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Former CS:GO player Shroud criticizes CS:GO


Jan 14, 2022 ,
Former CS:GO player Shroud criticizes CS:GO

The extremely popular former CS: GO player Shroud has shared his personal views on Valve’s shooter game.

The competition between two FPS games, CS:GO and Valorant, has emerged since Riot officially released its shooting game. The competition comes from all sides when the number of viewers and players of these two games are the same. And have clashed many times. In 2021, Valorant had a breakthrough year in esports and completed its first VCT tournament system.

And release a massive amount of content to its viewers. Besides, the viewership of this tournament is also close to that of the Major tournament of CS:GO. It is worth noting that Valorant is recruiting old CS:GO talents, and these players also consider Riot’s shooter game as a new turning point in their career when CS:GO has no more land for them they stand.


During one of his streams, Shroud said that Valorant is far beyond the game he played professionally – CS:GO. When asked if Valve would do anything after Valorant announced the release of its newest agent – Neon, Shroud replied, “Nothing. CS, upgrade your game! It’s really outdated.” He also added that “Valve is pissing me off by letting Riot and Valorant go around without caring!”

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The battle between these two games is still very long when each side has its advantages.

This streamer also expressed his outrage at Valve’s indifference to his wildly successful child. While Dota 2 has some notable upgrades, CS:GO is still the same game as it was released, maybe with a few map updates and gun skins. Valve has also been criticized for its approach while their rival Valorant has an extremely serious investment from Riot. And if this situation continues, it is very likely that everything will become more and more unfavorable for Valve’s legendary shooter, possibly even being usurped by its opponent as the “big 3” in the village world esports.

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Shroud and the passion for New World and MMORPGs

The popular North American streamer is especially known for his talent and fondness for  First Person Shooter (FPS), a type of game in which he has become a professional gamer. He did it in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), where he had an outstanding career. But finally decided to dedicate himself full time to the world of streaming, and this was without a doubt the best possible decision.

Although it may seem otherwise, and admitted by Shroud himself, his favorite video game genre is MMORPG. Gigantic worlds to explore and thousands of things to do throughout our adventure. New World is the one that has captured your attention the most in recent times. But it may just be one more until the next game of the genre that you really fall in love with again to the North American.

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