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Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: Agent Neon, Map Updates

Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes

Valorant saw many changes in update 4.0, including the appearance of Neon, map updates, and other mechanics in ranked competition.

Neon Spark is Valorant’s 19th agent. And it is an agent from the Philippines, Possessing a skill set that includes Progressive Gearing, Flashing Lightning, High Energy, and Overload. Neon is described as a name with formidable speed, surpassing both Jett and Yoru. According to Riot Games, this will be an agent who can enter fights easily and prioritize in the near future.

In addition, the publisher also revealed information about the remake of Yoru. The Japanese agent is Valorant’s 5th Duelist alongside Raze, Jett, Reyna, and Phoenix. However, Yoru was unpopular because of his one-color play and easy to guess. That is why the rate of choosing Yoru at Valorant Champions 2021 is 0%, and Riot Games was forced to intervene.

Neon is the name that makes the Valorant community seething.

About weapons: 

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There are 3 buffed guns, including Ares, Bulldog, and Guardian. In it, Ares’ fire rate increased from 10 to 13. And the Guardian’s aiming reduction mechanism has also been removed. With Bulldog, this gun is also increased from 9.5 to 10 fire-rated and effective in weak rounds.

From the 4.0 update, the ranking mechanism also has many changes. Players must reach level 20 and complete 10 regular matches to participate in the ranking. The last main change in update 4.0 is the site bomb areas of 2 maps Breeze, and Bind. Details of the renewal of the 2 maps are as follows:


The crate for Short Road A changed to eliminate the powerful one-way smoke bomb location. It still makes the area a bit difficult to access for the Attacker. Guardians will still be able to interfere. New layouts will open up more options for attackers to push into the spike area.


Increases the width of the main lane fight pawn A and eliminates the 50/50 situation (meaning up to 2 locations where the opponent can appear). It gives defenders more options when deploying strategies on Main Lane A. It also removes the 50/50 scaling, both in and out of caves, allowing you to push in more tactically.

Add a stack of two crates to the cave. The attacking side pushing in will have a hiding position, and the defending side also has an additional opportunity to contest space. Adjust the cover behind Site A, extending the edge of the lake to the far wall. Changing cover will give defenders a safe place to retreat and more cover when retakes. The expansion of the lake area will help players in this area comfortably operate.

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Players will have more hiding places at site A on the Breeze map.

The expansion of the spike area is also to accommodate the new shape of the lake. Adjusting the curved wall in the mid area makes this area simpler and easier to observe. Added shelter next to the column in Block B, a new wall to block the area behind, and a stack of crates on Wall B.

The new hiding position on the column will create more fighting opportunities both before and after the spike is placed. This adjustment will block the vision of Main Road B. And also provide a cover for players to take advantage of. Surely this new cover will be helpful when retreating and retaking.

The new stack of crates will block some shooting angles from Main Street B, provide more options when defending or retaking, and prevent “weird” gunfights that can happen at thin walls. Doors in zone B can only be activated when fully opened or closed.

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Those are the significant changes of the 4.0 update. In the near future, many new exciting mechanisms will also be included by Riot Games to help Valorant improve, especially the competitiveness in ranked competition.


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