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LoL player SOAZ says Dota 2 is more fun than League of Legends

SOAZ wants to comeback to professional

The veteran with 11 years of professional experience will stick with LoL, but he enjoys playing Dota 2 more.

French League of Legends veteran Paul “sOAZ” Boyer said that “he found playing Dota 2 much more fun than League of Legends” in a recent interview. In a video posted on the Desert Island Games Youtube channel, sOAZ shared views about many topics related to his professional gamer journey, especially his time with Fnatic.

Throughout the video, the most notable segment is probably the fact that sOAZ is asked about Dota 2, which he thinks has more creativity than League of Legends. “Honestly, I can say that if you look at the gameplay alone, Dota is a lot more fun than League of Legends because LoL relies on teammates more. It’s not that Dota doesn’t have this; it depends a lot on it. Other teammates are different, but I think there’s more room for error correction in Dota.” He also added that “you can be more creative in Dota, and that’s what makes Dota more fun when compared to League of Legends.”

sOAZ’s share about Dota 2 when compared to League of Legends

With no longer participating in the LEC, sOAZ is still participating in League of Legends as a professional player. He is currently playing under the jersey of an esports organization from Austria called WAVE Esports. During his time in the LEC, the veteran, known for his stunning Teleport escape during the 2015 World Championship in a match against SKT T1 that day, is now known for his name T1. Once considered one of the top lane monsters in the LEC, sOAZ, although without too many championships, is still an unexpected hot spot when his playstyle is diverse and creative.

sOAZ’s spectacular escape in Worlds 2015

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His creativity and long-term commitment are what made his name in the LEC and maintained it until now. During his career, sOAZ has won 5 LEC championships, 4 times to the semifinals of Worlds, and 2 times to the finals of a Worlds. Now, he seems to have stepped back as age is what hinders him from performing at his best.

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