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League of Legends Guide – how to play Zeri

League of Legends Guide – how to play Zeri

Zeri has come to League of Legends with the promise of being a different champion, and boy has she kept her promise. We tell you how to master her unique mechanics so you can learn to play with her best builds, runes, and a few tips that will help you on Summoner’s Rift.

How to play Zeri?

As always, not everything is a good build or choosing the best runes. To learn how to play with Zeri, you will need to know her and learn to use her both in the laning phase and in group fights.

Lines phase

Zeri’s unique attack mechanic is to substitute his basic attack for Q (Explosive Fire). In Riot Games, “the ability that the champion will use for everything that the other shooters use as a basic attack.” In fact, the contradiction goes further. You would consider auto-attacks (launched with the right click) are actually hits that apply the effects of skill. It’s a bit confusing, but the couplet is very simple: you will be all the time crushing the Q to fire a machine gun as a basic attack.

Q – Explosive Fire

Passive: Zeri’s basic attacks deal magic damage that scales with ability power and is considered an ability. When moving and using the activity of this spell, it accumulates battery energy. 

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Active: Uses the cannon to fire seven times at the enemy, each bullet dealing physical damage to the first target hit. It is considered an auto-attack for all purposes, although only the first of the seven shots apply effects (critical, titanic hydra, passive)

Once you are clear about this element, you are aware of the great limitation of the character. And her ability to wear down enemies in lane is poor if they’re behind minions, as Explosive Fire bullets don’t go through enemies. Despite this, the champion has a fine damage capacity. It allows her to win duels and some interactions with the rest of her abilities that you will find below.

  • Level 1 – Q (Explosive Fire): You cannot choose; this skill goes up one point by default at the beginning of the game. Its detailed operation is what we explain in the last paragraphs.
  • Level 2 – W (Ultra Discharge Laser): A capable laser beam launched as a projectile that deals damage and slows. In case the ability collides with a wall, the beam is amplified, gaining range and being able to attack multiple targets. Very useful to punish enemies who do not hide behind the minions or finish off a kill.
  • Level 3 – E (Power surge): If you don’t throw it against a wall. It will be a small displacement. However, when colliding with a wall. It functions as a bardo tunnel. In addition, it concentrates the damage of the next three attacks, and each time you damage an enemy, the cooldown decreases.
  • Level 6 – R (Shock Lightning): Creates a large area explosion and amplifies Zeri’s power. It increases our damage, attack speed, and movement. Additionally, it concentrates Explosive Fire damage into one shot that spreads between enemies. It is a powerful ability that can turn the tide of a fight.
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Group Fights

Although you can play Zeri as a standard marksman in group fights, there is a radical departure from the rest of the champions in the position. This character is crying out for a change of pace so that you activate the ultimate and start annihilating enemies, shining when she plays proactively and not so much if she has to defend herself. You have tools for it. But you will need to detect the exact moment in which she starts with a Power Surge and put the machete between our teeth.

There is a lot of work ahead in which you will have to test the limits of the champion and know them thoroughly. However, you will be rewarded for your effort. Zeri is one of the most difficult marksmen to master in the game, and she can even miss auto-attacks, but if you get used to it and get to know her, she will reward you with effective plays that are much more spectacular than those of the rest of the bot lane.

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Counters and favorable matchups

  • Zeri suffers against – Amumu due to his unique interaction, but also against any character capable of slowing him on a regular basis (Ashe or Cassiopeia) or those who can avoid his few attrition moments (Samira)
  • Zeri works well against – those champions based on the squad to their allies (Lulu, Janna) or those who also suffer when minions in the middle (Ezreal). Also, he will be able to escape slow junglers or reliant on a skill shot (Lee Sin)

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