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VALORANT these are the abilities of agent Neon

These are the abilities of agent Neon

We present you the Neon Skill Kit, the new and waiting agent

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to test Neon, the new VALORANT agent. What has become clear to me is that Neon is a fun agent but not too broken. His skill kit finally gives us the mobility to try to compete against Jett. That is, we are facing an agent capable of moving at all times with the potential to stun, dodge, and chase the rest of the enemies.

What is clear is that we are going to need several games to be able to dominate it completely. And the fact is that the ability to run more, slide, and at the same time hit the [X] or shoot is going to need some time. So that you have an idea of ​​what Neon is, we leave you the skills and what use they will have within VALORANT.


Neon, a fun agent with great mobility

What we have to keep in mind when we use Neon is that we are going to have to use a lot of skills. The new duelist aims to be very useful when it comes to rushing a point, and we have been able to verify this throughout these days. Here is a description of all the skills of the new agent:

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[E] – High Gear: Neon instantly channels his power to increase speed. When charged, you can use Alternate Fire to activate an electric glider. Speeder charge resets every two kills.

[Q] – Relay Blot: Instantly launch a bolt of energy that bounces once. When it strikes each surface, the lightning electrifies the ground beneath it with a stunning blast.

[C] – Fast lane: Neon fires two lines of energy forward. These lines travel a short distance or until they hit an obstacle. At that moment, the lines rise and become walls of static energy that block vision and deal damage to enemies that pass through.

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[X] – Overdrive: Neon unleashes all his energy and speed for a short period of time. You can shoot to channel its power into a deadly, moving, precise beam. Its duration resets with each kill.

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