• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Evil Geniuses is looking to bring CS:GO player

Evil Geniuses is looking to bring CS:GO player Valde

Evil Geniuses have specific goals with trying to bring back the CS:GO superstar who is playing under the shirt of the North team.


According to many sources gathered by esports.com, Evil Geniuses is convincing rifler Valde to join its CS: GO lineup. During the last transfer season, EG has been active and is preparing to bring Stewie2K to its squad along with Stewie’s brother during his time at Cloud9, Autimatic.

Valde has had an unsuccessful year under North’s shirt, although his talent is undeniably the center of attention for many CS:GO fans. If it’s about EG’s new lineup and gathering with teammates with the same situation, next year’s EG is likely to make a difference.

After a disappointing performance at the PGL Major Stockholm, Evil Geniuses are trying to bring in the most suitable players for the team so that they can regain what was lost in 2021. And if all their deals are successful. , next year’s EG lineup will include Valde, Brehze, Cerq, Stewie2K, and Autimatic – a collection of names that have dominated with their old team in the past.

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