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Dota 2: the best heroes to pick against phantom lancer


Jan 9, 2022
Dota 2: the best heroes to pick against phantom lancer

Out of all of the characters that you can play against in Dota 2, we would argue that by far the most annoying one is without a doubt Phantom Lancer.


The problem with him is that no matter how much you learn about the game, he can still get you down with ease if you’re not ready to counter his playstyle.

There are very few characters in the game that are as annoying as him, and the worst part about it is that he’s not even considered to be all that great as a carry. He is just the right type of character to use when you want to piss off your enemies and that’s a fact.

He deals a ton of damage almost instantly, but by far the most annoying toy he has in his toolset is always going to be his illusions. The moment he gets them charged up with items such as the Eye of Skadi, he can counter most carries in the game with ease.

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So, a lot of players out there are currently wondering which characters they can pick out to counter the notorious Phantom Lancer.


Earthshaker is a perfect choice if you want to completely eradicate Phantom Lancer in an instant. Most players prefer to use him as a support, but he still makes for a great counter to Phantom Lancer because of his Echo Slam and Aftershock attacks.

Legion Commander

This character right here may very well be the most picked characters in the game to counter Phantom Lancer and for good reason too. 

Legion Commander is actually considered to be a very good counter for most characters because of her ability to keep everyone in place, and of course, if you use her ultimate you will help your teammates obliterate the Phantom Lancer instantly.

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Ember Spirit

As of right now, Ember Spirit is one of the few characters that can 1v1 Phantom Lancer and win the great majority of the time. If you use a tempo control item and you take part in the ganks you are sure to make every Phantom Lancer’s life a living hell.

Sand King

The funniest thing is most people don’t even consider the Sand King as a counter to the Phantom Lancer but they should. Since all of his spells deal AoE damage you can easily take down all of the illusions on the map and through his ultimate you will easily deal 1.5k damage to the Phantom Lancer.

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Timbersaw is just a great pick in general, mostly because of his incredible agility. He can easily get through Phantom Lancer and he can also tank through all of his damage regardless of how many buffs he has.


This mid laner is a perfect counter for Phantom Lancer because he can stun him and obliterate him in a matter of seconds dealing over 2k damage in an instant. His AoE is also incredible so no illusions will be getting to him anytime soon either.

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