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Dota 2: which are the heroes that should use manta style?


Jan 5, 2022
Dota 2: which are the heroes that should use manta style?

Manta Style is one of the most useful items in all of Dota 2, especially considering just how easy it is to use and how overpowered it can make your character.


There are definitely some players out there that would argue otherwise however, and this is because considering their hero choices, they don’t really see how Manta Style is all that great to begin with.

What they fail to see however is the fact that if they were to use a different hero then they would instantly understand what the hype is all about.


This is why, for this short article we have decided to provide you with the 9 best heroes that can use the Manta Style item to its full potential. So, without further ado, here is our number one pick for the day:


This is definitely always going to be one of the very first choices when it comes to Manta Style and for good reason too. It even fits him cosmetically considering the fact that he is the only character that actually has an item that looks like Manta.

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On top of that, this is also a great choice for him since it increases his farming speed and it allows the character to actually switch to being more offensive as opposed to playing a more defensive game.


Juggernaut is another great pick as this is honestly the best choice for him after he has gotten his hands on the Battlefurly item. With these two, Juggernaut can destroy everyone else on the battlefield in no time.

Drow Ranger

Being one of the top ranged agility heroes on the roster, it shouldn’t really come off as a surprise to anyone that Manta Style does wonders with him. He is a very fast pusher, one of the fastest for that matter, which is why the increase in farming ability is always welcomed for him.

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Manta Style is actually the best item for Luna players because it helps the character out a lot, giving them the movement speed and the attack speed that they need to actually be viable in game.


While most players would rather invest into SNY, we would still recommend trying out Manta Style with Medusa as it can make her one of the most unpredictable characters in the whole roster.


Morphling is the type of a character that burst into the scene not too long ago and the community instantly loved him for his right-clicking power and the fact that he’s an absolute tank. Knowing this, it should be pretty obvious that Manta Style does wonders for him.

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Phantom Lancer

In order to use Phantom Lancer to his full potential, you will need to take advantage of the illusions that he makes on the battlefield. So, if you want to get to do that and still live through the constant barrage of attacks from the Earthshaker then you will need Manta Style.


While definitely not her first pick, we would still argue that Manta Style makes for a great addition to Spectre’s arsenal simply because it can help her pick out her opponents a lot better in the 1v1 situations.


Last but not least we have Terrorblade, quite possibly one of the most well-rounded characters in the game. You can either go for SNY or for Manta Style for him, so depending on your playstyle definitely choose the one better suited for you.

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