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Dota 2: 5 broken items that need nerfs


Jan 4, 2022
Dota 2: 5 broken items that need nerfs

Dota 2 is quite possibly one of the most timeless gaming experiences of all time. It is one of those games that continues to prevail even to this day despite how many other options players have out there in terms of MOBAs.


One of the main reasons as to why their games are so timeless is definitely the fact that they continue to deliver on a daily basis, as they try their hardest to improve upon the game and make the community happier with the end product in the process.

Sadly though, while they have done a very good job at it, we would still argue that there’s more work to be done, especially when it comes to the following 5 items. Why? Because they downright just break the game altogether.

This is why we collectively have to hold our hands together and ask Valve to nerf these items so as to make the game fairer and more enjoyable in the process. So, without further ado, let’s present to you the top 5 most broken items in Dota 2 as of the 7.30e patch: 

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Silver Edge

Silver edge is one of those items that has been nerfed time and time again, and even with all of these nerfs, it continues to be one of the most broken items in the whole game.

Offering up a whopping 160% crit damage on the first hit and more is just too much, and considering just how great of a build it can be for Shadow Blade, it’s no wonder that the community has been demanding a change for a while now.

Kaya and Sange

You may look at this item and think that the broken thing about it is its strength and intelligence attributes, but you’d be mistaken.

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Valve are removing 32-bit support from Dota 2 | Rock Paper Shotgun

This item offers a little bit of everything, with a massive buff of 22% Status Resistance, spell amplification, health regeneration amplification and more, this is the type of item that you can literally get for only 4,100 gold and basically win the game the minute you put it into action.

Meteor Hammer

This item has become a must for the Outworld Destroyer because of how amazing of a buff it provides. You get a whopping eight different attributes of strength, agility and intelligence, all for a very low price at the end of the day.

On top of that, the user also gets a decent 6.5 regeneration buff and the 2.5 mana regeneration that we all want for our Outworld Destroyer build.

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Eye of Skadi

The worst part about this item is that Valve really dropped the ball by actually buffing it instead of nerfing it. It now gives the user a total of 25 different attributes of strength, agility and intelligence, and amongst those add-ons it also increases the movement speed by 25% for all melee users and 50% for all ranged heroes.

Pipe of Insight

This item has been nerfed a lot of times in the past, but it continues to be one of the strongest items to this day despite all of that. It does cost you a bit now, but it can still help you win the game the moment you invest into it. 


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