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Magisk, Dupreeh & Zonic join the CSGO Vitality team


Jan 12, 2022
Magisk, Dupreeh & Zonic join the CSGO Vitality team

The esports organization from France has added to its CS:GO lineup the names that have dominated the world CS:GO scene in the past.


Team Vitality announced on its official Twitter page that Magisk, Dupreeh, and Zonic become new members of the CS:GO Vitality roster. After months of speculation, the golden bee has finally officially confirmed its 2022 lineup. At the ending of the PGL Major, both Magisk and Dupreeh dropped from the official roster. At the same time, two new contracts were brought to this team, K0nfig and blameF, thereby pushing two veteran players of the team to find a new place for themselves.

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Team Vitality and its new roster

Magisk, dupreeh, and zonic presented in a fantastic video in which they became Real Titans. In this way, Vitality makes clear its goals of dominating esports internationally. Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut will have two historical players in his team who triumphed during the Astralis era, the best-ever team in CS: GO. In addition to countless titles, Magisk has three Major to his name, while dupreeh has four. Little can be said of zonic, the most successful coach, the shooter from Valve, and creator of the best Astralis. ZywOo has a roster to, on paper, be able to conquer the long-awaited Major.

Dan “⁠apEX⁠” Madesclaire will continue to be the IGL of the French team with this ambitious squad. Vitality will start its communication in English due to the arrival of the three Danes, and it is a big change. Never has an international team conquered a Major. But Vitality wants to break that spell with three French and three Danes on the roster. These signings join m0NESY and ropz as the great bombs of the competitive scene. There are still weeks until the start of the season, so there is still time for more surprises.

With these three signings, Vitality completes a high-level roster made up that can be seen at the end of January in the BLAST Premier Spring groups:

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Mathieu “ZywOo⁠” Herbaut

Dan “apEX⁠” Madesclaire

Kévin “⁠misutaaa⁠” Rabier

Peter “dupreeh⁠” Rasmussen

Emil “⁠Magisk⁠” Reif

Danny “zonic⁠” Sørensen (coach)


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