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The best Champions in League of Legend in 2022

The best Champions in League of Legend in 2022

The metagame of the new LoL season is gradually becoming more and more diverse. In the competitive landscape, a large number of champions are being played at different roles and this trend is not slowing down anytime soon. So to help you in the latest meta we show you the best champions that you can play in each lane.

Best champions in the top lane

We will start our pick from the top lane and the first champion to come in Garen. He is one of the easiest champions to play in the top lane. The fearless warrior has an uncomplicated set of abilities that can wreak havoc on the map. When it comes to item building on Garen, it’s very simple to just opt for physical damage and armor or magic resistance, so that Garen has everything he needs to keep the enemy team under pressure. 

Next up joining him is the farming champion, Nasus. He is currently a very powerful yet easy-to-play top lane pick. His E ability gives him good wave clearing potential and can effectively pressure the enemy champion. Also, if the Keeper of the Sands gets to use his Q ability often, it stacks it up and lets him deal significantly more damage.

Best champions in the jungle

The jungle belongs to Nunu and Willump. The Yeti duo’s domination in the early game is unparalleled. Due to the efficient and simple ganks, the win rate also skyrockets in LoL Patch 12.02. Nunu also doesn’t care which champion is being played by the enemy and is always ready to slam into his enemies without mercy.

Kha’Zix and Rek’Sai fall into the same category. Both are junglers who can take over and decide the whole game from an early start. The fact that Rek’Sai got a nerf in Lol Patch 12.01 is hardly noticeable.

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Best champions in the Mid Lane

After the buffs, the two brothers, Yone and Yasuo, have risen in popularity in the mid-lane. Both emerged stronger from the patch and can thus also leave the Immortal Shieldbow nerfs from the previous update behind They are amongst the most picked champions in the competitive scene. Currently, they are the best answer to assassins and AD mid laners: like Camile. The mobile fighter should not be underestimated, but it is not easy to play. Her W ability gives good wave clear and her hook shot on the E key makes her extremely agile. Mechanically, however, it has to be played well to be effective.

League of Legends dev reveals why Yasuo & Yone have the same Q ability -  Dexerto

Lastly, we also recommend you to try Vex. A solid, traditional magic champion, she’s been topping the list for a while and the latest patch has made little to no impact on her popularity.

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Best Champions to play in the bottom lane 

Leading the supporting role for weeks now is none other than Blitzcrank. Without a doubt, he is the best support pick in the current meta. Not only does it have the highest win rate, but it also works great against annoying supports like Lulu, Lux, or Janna. While these are usually equipped with some shields and solid damage, there is no dash in their ability kit. Blitzcrank knows how to take advantage of this and take a second to pull them to their demise.

Another top-tier support in the current meta is Pyke. The champion will have to leave his throne again in the upcoming patch since there are rumors that he will be nerfed. So we recommend you spam this hero as much as you can to win games before the arrival of the new patch. 

Janna, the Storm's Fury - League of Legends

After discussing the best supports, we will now move to the ADCs. The most recently released ADC Champion (Zeri) has proven to be a bit too strong. The champion is either picked or banned in almost every pro game so you should give it a try if you get the chance. Aside from Zeri, Vayne is still benefiting greatly from the recent Lethal Tempo changes. Jhin is also still a highly recommended ADC, which hasn’t lost any of its strength in the latest patch.

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Honorable mentions

After getting to know which champion you should try in each lane, here are some honorable mentions that are also decent picks in the latest meta.


Anyone who has played Teemo before will know exactly why the cute Boy Scout makes this list. Although quite vulnerable at the beginning of the game, he always finds a gap to attack with his ranged poison and thus gets on the opposing champion’s nerves. But of course, it is always effective.


This melee champion is an indispensable part of the top lane. Darius is also a solid pick in the latest meta and can clean up the top third of the map solo. Depending on the matchup, he may need either extra magic resist or armor to defy ranged attackers.

Best League of Legends Champions?


The Raider King is a feared pick in the top and mid lane, but it needs to be played right to unleash its potential. In general, he is not very strong early in the game and should therefore be a bit more passive. However, his powder kegs hurt opponents, and as the game progresses the global ultimate for all lanes is an extreme advantage.

This brings an end to our list, if you think we missed out on any champion be sure to mention it in the comments.

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