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Greatest Poppy construct in League of Legends


May 8, 2022

Whereas she might have been launched years in the past, Poppy stays some of the constant champions in all of League of Legends. Her skills have aged very properly over time, and infrequently assist her counter newer champions which have an amazing variety of dashes or instruments to flee.

Due to some latest adjustments to Mythic objects, Poppy has turn into a stronger decide within the prime lane and the jungle, but not as a tank. Her construct path now favors a extra aggressive playstyle by speeding Divine Sunderer and following up with objects that assist her have interaction shortly on enemies.

A extra tank-oriented playstyle is definitely nonetheless an choice for Poppy, although it takes away from the harm she will be able to do on the entrance line. A Poppy merely absorbing harm wouldn’t be doing her job to the fullest potential, making objects that increase her harm capabilities whereas additionally serving to her defensively must-builds.

Right here is the most effective construct for Poppy in League‘s 2022 season that may work each within the prime lane and jungle.


Screengrab through Riot Video games


Grasp of the Timeless: Poppy sustains lots of harm all through the sport, particularly within the early laning part. Being a melee prime champion, she usually will discover herself in fight with the opposing champion whereas making an attempt to farm. Grasp of the Timeless goes to help Poppy by granting her therapeutic and additional harm upon attacking the enemy champion. On prime of this, it’s going to additionally increase Poppy’s total well being pool, which is one thing Poppy goals to do with a lot of the objects in her construct.

Defend Bash: Poppy’s passive grants her a protect that she will be able to decide up and make the most of. Having this protect will proc Defend Bash, permitting Poppy to deal extra harm along with her subsequent auto assault.

Bone Plating: A lot of the components that make up Poppy’s construct are to extend her total sturdiness, which in flip makes her extraordinarily highly effective. Bone Plating goes to do exactly that by lowering the harm taken from three assaults after Poppy is initially attacked. That is usually sufficient to offer Poppy the sting in an in depth duel, or permit her to make an escape earlier than being taken down.

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Revitalize: Since a lot of Poppy’s maintain in lane is centered round her passive, it’s finest to offer her a rune that makes her passive much more highly effective. When shielding herself with Revitalize, the protect turns into even bigger, giving Poppy an additional layer of safety when slamming enemies.


Biscuit Supply: A lot of the melee-based prime lane champions will need to use the Biscuit Supply rune. This rune may be very useful because it permits Poppy to heal harm with out having to return to the fountain within the base. Biscuit Supply will grant Poppy consumable objects that can heal her and provides her again some mana.

Time Warp Tonic: A rune that can velocity up the results of consumables, Time Warp Tonic takes among the wait out of therapeutic by seeing the results instantly heal the primary 50 %. This could usually give a champion the short heal they should emerge victorious in fight.

Bonuses: +9 adaptive pressure, +9 adaptive pressure, +6 armor

Beginning objects

Screengrab through Riot Video games

High lane: Doran’s Defend or Corrupting Potion

Having some early sturdiness is essential for Poppy resulting from her being fairly weak till she reaches degree six. Doran’s Defend helps vastly, because it not solely grants 80 bonus well being, but in addition regeneration and additional harm from Poppy’s primary assaults. This merchandise goes to make farming a lot safer for the champion early on.

Corrupting Potion offers Poppy a bit extra harm whereas therapeutic her, although it’s meant for gamers that need to be extra proactive within the early recreation. Doran’s Defend is usually the higher choice in most prime lane match-ups.

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Jungle: Hailblade

Entry to Chilling Smite lets Poppy cease her enemies from working away. This lets her comply with up with a barrage of assaults, oftentimes altering the tide of a recreation earlier than a serious goal spawns. As with Emberknife, the built-in Smite impact doesn’t turn into energetic till the mid recreation, so within the early recreation Hailblade is solely Poppy’s technique to jungle effectively.

Well being Potion

Through the farming part, Poppy goes to doubtless take harm from the enemy champion. Well being potions heal again 150 well being over 15 seconds, and can permit Poppy to stay in lane farming for a larger time earlier than having to again.

Core objects

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Divine Sunderer or High Lane: Sunfire Aegis

Within the present state of the meta, Divine Sunderer is the most effective Mythic merchandise choice for Poppy in each her prime lane and jungle builds. Apart from giving her a big increase to her well being and harm, Divine Sunderer buffs Poppy’s subsequent primary assault after utilizing a capability and heals her within the course of. This works properly with Poppy’s passive that additionally empowers her assaults, permitting her to deal large harm when each necessities are met concurrently.

Poppy gamers trying to be the group’s tank on the expense of harm may go for Sunfire Aegis. That is higher suited to prime lane Poppy gamers, as jungle Poppy needs entry to ganking lanes and stopping enemies from escaping by taking them down. Ought to Sunfire Aegis be the Mythic merchandise selection, gamers ought to keep away from constructing any harm objects and focus solely on mitigating harm for themselves and their group.

Jungle: Useless Man’s Plate

A part of Poppy’s present prevalence within the meta is because of Useless Man’s Plate. This Legendary-tier merchandise rewards Poppy for strolling across the map, giving her further motion velocity and making it very troublesome to keep away from her. If gamers can absolutely stack Useless Man’s Plate earlier than attacking, they’ll be rewarded with an additional sluggish onto enemies, as if slamming them into partitions with hammers wasn’t sufficient.

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High lane: Thornmail

Most of Poppy’s lane opponents might be AD-based, making Thornmail an essential merchandise for successful early-game trades. This may also profit her ought to she resolve to Teleport into the bot lane to assist her allies, as Thornmail will deal harm to any champion grasping sufficient to wreck her with an assault. It additionally procs grievous wounds on these enemies, which can cut back their therapeutic obtained.

Jungle Poppy ought to contemplate constructing this merchandise after Useless Man’s Plate, until her jungle match-up requires it being constructed first. If gamers don’t need to absolutely full the merchandise early on, Bramble Vest, which builds into Thornmail, offers a smaller model of this passive.

Plated Steelcaps

Just like the reasoning for constructing Thornmail, Poppy will continuously be within the face of enemies that deal AD-based harm to her. Plated Steelcaps not solely present her with an acceptable increase to her motion velocity, however mitigate among the harm she receives.

Late-game objects

Screengrab through Riot Video games

Pressure of Nature

Extra motion velocity is simply what Poppy needs. Pressure of Nature offers Poppy with an additional 5 % motion velocity and grants much more when taking magic harm. When mixed with Useless Man’s Plate, this merchandise lets Poppy catch as much as any enemy champion in her sights, and lets her roam the jungle sooner.

Randiun’s Omen

Randiun’s Omen is a quintessential a part of Poppy’s late recreation energy. Whereas gamers might not be capable to buy this highly effective merchandise resulting from the price of itemization and the size of video games, Randiun’s Omen permits Poppy and her allies to single out a goal and drop all of their skills on them. It additionally grants Poppy a myriad of resistances, that are important to protecting her alive within the late recreation.


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