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Overwatch 2 Lego titan set delayed


Jan 16, 2022
Overwatch 2 Lego titan

In case you didn’t know by now, both the fans of Overwatch 2 and the fans of Lego alike came together to share their love for the aforementioned companies by purchasing the new Overwatch 2 Lego Titan set.


Sadly however, even though it was meant to be released around February, it appears as though we will not be getting it anymore this month because of some rather controversial news.

The Brick Fan were the first to report on this story, claiming that even though the fans has preordered the Lego set, it will not be arriving during the reported time. But that’s not even the worst news in the mix, in fact, it gets a lot worse from here on out.

Lego even claimed that they might not be working with Activision anymore because of some rather serious allegations that the company received for its awful workplace practices.

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Lego stated word for word that they are currently no longer wishing to work with Activision Blizzard, and that if the company doesn’t change up their workplace practices that they will never be interested in a collaboration ever again.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the controversies by now, Activision Blizzard have reportedly undergone a lot of criticism for the mistreatment of their workers, to the point where they are even said to have led to the decline of their overall health because of how overworked they got.

This is a very serious issue and Lego have shared the fact that they want the workplace to be a safe space for everyone involved, especially the female colleagues that have apparently been undergoing a lot of sexual harassments over the years.

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Hopefully this will prove to be a wakeup call for Activision Blizzard and that this will lead them to create a more diverse and inclusive environment overall.

Overwatch has definitely seen better days, as for the past year or so they have seen plenty of sponsors abandon them which has been especially difficult for them considering the fact that one of these sponsors was none other than Coca-Cola themselves.

Although these are all very serious allegations, the official Twitter account for Overwatch have tried to joke around with it, only for it to quickly backfire. They tried to make light banter with the official account for Wendy’s and this was obviously quite a bad move considering their history with roasting everyone that dares to match up with them.

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This is even worse considering the fact that the more backlash the company gets, the higher the chances of them either delaying Overwatch 2 even further or completely abandoning it as a whole. It was originally set to release around 2022, but by the way things are going, it’s highly unlikely that this is still the plan for them.

Since Diablo 4 was supposed to release at the same time and it has also been delayed since November 2021, hopefully the two games can get past all of these setbacks and come back in force with their AAA titles in the spotlight as opposed to having these controversies take the stage for them.

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