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League of Legends: Riot reveals gameplay development plan in 2022

League of Legends: Riot reveals gameplay development plan in 2022

After a tumultuous 2022 Pre-Season with a series of changes to dragons and equipment, Riot Games has revealed more about League of Legends’ gameplay development plan in the next phase.


Short-term planning

The 2022 season will begin with update 12.1. It is also the version used by major tournaments in the world such as LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS,… The first massive change in patch 12.1 is the Teleport summoner. Before 14 minutes, the new Teleport has a longer cooldown and can only be used on turrets. After 14 minutes, it will have its cooldown reduced. And can select other targets such as minions or wards as usual.

Teleport can only be used on turrets for the first 14 minutes

In previous seasons, Teleport affects results in other lanes too much. Therefore, Riot’s goal is to limit the early game impact of Teleport while still retaining the ability to control the split push and head to the mid to late game.

Riot will also aim to change the equipment for gladiators. In older versions, Sterak’s Claw could be used by all champions, reducing the difference between heavy fighters (like Darius or Illaoi) and light fighters (like Fiora or Irelia). A few other items like Malmortius’s Mace or Dance of Death also have a similar situation. Therefore, Riot will make changes to reduce the “disadvantage” of gladiator champions shortly.

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Riot’s next 2 projects in the first half of 2022 are remakes of Janna and Ahri. These are two famous champions of League of Legends, but they are not popular in tournaments and solo queues. These changes won’t be to Tahm Kench’s level but will be on the level of Lucian.

Ahri will be remade on the same scale as Lucian

Long term plan

In the future, Riot will aim to adjust the damage stacking mechanism. This gameplay will still be retained but will be easier to counter. According to Riot, a champion’s damage and death shock happened too often. As a result, Riot intends to reduce the damage output to “one-shot” Assassins and Mage, mainly in the mid and late game. It will help champions with low stamina like ADC and Support buffs to be played in team fights later on.

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Assassins will have a reduced ability to shock damage in the near future.

As revealed by game designer Bryan “Axes” Salvatore, Riot has experimented with reducing damage by 20% along with health and shield. Salvatore said, if only reducing damage without reducing health/armor, “resistance champions will become overwhelming,” leading to a boring “resistance” meta. “The goal of the test is to prevent ‘one-shot,’ but at the same time not force players to run into the tank meta,” Salvatore closed the issue.

In the second plan, Riot thinks that the equipment or gems at the moment are providing too many healing stats. Therefore, in the long run, Riot will take actions to fix it.


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