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Finest Black MTG New Capenna Restricted Draft Frequent and Unusual playing cards


Apr 23, 2022

Black in Streets of New Capenna Restricted isn’t an aggressive shade. It’s seeking to play the lengthy sport with environment friendly removing and utilizing the graveyard.

New Capenna is a three-color format with 5 fundamental archetypes. Black overlaps with Maestros, Obscura, and Riveteers. Every shade is attempting to play a affected person sport earlier than blowing the opponent out with late-game bombs.

Maestros needs to make use of Black to gas a sacrifice gameplan and convey again Creatures from the graveyard to play them once more. Obscura is a extra conventional management gameplan and makes use of Connive for card benefit and evasive threats to finish the sport. Riveteers appears to assault and use treasure tokens to overwhelm the opponent with menace after menace.

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Listed below are one of the best Black Restricted Frequent and Unusual rarity playing cards to play inside the New Capenna Restricted Draft format.

Deal Gone Dangerous

Picture through WotC

Deal Gone Dangerous is a powerful removing spell that will get via protect counters and fills your graveyard. It fulfills an necessary function in decks that need to depend on the graveyard to win the sport. These methods sometimes take some time to get going, so having a powerful removing bundle is critical. Deal Gone Dangerous does the job after which some.

Demon’s Due

Picture through WotC

Like Deal Gone Dangerous, Demon’s Due packs a variety of worth into 4 mana. This doubtlessly digs 4 playing cards deep to seek out key solutions or a finisher. Previously few units, scrying two playing cards after which drawing two playing cards is a robust impact. Dropping two life is helpful in New Capenna Restricted due to the life loss synergies in Maestros.

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Nightfall Mangler

Picture through WotC

Nightfall Mangler is an Unusual bomb. When this spell comes down, your opponent’s possibilities of profitable the sport positively go down. This seven-mana 5/4 Creature enters the battlefield and decimates your opponent’s assets. It forces them to sacrifice a Creature, discard a card, and lose 4 life.

The extra prices shouldn’t be too damaging to you. Black decks have sufficient graveyard recursion that discarding a card or sacrificing a Creature is mostly a short lived loss.



Homicide is an easy, bread-and-butter removing spell for Black decks. Each time Homicide is reprinted it’s an efficient Frequent possibility in Restricted. The double Black mana price might be difficult in a three-color set, however that shouldn’t be too large of a problem. All the time play Homicide.

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Raffine’s Silencer

Picture through WotC

The three-mana 1/1 physique is deceiving. Raffine’s Silencer connives when it enters the battlefield and most occasions it will likely be a 2/2, which is a high quality physique for the fee and worth it instantly generates. The dying set off is what makes Raffine’s Silencer glorious. It’s a two-for-one in fight. When it dies, it offers a Creature -X/-X equal to its energy. It may possibly commerce and take out one other Creature.

Raffine’s Silencer can also be one other card that may immediately kill Creatures with protect counters.

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