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The best Valorant Agents in 2022


Feb 16, 2022
The best Valorant Agents in 2022

With the start of the latest episode and the introduction of the speedster Neon, the agent pool of Valorant has grown to 18. This makes choosing characters for your team a bit complicated. So to avoid this complication, we present you a list of the best Valorant agents in 2022 that you should definitely learn to play in the latest meta.


How to play as Jett in Valorant - Polygon

The best Valorant agents in 2022? Jett. This agent has dominated the meta for quite some time and continues to top the list. Despite several nerfs in previous updates, the Korean duelist has everything an aggressive player could wish for. Jett’s backdraft and updraft abilities are often used by players to create space and get aggressive kills across the map.

She possesses incredible mobility, which helps players escape from a fight after getting a crucial kill. Her Blade Storm ability also plays a major role in eco rounds, making her number one in her class in the current meta. How to play Jett


Viper was a long untouched agent and had the lowest pick rate for the first few episodes. Luckily, in Episode 2, Riot brought in some interesting changes that quickly made her the best site controller in the entire game. The update improved her ability to deal large amounts of damage to opponents. Snake Bite now almost always guarantees a victory in a post-bomb situation.

We need to talk about why no one picks Viper | ONE Esports

Since the Agent relies heavily on her skills, she might not be the best choice when it comes to solo play. Additionally, it may take time for players to adjust to their playstyle and to the support role. How to play Viper

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The Russian archer has some of the best intel gathering skills that will help your team track down the enemies in the blink of an eye. Sova’s Recon Bolt ability plays an essential role in providing early turn-on intelligence that no other agent offers. Aside from these unique skills, the Initiator helps clear tight corners and execute perfectly timed strategies.

This agent has a high learning curve, so players will have to spend a few hours learning their arrow orders to get the maximum potential. How to play with Sova


Astra is one of the most versatile agents in the pool and has a number of very useful skills. She has things like stars that can be placed on the map, smoke, stun, gravity wells, and finally her ultimate Cosmic Divide that splits the map in two.

However, when placing stars while in Astral form, users may be caught off guard and fairly easily knocked out without a chance to fight back. Also, playing this agent requires a lot of effort due to her sheer complexity. How to play Astra


Neon is the newest addition to the agent pool, and alongside her electrifying skills, she also boasts insane speed, making her a possible replacement for Jett in the near future. Her Fast Leane ability allows her to sprint across the map.

Neon also has a bar above her abilities showing her remaining energy charge. That being said, Neon’s speed-up tricks can be used efficiently to get early kills during a match. She is amongst the most powerful agents in the current meta.

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Sage has always been considered one of the best support agents in Valorant. Despite some big nerfs aimed at her, the Warden has managed to stay a top tier agent. Aside from her slowing and protective orbs, she provides valuable healing to the entire team and is vital to any team build.

Every team likes to have a joker in an important round. Resurrection allows her to bring a fallen teammate back into play, effectively giving her squad an extra teammate, which can be crucial in critical stages of the game. How to play with Sage


Skye has a high risk and reward factor that unfolds to its full potential in the right team. While her abilities take a while to get used to, Skye’s skills allow you to easily breach any defense and wreak havoc on the map.

Her Regrowth ability heals all allies within range and line of sight. Starting the journey as an initiator may seem difficult at first, but can be very powerful once you get the hang of it. How to play Skye


Chamber, originally from France, is the fourth guard in the agent pool. The deadly assassin was only recently released and is fast becoming a promising asset for teams.Chamber’s abilities allow him to quickly teleport to any location on the map, while also using his Trademark ability to trap and slow down enemies in a specific area. Slowly climbing the charts in the current meta, the newest Sentinel is considered a solid choice on almost all maps. Guide to Chamber

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Cypher was once considered the primary choice for single-handedly holding a bomb site. However, due to several nerfs in the previous patches, the agent’s pick rate has dropped massively. The Moroccan uses his trap wires, spy camera and cages to uncover the enemy’s location at any given moment.

His Neural Theft ability provides invaluable information by revealing the location of all living enemy agents on the map.


This agent was part of the Valorant’s roster from the beginning and is often described as one of the most selfish agents due to her abilities. Most of her utilities focus on getting instant kills and then consuming the opponent’s soul to fully heal itself.

Reyna is the perfect choice for your team if you have complete confidence in your aim and ability to succeed in solo battles. If not, you’d better look for another member of this class if you don’t want to incur all your team’s hatred.


Breach’s deadly personality fits perfectly with his playstyle and the skills he brings to the table. Rolling Thunder is one of the most powerful ultimates an agent has to offer – it shocks any character hit for six seconds.

While the agent is designed to take control of the battlefield, his abilities can also harm his teammates. Because of this, players generally prefer Sova or Skye in their team builds to avoid making mistakes that can cost them the entire round. Destructive power requires tact.

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