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Dota 2: how to counter the meteor hammer od

meteor hammer od

This is by far one of the most annoying combos that players have to deal with and that’s a fact.


The reason as to why this is so annoying is because currently, each and every hero has a certain aspect that they excel in, but that in itself doesn’t make them unbeatable. This isn’t the case however for the Outworld Destroyer and his Meteor Hammer combo which may very well be the main reason as to why so many newcomers are quitting the game early.

But what makes this move so powerful and most importantly, how can we counter it in game? This is what we’re here to find out together.

What Makes It So OP?

The Outworld Destroyer typically plays a much slower game than you’d think. Instead of being constantly in the midst of the battle, he prefers to build up damage overtime.

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He only has the Astral Imprisonment as his innate disable after all, which means that he can’t even OD to increase the damage after he’s done with an enemy. But this is why Hammer OD is so important for him.

Coming in clutch with Astral, the OD can easily stop the enemy in his tracks, making him very easy to hit with the next crushing attack.

How to Counter OD’s Combo?

Currently in the meta there are several methods that you can employ to counter the Hammer OD, and they are the following:

Counter Pick the Heroes

In case you didn’t know by now, the Outworld Destroyer is actually fairly easy to beat as long as you use illusion-based heroes.

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Since his attacks target a single character at once, this means that he will struggle a lot against a character such as the Phantom Lancer, especially if you give him the Diffusal Blade.

Chaos Knight is also a great pick here, and let’s not forget about Beastmaster either as long as he has the Neutral/Dominated Creeps

Counter Pick the Items

In terms of items, you can actually use several ones that can easily negate the combo as long as you have enough to buy them. Eul’s Scepter for example is a great pick, although you can still get hit by the combo if you fail to dodge it.

Lotus Orb makes for another incredible pick since it manages to reflect the OD back to him. It is essentially a better version of Linken’s Sphere, although Lotus Orb is much more effective in practice.

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The problem with OD is that he rarely if ever struggles in game. He can cover the lane with ease and he makes for a great pick both at the start and at the end of the game. On top of that he has a ton of HP and he can dish out a lot of damage.

But you can still take advantage of his lack of mobility and the aforementioned weakness against illusions.

On top of that, if you can put them in a very high tempo situation, they will most likely fold in a matter of seconds since in order to win those you need to be very fast and precise with your attacks.


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