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The arrival of Ropz to FaZe causes the departure of Olofmeister


Jan 8, 2022
The arrival of Ropz to FaZe

The signing of the Estonian is one of the most important movements of the year.

Entry 2022 is sparking a barrage of signings and rumors around the international CS:GO scene. The incorporation of m0NESY to G2 Esports had to share media space with another bomb, the signing of Robin “⁠Ropz⁠” Kool by FaZe. After four years at MOUZ, the Estonian fulfills his “dream” of wearing the FaZe shirt, and his signing triggers several movements in both MOUZ and FaZe. Although several reports pointed to this signing, it is one of the great news of this beginning of the year.

Ropz is one of the best rifles on the international scene and has been demonstrating an outstanding individual level in his club since 2017. His quality has allowed him to be, in addition to other titles, Top 7 in the HLTV ranking of 2020. MOUZ’s bad feelings in recent championships have eclipsed the level of the 22-year-old. But both the fans and the clubs and teammates know their true worth. The signing of ropz by FaZe is one of the great movements of 2022 and is well received by fans of the legendary club and Valve’s shooter fans.


The arrival of the Estonian has caused a legend of CS to be benched. Olof “⁠Olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer, at 29, goes to the inactive FaZe roster. This news, which was more or less expected by everyone, has been communicated by the legend on his Twitter account. The Swede already left the starting roster after the arrival of Finn “⁠Karrigan⁠” Andersen a year ago but returned after the departure of Marcelo “Coldzera” David. We will have to be attentive to his future as a CS: GO player ropz, and Karrigan will be partners again after their journey at MOUZ.

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MOUZ raises torzsi to roster

Before FaZe confirmed the signing of ropz, MOUZ announced a new addition. Adam «⁠Torzsi⁠» Torzsas, player of the academy, will be the new AWPer of the team. It causes Frederik “⁠acoR⁠” Gyldstrand to sit on the bench of the European team. The rise of the Hungarian to the major team demonstrates the high level of the MOUZ academy, where players of great value are found. Currently, the team has in its roster with Torzsi, Bymas, frozen, and dexter. ChrisJ and acoR are on a bench looking for options for their future.

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