• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Wave Esports rebuilds the entire Valorant lineup

Wave Esports

A relatively new esports organization is planning to dive deeper into the Valorant game when investing heavily in its lineup.


The Austrian esports organization Wave Esports is intending to form a Valorant squad to participate in this game’s tournament system in 2022 in the European region. Some sources have mentioned the issue. It is from yesterday. It is known that this upcoming squad will be based on the core of 16-year-old player Yiğithan “Deepsman” Kesici, a young talent that has just been noticed in the European region.

Profile of Deepsman – the emerging young talent of Wave Esports in the upcoming tournament

Wave has also targeted IGL Povilas “Roxie” Krivelis along with Okko “Feeqn” Pajari. Both of them have played for team IVY from mid to late 2021. The final two pieces will include Vladislav “Bgg” Boev and Murat “murii” Korkmaz. On their Twitter page, Wave called this a new beginning, as they put a lot of faith in the faces that are very young and promising. According to a few sources, this squad has been targeted by the leadership since about September last year. The main goal of the organization is to find a powerful duelist and a visionary IGL in its roster into the future.

A few months ago, the organization said goodbye to three players on its Valorant roster. Players SEIDER and Zik joined Team Alliance, while Carcass left and joined G2 as a coach.

This new roster of Wave Esports aims to compete for 1 out of 4 places for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2022, which is about to start in the near future. And if they do not succeed in the promotion, Wave will switch to participate in the new European regional tournament under the VCT system, the German Valorant Regional League. The condition of the teams participating in this tournament is that the team must have at least two people of German nationality, so Wave Esports needs to have a player of German origin or German nationality in their squad if they want to participate.

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