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Fortnite Where to find Tilted Towers in Chapter 3

Fortnite – Where to find Tilted Towers in Chapter 3

The Tilted Towers have finally returned in Chapter 3 and they’re just as chaotic as we all remembered them being!


Let’s just say that when the community found out that Epic Games were bringing back the Tilted Towers, that we all knew for a fact that things were going to get wild fast and they didn’t disappoint us.

Epic Games made a post about this news on their Twitter, hinting at the fact that the Tilted Towers could be making a comeback, but then, not even 24 hours later, the news hit the scene as the iconic area is yet again available to all the players out there.

There was a lot of hype behind the return of the Tilted Towers and that’s a fact as most of the people in the community remembered dearly how crazy and intense the game got as soon as the battle commenced here.

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If you are a new player though and you don’t know what the hype is all about then you should expect there to be a lot of mayhem and early ragequits if you decide to drop down in the Tilted Towers area.

If you trust your instincts and you feel like you can handle facing off against dozens of other players at once as soon as you drop then we highly recommend that you drop down to the Tilted Towers, but if not then you might want to treat this area like the plague.

But alas, how do you even come across this mysterious area and is it even worth dropping down onto? Let’s find out together.

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Where do you Find the Tilted Towers?

This update has been leaked a while back, but no news was ever made official by Epic Games so it’s not like we had any confirmation that the leaks were true.

Even so, the new area that replaced the Tilted Towers is now known as the Frosty Fields and you can find it in the center of the island in the snowy area.

This location is found in the Southwest of Coney Crossroads and West of Camp Cuddle. Although it may be hard to spot at first sight, trust us, you will instantly be able to tell if you dropped in the right area as this place will be crawling with players the moment you jump out of the Battle Bus.

You should also be able to tell if you jumped in the right area by looking around. If you got the right location, you should be able to see a bunch of buildings everywhere. As soon as you jump out of the Battle Bus just look around then.

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You can also follow the players around as most of them will be dropping at the Tilted Towers.

In order to balance this out, Epic Games have added a lot of loot at the Tilted Towers. We don’t know exactly how much there is in here but there will be a lot more of it than there is anywhere else on the map and that’s a fact.

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