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Dota 2: the heroes who should get blade mail


Jan 9, 2022
blade mail

Blade Mail is an exceptional item that can really make or break your toolset. If you actually want to use it to your advantage however you actually need to put it on the characters that will make the most out of it.

But what does it do and what characters do we recommend you get blade mail for? Let’s find out together.

First and foremost, blade mail is an item that helps turn your character into a literal tank. The role of the tank in the game is for it to attack the boss nonstop and deal a lot of damage while also taking a lot of damage. This is why the tank needs to have more HP and armor so they can survive the attacks.

Blade Mail is an exceptional tool for that as it makes a huge difference on the battlefield especially in a game such as Dota 2. Pros absolutely love it because it can turn rather mundane characters into full on tanks, but that’s not the characters we will be talking about here.

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Instead, we will be talking all about the top 5 best characters that are literally overpowered with Blade Mail.

Legion Commander

One of the absolute best choices right here for Blade Mail, you can easily secure a win in most 1v1 situations if you invest into getting them the right items.

So, whenever you get ready to jump into a duel be sure to purchase Blade Mail as it can easily get you the win. Plus, it legit turns your Legion Commander into one of the tankiest heroes in the game.


Blade Mail is also an incredibly good choice for you if you want to use Axe on the battlefield. This is mainly because of Blade Mail’s ability to return all of the damage done by the enemy, meaning that if you do get hit you can return fire twice as hard as you were hit.

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Centaur Warrunner

This is a similar choice to Axe, simply because it turns him into a frontliner and instead of running away from a fight and backstabbing them you can be the one starting the matchup with a kill instead. Just remember though that your character has a stun available which can be extremely useful on the battlefield so don’t forget to take full advantage of it instead of just jumping in a fight head-on.


Bristleback is already an incredibly tanky character, he’s even considered a carry for a lot of pros out there because of how much damage he can take before he dies. Sadly though, his farming is not up to par, but if you want to max out your potential on the field definitely get Chain Mail for him.

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Quite possibly one of the most iconic Dota 2 character of all time, Pudge is a very unique hero that can hook people up and insta-kill them. The only problem that he faces in game is his lack of HP, which is why Chain Mail is a great choice for him.

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