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May 23, 2022

Following the success of the Gizmos and Devices, let’s check out TFT Set 7 Dragonlands.

The final two units of TFT, Set 6: Gizmos and Devices and Set 6.5: Neon Nights, have been a terrific victory for Riot. The sport noticed quite a lot of its participant base coming again, and the aggressive scene and Worlds had been nice successes. This was partly as a result of earlier set mechanic, Hextech Augments, which is able to return to the Set 7, the primary time a set mechanic is reused.

In a January 2022 Dev Drop, Riot announced that the brand new set was too: “…happen within the dragon realms the place clans compete for energy throughout varied islands, every worshipping their very own highly effective historic dragons locked behind the mysteries of dormant shrines…” . And the TFT lead designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer has been dropping ‘spoilers’ on his stream and Twitter for some time.

However after some leaks popping out of China, Riot determined to formally announce the small print of the Set 7 Dragonlands, which will likely be reside on PBE on Might 24. So let’s see what some new additions to the sport are.

What’s new in TFT Set 7: Dragonlands?


Earlier than what’s new, let’s speak about what’s staying: the augments. After the success of augments and the participant’s reception to them, the design group determined they had been addition for later units.

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After all, as at all times, we are going to say goodbye to some trait-specific augments in trade for newer ones. And there’s additionally some high quality of life adjustments corresponding to:

  • You’ll be able to reroll your augments as soon as per recreation.
  • You’ll select augments at phases 2-1, 3-2 and 4-2.
  • Many of the augments will likely be gold tier.


Dragonlands gives quite a lot of thrilling courses and origins for gamers to form their groups. Mortdog and the design group weren’t proud of among the extra ‘boring’ courses, corresponding to Set 6.5’s Strikers, as they largely gave base stats to champions. So for Set 7, it looks as if they tried their finest to offer a novel expertise.

There are a number of returning traits, some fan favorites some not a lot like Bruisers, Assassins, Mages, and Mystics. Nevertheless, the set additionally has some new additions like Starcaller, Bard and Spell-Thief origins, which all are 1/1 origins for 5-cost champions Soraka, Bard and Zoe respectively.

In relation to courses, there aren’t many repeats right here. There are some comparable ones like ever-changing Mirage like Set 6 and 6.5’s Mutant or Jade which has a summon as one class at all times has. Nonetheless, the remainder of the courses are primarily new like Astral, an thrilling tackle a re-roll trait, or Guild with its distinctive team-wide bonuses.

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Dragonlands will launch with 58 complete champions, a few of them being reprints. Nevertheless, the design group stated they’re making an attempt to draw back from reprints as they aren’t as thrilling as new champions, so their numbers will likely be on the decrease aspect for Set 7. Ezreal, Ashe, Braum and Leona are some items getting back from earlier units with the identical skills.

The 5-costs of the set are Bard, Pyke, Soraka, Yasuo and Zoe.


What sort of dragon-themed set would it not be and not using a Dragon trait, proper? After all, dragons aren’t only a trait, but in addition they’re the set gimmick this time round.

These highly effective creatures are 8 and 10-cost items, and they’re going to rely 3 times in the direction of their non-dragon traits. Nevertheless, moreover their prices, additionally they rely as two champions once you put them in your board, just like the Set 6 Colossus.

Dragon trait prompts when just one dragon is on the battlefield (until altered by a Draconic Increase), and it grants 600 bonus well being and plus-three stats to a marked trait. Dragons of the Dragonlands are:

  • Daeja: 8-cost dragon with the Mirage trait.
  • Idas: 8-cost dragon with Shimmerscale and Guardian traits.
  • Shi Oh Yu: 8-cost dragon with Jade and Mystic traits.
  • Sy’fen: 8-cost dragon with Whispers and Bruiser traits.
  • Ao Shin: 10-cost dragon with the Tempest trait.
  • Aurelion Sol: 10-cost dragon with Astral and Evoker traits.
  • Shyvana: 10-cost dragon with Ragewing and Shapeshifter traits.
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Followers of League of Legends will acknowledge Shyvana and Aurelion Sol from the sport, whereas the remainder of the dragons are created uniquely to the TFT. That is the second try from Riot to create champions just for TFT, after Arcane villain Silco’s debut in Set 6.5.

With dragons, there’s additionally a brand new mechanic coming referred to as Treasure Dragon, just like Armories, accessible on spherical 4-7. Gamers will get 5 consumables which could be objects, parts or gold, and you may select to take all or reroll for one gold. All gamers will get treasures equal in energy.


TFT Set 7: Dragonlands Launch Date

Riot has introduced that Dragonlands will go reside with the Patch 12.11, which is predicted to drop on June 8, 2022.

Thankfully, the followers can expertise the brand new set on Public Beta Surroundings two weeks earlier. If you wish to get in on the Dragonlands hype, the set will likely be on PBE on Might 24, 2022.

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