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Dota 2: The Most Annoying Hero Combinations


Jan 11, 2022
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While Dota 2 is definitely one of the most exciting games to play even to this day, we do have to say that every now and then it can get extremely annoying to play simply because of the weird hero combinations that you have to go up against.

These combinations are just horrible matchups for most of our roster, which is why they deserve to be shunned over.

So, for now let’s discuss what the top team-ups are that we just absolutely can’t stand in game, starting off with the first combination that most new players get to face off against, and that is:

Venomancer and Undying

This team is just literal hell for most other teams in the game since they can kill you so much faster than you can even reach.

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Undying is very popular because of how hard he is to take down in the laning stage, and he is made all the more annoying because when he plays with Venomancer, a very durable hero, they can pretty much tank all of your damage and dish out even more back at you.

Necrophos and Undying

While Venomancer does make for an annoying partner for the Undying, we would argue that Necrophos is even more annoying because of his farming capacity. Plus, they can just outheal every attack you throw at them, and the moment they go offlane they can easily make your life even harder.

Lycan and Beastmaster

The strange thing about this team is the fact that the two of them can never actually play on the same lane, but that’s what makes them so deadly. As soon as the laning stage is done the two of them will throw their pets at you and you’ll be lucky if you can make it through their barrage of attacks.

On top of that they have some really OP items on them which makes them perfect for destroying enemy towers.

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Dark Seer and Slark

This team is very annoying because as soon as the laning stage is done they can do some rather insane combos especially using Dark Seer’s shell and Slark’s elusiveness.

Slark is already one of the strongest carries in the game, so when he uses DS’s Surge he’s pretty much unbeatable.

Chen and Enigma

This is a very annoying team that you will only meet up against once in a lifetime, but when you do, you’re pretty much screwed.

They almost never team up because they’re usually on the jungle, but as soon as Enigma decides to become an offlaner he’s pretty much got your health bar completely eradicated with Chen’s help.

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Jakiro and Faceless Void

Jakiro is a very powerful support while Faceless Void is a strong carry. Together they can use their ultimates and instantly take down any enemy in sight. So, if you see the two of them charging at you then you’ve got to run away because if they can combo you then you’re pretty much done for.


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