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Guide for Valorant agent Astra

Guide for Valorant agent Astra

One of the most difficult yet effective agents to play in Valorant is Astra. She is one of the most unique agents in the game, as her skillset only focuses on using energies of the cosmos. You can use them to give your team massive control in fights and also take control of a site. However, it should be kept in mind that Astra requires a lot of practice.

And players need to invest a great deal of time to play the agent effectively. So, if you’re looking for a few pointers, we are here to help. Since this guide, we will explain exactly how to play Astra effectively. We will break down each ability of the agent and give you comprehensive tips to use them and ultimately secure victories for your team.

How to use Astral Form

Before we dive into her primary abilities, we need to talk about one of the uses of the ultimate ability of the agent. After spawning, and at any point in the round, you can press your Ultimate button to enter Astral Form. This form allows you to explore the map and place stars (which we will explain in a moment). This keeps your agent model in place while you can go where you want. You can even leave the map if you want! Once you exit this form, you will be returned to where you originally cast the ability. While there’s not too much to consider here, make sure you go into astral form from low-risk locations. So many Astra players enter the form from unsafe locations, thus giving the enemy a free kill.


As we mentioned earlier, the ultimate form allows you to place stars anywhere on the map. You start with two, but you can buy three more for 200 credits each. The enemy can’t destroy these stars, so sometimes placing them outdoors can’t be the worst reputation. However, when in or out of astral form, you can press any of your keys to activate the ability you want. You can also hit the F key by default to get those stars and leave a split second of smoke.

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How to use Gravity Well 

If you press C on one of your stars it will create the gravity well. This pulls all enemies into its radius and after a short time makes them vulnerable (meaning they take more damage). You should use this feature if you know someone who is at a particularly difficult angle to see or who is entering a site. This will leave them very exposed, lining up either themselves or a teammate for an easy kill. For example, you could use it when peeking the vents in the middle of the map Split to prevent Operator users from killing for free

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How to use Pulse Nova

On the contrary, pressing Q will shake the target location after a one-second countdown. This will, unsurprisingly, affect any enemies trapped within its radius. This ability is best used on spikes that are already planted or in places where you think the enemy is. It can easily give you a duel win or prevent someone from disarming your spike. Note, however, that this will not interrupt planting or defusing the enemy. Therefore, in this situation, press immediately after it.

How to use Nebula 

Astra’s E ability is the only one with two charges and creates a cloud of smoke at the target location. This works very similarly to other characters with Smoke ability, with Astra’s Smoke lasting 15 seconds. You can try to either place these in key defensive locations or slow down an enemy team’s push. This either gives you easier control over a location or forces the enemy into awkward angles. As an example, you could place it in the sewers and near Haven A to force the enemy to guess your position.

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How to use Cosmic Rift

And finally, here are some things to keep in mind when using Ultimate for Astra, the Cosmic Rift. You need to be in Astral form to activate this ability and it will activate on the location of your crosshair. You will need a lot of practice to use this ability. So make sure you jump into the practice section and give it a try before using it for the first time in the matchmaking. Once placed, a world-encompassing wall is created, blocking sight, bullets and sound. It won’t stop 

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