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TSM boss investigated by Riot Games

TSM boss investigated by Riot Games for abusing staff and players.

Is Doublelift right to denounce TSM’s boss about the tyranny imposed on the team’s employees?


According to a source posted by Wired news site early last morning (January 12), Riot Games conducts an investigation. And the target is the boss of the Team SoloMid organization – Mr. Andy ” Reginald ” Dinh. The reason revealed was a series of complaints from former players and staff who worked at this organization, claiming that Reginald was verbally abusive and bullying them.

Both Riot Games and Reginald declined to comment further on the above allegations, citing that the investigation is still ongoing.


After the information about this incident was posted, the gaming community quickly remembered the once-concussion drama between Reginald and male player Doublelift, who is still a streamer of this organization. Publicly criticizing the head of TSM can be seen as an unusual act of the male player.

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Reginald was accused of bullying and insulting employees

On January 12, 2022, a series of TSM employees and players accused Reginald of bullying and insulting them in the workplace. It seems like an inappropriate action according to the rules of the LCS tournament and has reached the ears of Riot Games.

Immediately, this issuer hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation to determine the truth behind the allegations. Reginald’s toxic and bossy behaviors are said to be the primary cause of the departure of key members such as Doublelift, Bjersen, and president Leena Xu. It made TSM’s longtime fans extremely angry.

Reginald also once posted a rather lengthy article to share the reason why Doublelift didn’t like him. Even the boss of TSM accused the male player of being an arrogant person, and without a team, no coach wants to work with him.

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Of course, Doublelft has not fit to deny all the above allegations. And at the same time, say that many employees are currently looking for ways to leave TSM because they cannot stand the “dictatorship” that Reginald imposes on them.

The fact that Reginald was investigated by Riot Games also partly shows that the events that Doublelift said are very likely to be true.

Not only ordinary employees who wanted to leave TSM. But there were even members who were considered “principals” of the organization who decided to leave, the most typical example being Ms. Leena Xu. Or even the person who is said to be the symbol of TSM – Bjergsen also left this organization.

How did Reginald single-handedly build the TSM empire?

Reginald has been playing League of Legends since it was an open beta game in 2008. Not long after that, Reginald and his brother Dan Dinh formed one of the first professional League of Legends teams – All or Nothing.

Besides, Reginald also created the SoloMid website. One of the first websites specializing in League of Legends in the world. In early 2011, Reginald had a conflict with his brother, leading to All or Nothing’s disbandment. Reginald later founded Team SoloMid and served as a mid laner until his retirement in 2013.

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The highest achievement that Reginald has ever achieved as a player is 3rd place in Worlds Season 1 and 5-8th in Worlds Season 2.

After retiring, he continued to run the team as CEO, bringing in a series of famous names such as Doublelift, Bjersen, Zven, Milthy, Biofrost. In the history of LCS, the TSM team has been dominated the North American region for many seasons before gradually falling into decline in recent years.


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