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Jarvis announces he’s leaving FaZe clan


Jan 13, 2022 ,
Jarvis announces he’s leaving faze clan

By far one of the most famous members of the FaZe Clan has recently posted an update in which he stated that he will not be rejoining the team going forwards.

The English content creator known as Jarvis “Jarvis” Khattri has been a prominent member of the FaZe clan for almost 3 years now but recently he’s been under a lot of buzz because of some controversies that he has been a part of.

Because of this he was removed from the team for a while, and as his time off was about to end he decided to not rejoin the team, and instead move on to some other projects for the future.

He first joined FaZe back in 2019, amassing a total of almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube in the meantime.

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Regardless of whether you liked him as a content creator or not, you have to agree over the fact that he was a very talented Fortnite player, to the point where losing him from the roster may actually cost FaZe clan the win.

FaZe Jarvis was literally the face of the team for the most part, but because of his bad choices he was put on timeout for quite some time.

This was due to Khattri’s infamous video in which he actually posted that he used hacks to beat other players in an online lobby.

Epic Games were not okay with that, obviously, so they banned his account for life. Not only that, but he also faced off against another TikTok dancer known as Michael Le in a boxing ring. The end result was what most people expected, with Jarvis literally being knocked out the second round of the match.

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Soon after he posted a statement in which he said that he will be officially leaving FaZe clan. He also posted a video about it stating that although this has been the best team that he’s ever been a part of, he will no longer be following in on their footsteps and instead he’ll carve out his own way forwards from here on out.

The 20-year-old stated that his brother had talked a lot about his involvement with FaZe and about all the times they had together. But he’s not the only one undergoing controversy, as FaZe Kay has also been recently removed from the team because of his alleged crypto scandal.

This scandal also included Jarvis, and in order to completely ditch this negative image that got latched to the team, they decided to be done with every one of the members involved, which also obviously included Jarvis himself.

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Jarvis did claim that he might join 100 Thieves back or OpTic if he feels like it, although nothing’s set in stone for now. Hopefully the young man can find a better team for the future and he can also stick as far away as possible from controversies in the near future. We can only pray for him that he doesn’t make the same mistakes again and wish him luck ahead.


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