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How to become a Pro in FIFA

How to become a Pro in FIFA

Do you want to know how to become a FIFA professional? You have come to the right place! Just like any sportsman, esports athletes also need to work hard in training to compete in high-level championships. Below you will find all the information you need to understand this profession in the esports universe.

Who is a professional FIFA player?

FIFA Pro Player is a professional esports athlete specializing in the FIFA game developed by EA Sports. It is the most played football simulator in the world. Just like traditional sportsmen, FIFA professionals also go through rigorous routines, ranging from daily training to championship disputes.

Esports ​​athletes can be hired by esports organizations and football clubs. Donovan ”Tekkz”, and Flávio ”Fifilza” are some examples. Some pro FIFA players, however, play on their own. Training sessions are held at home and expenses to compete in championships are borne out of pocket.

Many FIFA professionals are also streamers. They are usually able to maintain direct contact with the public through streaming platforms like Twitch.

What is the FIFA professional circuit?

Official FIFA tournaments are hosted by EA Sports, the game’s publisher. The circuit is called the Global Series and is held annually. The calendar is divided into several events that take place throughout the year. Some competitions are regional; while some are played on an international level. Some tournaments are more expressive; others not so much.

FIFA players guarantee their place in these championships through online qualifiers divided into five regions: Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Middle East/Africa. By participating in competitions, FIFA professionals earn points. The scoring system is proportional to the placement achieved. This means that the further an athlete gets, the more bonus points he will receive.

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The competitive season ends with the great World Cup. To stamp a spot in the most important championship in the franchise, FIFA pro players need to be among the best in the final ranking. Now that you understand how FIFA competitive works, it’s time to get to know the verification system. To play professionally, it is necessary to have an EA “seal”.

How to become a professional FIFA player?

To become a pro FIFA 20 player, interested parties need to register on the official EA Sports website. Once registered, the FIFA professional needs to receive the verification seal to start playing online qualifiers.

There are also other basic conditions to become a pro player: being a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One player, having a valid Gamertag or PSN ID, agreeing to the privacy policies and being over 16 years old. Everything needs to be strictly followed!

Training like a FIFA professional

There is no secret. To become a pro FIFA player, the player needs to establish a training routine and dedicate himself to the game. It will take several hours of practice a day.

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The recommendation is to follow the streams of established professional athletes, play Division Rivals matches and qualify for Weekend League editions. Both modes are online and are present in Ultimate Team.Note that it is very important to train with opponents only in online matches. The gameplay is very different from that found in offline games, that is, against the machine. There are factors such as internet delay that influence duels.

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Defending tips

Defending yourself with mastery is a crucial step towards victory. So this will be the second chapter of the ”FIFA 20 Tips” tutorial.

Select the correct players

Try to keep your defensive system as tight as possible. Use forwards, midfielders and defensive midfielders to mark the opponent’s plays. Only use defenders and sides as a last resort, as this will open up spaces on the line. To do this, keep an eye on the cursor change so you don’t select the wrong athletes.

And speaking of cursor change, tap the right analog stick to change players instead of the L1/LB buttons. The first option is much better, as it will give you more control over the markup. Many beginners use the second strategy for lack of knowledge. Don’t fall for this mistake!

Move the goalkeeper

Another defensive device used in FIFA 22, mainly by pro players , is controlling the goalkeeper manually with the right analog stick. For this, press the button to move the archer freely.

This action can avoid silly goals, in which the automatic intelligence of the game is not able to cancel. You can be sure that you will concede fewer goals this way!

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Attacking Tips

Now that you’ve learned how to defend properly, it’s time to continue our FIFA 22 tips. The next step is to attack efficiently!

Control player movement

There are two essential commands for you to be able to better build plays in the offensive phase: R1/RB and L1/LB.

With the ball under control, press R1/RB towards a teammate so that they approach and receive the ball. If you want this teammate to go on the attack, just press L1/LB.

The situations are opposite, but they complement each other. In FIFA 22, players need to mix short passes with long shots to find spaces in the attack. The larger and more varied the offensive repertoire, the greater the chance of confusing the opponent.

Avoid Sprinting on the attack

With the ball at your feet, avoid the R2/RT (Run) buttons and only use them when necessary. The more still the athlete is, the more balanced he will be to hit passes and dribble.

Protect the ball with your body

Another mechanism used by professional players is to protect the ball with the L2/LT buttons. When using the command, your player will change direction and have his back to the marker.

This offensive stance is great for securing ball possession, combining backboards, and calling forward fellow attackers. It is a factor that will promote unpredictability and will certainly confuse the opposing marking.

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