completely different. Our bread and butter for harm mitigation are Shadow Wall and Rampart, use these for casts and check out to not waste them on the bosses auto assaults. Oblation is for in-between when it’s worthwhile to mitigate harm for your self, or your co tank for no matter motive. You should utilize it liberally, however it’s good to maintain one cost simply in case. Darkish Thoughts appears like a really sturdy cooldown, however do needless to say it solely applies to magic harm. It may be arduous to determine magic harm, however you possibly can often inform by the bosses solid bar, or the animation. Nonetheless, this is not at all times the case so if unsure, verify the boss mechanics.

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As talked about above, The Blackest Night time is a balancing act — you must know if that protect will break or not whereas it is up. And whereas all harm mitigated is nice, you may commerce these 3000 MP for harm and a recharge of your harm buff. Moreover that, use Reprisal on partywide harm and coordinate it with the opposite tank, for the reason that impact would not stack. Darkish Missionary has an identical use, however it’s for magic harm solely. However don’t be concerned, most stack mechanics or partywides with a castbar are magical harm.

Residing Useless

We should always in all probability discuss Residing Useless, as a result of it really works slightly completely different from different tank invulnerability abilities. Residing Useless requires some communication along with your healers, for the reason that talent permits you to mainly die and dwell past demise. After ‘dying’ you’ve gotten 10 seconds to replenish your HP once more, throughout that point your HP cannot drop under 1. Whereas being below the impact Strolling Useless, which is utilized after you ‘die’ each Weaponskill you may throw out will now heal a large quantity of HP. However you continue to may require slightly help out of your healer. Its not as nice for cheesing tank mechanics as different skills, however it will possibly save a raid from a wipe, be it by simply taking a stack mechanic or double tank-buster solo.

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Fight as Darkish Knight

Right here we come to the meat of what it means to be a reliable Darkish Knight. It comes right down to holding a buff up, managing two useful resource meters whereas additionally holding your cooldowns rolling all through a combat. First and most significantly you need to hold Darkside up always. You do this by utilizing both Fringe of Shadow for single goal, or Flood of Shadow for a number of targets. These two will enhance the Darkside harm buff by 30 seconds for as much as a minute. Since they use MP, and the one different talent in your arsenal that makes use of MP is The Blackest Night time, you shouldn’t fear about over capping that harm buff. It is best to reasonably fear about keeping track of that MP bar and holding that spare 3000 MP for The Blackest Night time. Fortunately, each Fringe of Shadow and Flood of Shadow are pretty straightforward to weave in between your common skills. So it must be straightforward to control that.

As in your different harm associated off international cooldowns, weave them in, and hold utilizing them as quickly as they arrive up. Nothing ought to go to waste. That additionally means you possibly can positively use Blood Weapon and Delirium on the similar time. And use each of them to their most profit with out losing something (however we’ll get to that in a bit.)

Multi Goal

In multi goal conditions, you at all times wish to open with Blood Weapon + Unleash to get the worldwide cooldown rolling. Then weave a Flood of Shadow, perhaps a second one must you really feel prefer it after which go on to Stalwart Soul. One other Unleash adopted by two Flood of Shadow’s and one other Stalwart Soul earlier than you pop Delirium. Now you also needs to have the ability to use Residing Shadow and weave it after Stalwart Soul earlier than you go on to spam Quietus 3 times. In between these you employ Abyssal Drain, Salted Earth, Salted Darkness and your two Shadowbringer’s. Now you possibly can return to combo Unleash and Stalwart Soul whereas spending your MP on Flood of Shadow. Make sure that to by no means overcharge your job meter or MP bar and pop your cooldowns after they come again up.

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Single Goal

In single goal conditions, we simply have to switch a few abilities from the multi goal rotation and we must be good. Simply at all times take note to spend your MP and job meter to not waste any sources. Selecting between the safer choice of utilizing The Blackest Night time, which could not break, or Fringe of Shadow is one in every of Darkish Knight’s core mechanics. However lets go over the opener and correct rotation.

First you want to select, you possibly can both use Delirium and Blood Weapon on the similar time, or use Delirium after the following international cooldown to area them out slightly. After Laborious Slash, use Fringe of Shadow. Now use Delirium if you have not already, adopted by Souleater. After this, weave Residing Shadow and Salted Earth, adopted by Bloodspiller. Now weave a Shadowbringer and an Fringe of Shadow, then Bloodspiller once more, adopted by Carve and Cut up and Plunge. Then the ultimate Bloodspiller of Delirium’s impact, adopted by one other Shadowbringer + Fringe of Shadow Combo. Now restart your regular combo, weave an Fringe of Shadow and Salt and Darkness after Laborious Slash. After Syphon Strike, you weave one other Plunge and Fringe of Shadow and you’ve got completed your opener.

Now you may have to attend in your cooldowns to come back up, so that you’re allowed to have enjoyable once more. Spend your MP with Fringe of Shadow and The Blackest Night time to verify it by no means fills up. And spend your job meter by utilizing the occasional Bloodspiller. Simply be sure to have 40 or much less on it earlier than Blood Weapon comes up once more. And in addition make certain to have round 50 on it earlier than Residing Shadow comes up. Congrats, you now solely must juggle cooldowns in-between.

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I am The (Blackest) Night time

The Darkish Arts of being a Darkish Knight

Time to impart some forbidden data upon you. If you end up over geared in content material there may be one cursed methodology to get your The Blackest Night time protect to interrupt. Which is to have at the least one, or two vulnerability stacks on you. Since tank privilege is a factor you possibly can simply get away with one or two of these with out the whole combat going south. With The Blackest Night time now assured to interrupt, you may mitigate a lot of the harm anyhow and get the harm from a free Edge/Flood of Shadow out of it. Nice proper? Oh and you can even use The Blackest Night time on different get together members.

So, Darkish Knight is definitely fairly enjoyable, not as busy as one would anticipate and it makes an incredible help/important tank. Whereas it is true that even with all its mitigation that the job has to rely slightly extra on healers than different tanks That might be made up by your harm output together with the best way you possibly can help your get together with a number of types of mitigation. One thing even Paladin cannot fairly compete with.

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