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Fortnite pros call for Stinger SMG nerf or removal


Jan 14, 2022
Fortnite pros call for Stinger SMG nerf or removal

In case you didn’t know by now, when it comes to the community in Fortnite, there is a huge discrepancy between the pro players and the average Joe. In this case, however, it has a lot less to do with the aesthetics of the game and a lot more to do with one weapon that according to the pros, is absolutely broken.

It’s been four years since the game was first released and a lot of things have changed in it for sure. Epic Games have definitely listened to the great majority of the fanbase a lot in the past and the pro players definitely hope that they’ll have their thoughts listened to again with this plead.

They stated that while their efforts to make the game as fun as possible have definitely been more hit than miss, they do need to do one more thing in order to actually fix the game and make it better for everyone, not just themselves.


This weapon is in the upper echelon of Chapter 3’s current tier list, and the worst part about it is that it completely destroys anyone that comes face to face with it.

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Regardless of what build you went for that round, what shield you have on you or how much health you have left, if you meet face to face with someone sporting a Stinger SMG, you’re dead before you can even react.

It has one of the highest damage per second (DPS) and fire rates in the game, and not only that, it can literally turn the worst player in the game into a pro player in a matter of seconds.

One of the fan favorite pros at the moment, G2 Esports Mack “MackWood” Aesoph stated that the Stinger is not just broken, it is so god-tier that it can turn the worst player into a pro player’s nightmare because of how easy it is to destroy them.

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He also added a clip of himself with his partner being completely destroyed by one such player that just so happened to find the Stinger SMG before them.

Even the Six-time Fortnite Champion Series winner Shane “NRG EpikWhale” Cotton stated that there is no way that this is fair, and that this deserves to be nerfed or completely removed from the game otherwise players will just abuse it online every chance they get.

Lastly on our list we have the three-time FNCS winner and two-time ESTNN player of the year known as Tai “Falcon TaySon” Starčič, an icon in the scene, stating that Chapter 3 Season 1 is about to become the worst season ever because of this broken weapon.

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The saddest part about it is that this isn’t the end of it, most pro players have stated at least one time so far that they’re just not okay with this weapon being so OP in the game. Do you think that they’ll remove it because of their please? We certainly hope that Epic Games listens to its fanbase.


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